Ko Woo-seok, Post Deadline Dramatic Local Report to San Diego…Are you sharing a meal with Kim Ha Sung

Outfielder Lee Jung-hoo, who is his brother-in-law, has achieved his dream of joining the U.S. Major League while wearing a San Francisco Giants uniform. Attention is now focusing on whether his brother-in-law pitcher Ko Woo-seok will succeed in posting in the Major League in a dramatic fashion. There is only one day left. Among them, a local media reported that Ko could go to the San Diego Padres.

According to John Heyman, a local reporter for the New York Post and Major League Baseball network media on January 3, Ko Woo-suk is close to signing a contract with the San Diego Padres.

After winning the 2023 season overall, Ko has decided to try his hand at posting in the Major League. An LG source said on Nov. 22, “After much consideration, we have decided to approve pitcher Ko’s request for posting. We have told the agency to give it a try. We will have to wait and see how much bidding we have.” 무료 슬롯

KBO also announced on December 5 that it had announced its intention to post Lee Jung-hoo (Kium) and Ko Woo-suk (LG) to 30 MLB clubs as of December 4 (U.S. Eastern Time).

Lee Jung-hoo, who received keen attention from Major League Baseball clubs, first announced the news of the mega-hit deal. Lee Jung-hoo joined hands with San Francisco with a six-year, mega-hit deal worth $113 million (W146.9 billion).

“I am so happy to be on the stage that I dreamed of since I was in elementary school. Now that I have achieved my first goal, I want to go there and do well,” Lee said. Many emotions crossed my mind when I received San Francisco’s first offer. There was pressure, but the most memorable moment was that my agent told me, “Don’t feel too much pressure because I was rewarded for playing baseball since I was a child.” It is an honor to join a prestigious Major League club.

Regarding his bid to advance to the Major League together with Ko, Lee said with a smile, “After the San Francisco contract, I got a call saying congratulations to (the late) Woo. In fact, we talked more about his nephew than about the posting contract.”

If Ko goes to the Major League, he will be able to see a rare scene of his family’s advance to the U.S. However, he didn’t get much news with just one day left before the posting deadline. There was one team that showed an active interest in Ko from the beginning of the posting, but it was unclear whether LG would offer such fascinating terms that it would allow him to post. If the amount of posting money is below expectations, LG could also be in deep trouble.

The deadline for posting Ko Woo-seok is 7 a.m. on January 4. However, it is highly likely that the afternoon of January 3 will be the last deadline as we have to consult with the LG team. Among them, a local reporter mentioned the possibility of Ko Woo-seok going to San Diego. There is also a possibility of receiving a medical test. The LG club’s decision to consider the transfer fee must also be made urgently. Attention is focusing on whether Ko Woo-seok will realize his dream of his brother-in-law and brother-in-law to join the Major League together with Lee Jung-hoo.

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