Don’t get me wrong! Captain Son Heung-min’s love touch, Seol Young-woo’s happy expression, SON’s extraordinary love for juniors

It was a scene that could have been misunderstood as the two seniors bullying their juniors if someone who didn’t know exactly the situation at the time, but both Son Heung-min and Kim Jin-soo, who were joking, and Seol Young-woo, who were being beaten, looked happy.

South Korea’s national soccer team won 3-1 in the match between South Korea and Bahrain at the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup Group E held at the Jasim bin Hamad Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 15th (local time). The second match against Jordan on the 20th was 2-1 until the end of the second half, but Hwang In-beom’s shot hit Jordan Al-Rab’s foot and led to an own goal in the extra time of the second half, and the South Korean national soccer team escaped from the crisis of defeat.

“The training is repeated every day.” Captain Son Heung-min instantly created an atmosphere that could have become loose. When the training begins, he walks on the ground with more serious expressions than anyone else. Before the training, he looked playful and was a completely different captain.

Son Heung-min’s next target, full of mischief, was Seol Young-woo. This time, he joined Kim Jin-soo and approached his junior Seol Young-woo. Seol Young-woo, who was preparing for the training without knowing why, was surprised when he made eye contact with captain Son Heung-min. 토토사이트 순위

It was too late to run away, and Son Heung-min hung a headlock on Seol Young-woo. Kim Jin-soo joined and continued the prank. With the love of his seniors, Seol smiled brightly and enjoyed the prank.

Seol Young-woo smiled once again at Son Heung-min’s affectionate headlock and touch of love. His love for his juniors also captured Son’s extraordinary image in a video.

“You can meet Japan” Director Klinsmann said, “We aim to beat Maley to reach the round of 16 in the group.” Relaxation

Klinsmann wanted to advance to the round of 16 best teams with three undefeated matches in the group stage and the No. 1 ranking in Group E. He respects the Malaysian position of Kim Pan-gon, but hopes to garner three points in the final match.

The South Korean national team, led by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann, will play the final Group E match of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup against Malaysia at 8:30 p.m. on the 25th (Korea Standard Time) at Al Janov Stadium in Qatar.

Korea is aiming for its first championship in 64 years with its best record. It has top-class Premier League strikers Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan, and has Lee Kang-in who plays with Kylian Mbappe and others in Paris Saint-Germain. Kim Min-jae, who transferred to Bayern Munich, the rival team for the UEFA Champions League, is also guarding the core line from the back. 토토사이트 추천

Expectations were high, but the start was thinly ice. Lee Kang-in scored multiple goals in the first group match against Bahrain, and allowed consecutive goals after the first goal in the second group match against Jordan, only one point. Some pointed out that even with all-time players, there was no particular team color.

For now, Korea should consider a single-game approach after passing the group stage. Depending on the results of Japan-Indonesia, Korea can advance to the round of 16 teams early on, but it will take a long time for Korea to compete in Group E rankings.

“Group E is a mixed match. We don’t know how we will finish our ranking. We have to do our best to win points and get good results,” Klinsmann told a pre-official press conference at the main media center in Doha, Qatar on Wednesday. “We expect a difficult match, but we will conclude our group stage with good results.”

There was a question from the Malaysian media. “Many media outlets have told me that they want me to avoid meeting Japan and Saudi Arabia early. Is it true?” Klinsmann said. “No, there is no team that I want to avoid. We are watching a game right before our eyes. The most important thing is the match against Malaysia. They understood that the Malaysian team’s performance is quite good. The next opponent does not matter. I will beat the match against Malaysia and show that it is the team that will advance to the round of 16 teams as No. 1 in Group E. There is no easy team in the Asian Cup. I will respect Malaysia and run for victory only.”

Another foreign media outlet asked, “The Korean team had high expectations, but its performance was not good during the two group matches.” Klinsmann said, “The performance is improving. As you play, your performance will improve and you will meet expectations. There are many areas that need to be improved and revised. This is positive. We need to show our team’s progress and growth through the competition. We will prepare well to meet expectations.”

Captain Son Heung-min scored a penalty kick in the match against Jordan. The team has great influence over the entire team, but has no field goal. Foreign media considered Son not to be in the best condition 100 percent at the upcoming match. “It is natural that he is checked on the pitch,” Klinsmann said. “As he is Son, he is checked. We will continue to see two or three players surround and put pressure on him. Any team has players like Son. We know how to solve the problem.”

The Malaysian national team is led by Kim Pan-gon. Kim is well aware of Korean soccer as he served as vice chairman of the Korea Football Association through the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. When asked about the Malaysian national team led by Kim Pan-gon, Kim said, “Malaysia showed incomparable improvement in the first and second rounds. It was a pity that the team lost the match at the 94th minute in the second round. Kim must be well aware of the Korean players. But what matters is how we prepare and show the best performance.”

The Korean national team showed cracks in its left defense. Lee Ki-je has been in individual training due to an injury, and Kim Jin-soo has just returned to team training. Manager Klinsmann’s concerns could deepen. However, he said with a smile, “There will be changes of course,” and added, “I will be able to check at the stadium.”

Kikuchi wins first start in 45 days after 7th game 8 “I’m determined to win today”

Toronto Blue Jays Japanese left-handed fireballer Yusei Kikuchi (33) earned a valuable start in Game 7 of the best-of-seven series.

Kikuchi started the Blue Jays’ 2024 Major League Baseball regular season opener against the Baltimore Orioles at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Sunday (July 7) and pitched six innings, allowing one run on four hits (one home run) with one walk and six strikeouts. Kikuchi picked up his third win of the season (5-2) in Toronto’s 6-5 victory. He lowered his season ERA from 3.66 to 3.48.

It was his first start in 45 days. Kikuchi hasn’t won in seven games since picking up his second win of the season on April 23 against the Kansas City Royals (two runs in six innings). In three of those seven games, he was unable to get the win after posting a quality start, including a loss on May 11 against the Minnesota Twins after allowing two runs in eight innings.

Kikuchi was in need of a rebound, having allowed five or more runs in his last two starts (five runs in three innings and five runs in 5 1/3 innings). Facing a Baltimore offense that leads all major league teams in home runs (95) and has the third-best OPS (.753), Kikuchi was in trouble in the first inning. He struck out Jordan Westberg and Adley Rutchman on consecutive wild pitches, but gave up a single to Ryan Mountcastle and a double to Gunner Henderson to put runners on second and third. Kikuchi induced a fly ball to left field off Anthony Santander to end a tough first inning.

The second inning settled down. After striking out leadoff hitter Austin Hayes on a wild pitch, Kikuchi gave up a single to Connor Nobby. But he induced a grounder to third base against James McCann to end the inning.

After Kikuchi worked around a strikeout and two groundouts in the top of the third, the Toronto offense answered in the bottom of the 스포츠토토 inning. Vladimir Guerrero gave the Jays a 3-0 lead with a leadoff three-run homer to center field with runners on first and second.

With run support, Kikuchi walked Henderson with one out in the top of the fourth, but got Santander to fly out to center field and Hayes to strike out to end the inning. In the bottom of the fourth, Toronto extended its lead to 4-0 on an RBI single by Isaiah Kainer-Palepa.

After getting out of the fifth inning with three ground balls, Kikuchi gave up his first run in the sixth. Facing Lurchman with one out and a 2-0 count, Kikuchi hit a three-pitch curveball up the middle for a solo home run over the left field wall. Kikuchi didn’t falter after the homer, retiring Mountcastle on a straight fly to right field and Henderson on a swinging strikeout to end the inning.

Toronto extended its lead to 6-1 in the bottom of the sixth on Ernie Clement’s RBI double. Baltimore scored two runs in the eighth and ninth innings to cut the deficit to 6-5, but Kikuchi was able to hold on for the win.

Kikuchi threw 89 pitches (60 for strikes) on the day, with his fastball reaching 98.1 miles per hour (157.9 km/h). “He had a good curveball that stayed out of the strike zone, and he had good fastball velocity,” Toronto manager John Schneider said. Baltimore 카지노사이트 추천 manager Brandon Hyde, who also struggled against Kikuchi, said, “That was the best pitch I’ve seen him throw. His changeup, his fastball, his changeup, they were all sharp.”

Kikuchi added six more strikeouts to surpass 700 strikeouts in his major league career (702). He is eighth all-time among Japanese big leaguers, joining Darvish Yu (1,982), Hideo Nomo (1,918), Masahiro Tanaka (991), Hiroki Kuroda (986), Kenta Maeda (981), Daisuke Matsuzaka (720), and Hisashi Iwakuma (714). Kikuchi also surpassed 1,600 career strikeouts in Japan (1,605), adding to his 903 strikeouts in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB).

Kikuchi, who won his third game of the season in seven starts, said, “I had good command of my pitches, a good fastball, and I was able to work favorable counts. My changeup was very effective,” he said. “I had the mindset that I had to win today,” he said of his first win in 45 days.


Boston, Dallas one-two punch in defense hell, but will it survive?

This season’s NBA playoffs have been characterized by more compatibility than ever before. The Denver Nuggets are a powerhouse team led by point center Nikola Jokic (29‧211cm). Despite being criticized for his weaknesses in athleticism and mobility, Jokic has dominated the league by maximizing other aspects of his game, such as his size, power, fundamentals, versatility, and shooting touch.

His vision, BQ, and passing ability have been compared to some of the best pure point guards of all time. With Jokic as the control tower, Jamal Murray (6-foot-9), Aaron Gordon (6-foot-9), and Michael Porter Jr. (6-foot-8) are able to synergize with each other through their high volume of activity. This type of basketball helped Denver win the championship last season.

This season, teams have been chanting “Takedown Denver”. In a way, Denver’s weaknesses are obvious. They just need to stop Jokic. Of course, he has such deceptive stats that it’s almost impossible to stop him properly at the moment, but even a little bit of harassment can have an impact on Denver’s performance.

One team that has accomplished such a difficult mission is the Minnesota Timberwolves. They have the best defensive big man in the league, Rudy Gobert (32-216 cm), plus the “Twin Towers” of Karl-Anthony Towns (28‧211 cm) with Taliban-level outside shooting ability, plus reigning Sixth Man of the Year Nazr Reed (25-206 cm).

Yokichi was still a force to be reckoned with, but was eventually forced to concede a close game seven. With a backup big man to take some of the physical strain, it might have worked, but unfortunately, Denver was too cavalier about reinforcements for the new season. Jokic wasn’t a robot.

The idea of having Anthony Edwards (23‧193cm) lead the scoring up front with quality and quantity of perimeter players didn’t work for the Dallas Mavericks in the Western Conference Finals. Having knocked off perennial favorites Denver, Minnesota was in a position to make a run at the Finals, but alas, the odds were stacked against them.

Like Denver, Dallas is a team that relies heavily on its ace in Luka Doncic (25‧201cm). But Doncic is a guard. With Jokic, they can get to the rim and 토토사이트 harass him, but they don’t have the resources up front. Add to that the one-two punch of Kyrie Irving (32‧187.2cm), their best two-option, and the pressure is on JUCO Edwards.

If they lost the backcourt battle, they could have tried to attack the post with their deep perimeter resources, but that didn’t work. Minnesota’s bigs were solid defensively, but they didn’t have the firepower to overwhelm their opponents. Derrick Lively II (20‧216cm), Daniel Gafford (26‧208cm), and others were more than enough to handle it. In the end, the game came down to the backcourt, where Doncic and Irving were so dominant that the Wolves bowed out.

The Wolves have a lot of momentum after sweeping Minnesota, but the Boston Celtics will have their work cut out for them in the Finals. First, they drank the bitter pill of defeat in Game 1, 107-89. It wasn’t just a one-game loss. Boston’s stifling defense has rendered many of Dallas’ weapons useless.

Dallas’ most potent offensive pattern is to create mismatches with its one-two punch. As one of the league’s most productive offensive players, Doncic is extremely difficult to stop one-on-one, which is why most teams that face Dallas double- and even triple-team him. Combine that with Irving, who is an unenviable one-option playmaker, and you’ve got a recipe for cracks in opposing defenses.

Dallas’ winning formula has been to have Doncic and Irving draw defenses inside and out, and then slip the ball into the openings for easy baskets by their teammates. But it’s not working against Boston. The Celtics are also known for their wings in Jayson Tatum (26‧203cm) and Jaylen Brown (28‧196.2cm), but their entire top five is actually a threat.

Jerry Holloway (34-119) and Derrick White (29-193) are also capable of taking over games on any given night, as is Kristaps Porzingis (29-221), who returns from the Finals. That’s why the term “big five” doesn’t sound like an exaggeration. Add to that the strength of their backups, such as Sam Hauser (27‧201cm) and Al Horford (38‧206cm). The scariest part is that they are all offense and defense.

In Game 1, Boston tried to defend Doncic primarily one-on-one, and it worked. Their combined size and defense prevented them from opening up holes when switches were made, which prevented any passes from Doncic. This is evidenced by the fact that Doncic only had one assist.

The one assist is Doncic’s fewest in the playoffs. He’s averaged 8.8 assists in his last three playoff series, so you can see how badly this game went. To make matters worse, Irving, perhaps distracted by the boos from the Boston fans, also struggled, sealing the fate of Dallas’ one-two punch.

Of course, the Finals have just begun. Boston has looked flawless on offense, but there are no guarantees that their stingy defense and high field goal percentage will continue throughout the series. Dallas will do everything in their power to find a way to break the current trend and crack it somehow. To do so, they’ll need more explosions from Doncic and Irving, among others.

슬롯 보증 사이트

Doosan wins 4 in a row after 11 innings of extra innings

The Doosan Bears of the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) enjoyed a thrilling come-from-behind victory in front of a sold-out crowd.

The Doosan Bears won the 10th game of the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League against the Kia Tigers on Sunday at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul, South Korea, with a 6-5 walk-off win in 11 innings.

Doosan swept the three-game series and improved to 36-2-27 on the season with a four-game winning streak. They also snapped a three-game losing streak at home.

Kia, on the other hand, lost the top spot to LG Twins, who beat KT Wiz in Suwon in the same time frame. 36 wins, 1 draw and 25 losses on the season. It’s been 59 days since April 9 since KIA dropped to second place.

For the road trip, Kia fielded the following starting lineup: Park Chan-ho (shortstop), Kim Do-young (third base), Na Sung-beom (right field), Choi Hyung-woo (designated hitter), Socrates Brito (left field), Kim Sun-bin (second base), Seo Gun-chang (first base), Kim Tae-gun (catcher), and Choi Won-joon (center field).

The lineup changed drastically when Lee Woo-sung, who was born on July 7, took a one-day maternity leave. Lee Bum-ho said, “(Lee) Woo-sung could have taken two days off, but he only took one. It’s something to celebrate, and I hope he can relax and take a day off while watching his baby,” Lee said, adding, ”I inserted Seo Gun-chang when Woo Sung-ki was out. It was a matchup of aces, so we expected a low-scoring game, but we tried to put together a lineup that would dig into the gaps.”

The home team, Doosan, responded with Jung Soo-bin (center fielder), Heo Kyung-min (third baseman), Henry Ramos (right fielder), Yang Ji (catcher), Kim Jae-hwan (designated hitter), Yang Seok-hwan (first baseman), Kim Jae-ho (shortstop), Cho Su-hyung (left fielder), and Lee Yoo-chan (second baseman).

Regarding the exclusion of starting second baseman Kang Seung-ho, Lee said, “He’s not as explosive as he was at the beginning of the season. I’ve been thinking about different ways to save him, but for now, I’m going to give him time to replenish his physical strength.”

It was all Doosan from the start. With the bases loaded in the bottom of the second inning, captain Yang Seok-hwan led off the inning with a solo home run. He took a high sinker (149 kilometers) outside the first pitch from Kia starter James Nail, who leads the 바카라사이트 league in ERA, for a three-run home run to left field (125 meters). It was his 14th home run of the season, his first in five games since hitting one against the LG Twins in Jamsil on April 1.

Kia countered in the top of the third inning. Two batters later, Kim Do-young and Na Sung-beom singled to put runners on first and third, and Choi Hyung-woo hit a tying RBI single to center field. Socrates followed with a straight ball to load the bases, and Kim Sun-bin followed with an infield single. Kim took advantage of shortstop Kim Jae-ho’s slow throw to first base.

Doosan regained the lead in the bottom of the third inning when leadoff hitter Jung Soo-bin singled to center field. Ramos then reached on a throwing error by first baseman Seo Gun-chang to put runners on first and second, and Yang tied the game at 2-2 with an RBI single to left.

Doosan responded in the bottom of the fourth inning. The leadoff hitter faced a 0B-2S unfavorable count against Nail, but took a five-pitch slider (131 mph) to center field for a solo home run (130 mph). It was Yang’s 17th home run of the season, 1187th of his career, and the fifth in a row in the KBO.

Kia responded to the home run with a home run of their own. In the top of the fifth inning, Kim Do-young led off with a home run to tie the game again. After watching Doosan starter Raul Alcantara’s first pitch, Kim took the second pitch, a high fastball (150 kilometers), for a 125-meter home run to left-center field. It was the second straight day he hit a home run, after hitting one against the Gwangju Lotte Giants the day before, and his 16th home run of the season.

The home run was the first of his career and second of the KBO season against his former club. KT Wiz foreign-born hitter Mel Rojas Jr. hit his first home run of the season against a former team on March 31 against KIA in Gwangju.

Kia didn’t stop there. Choi Hyung-woo calmly 바카라사이트 추천 drew a walk after an eight-pitch at-bat, and Socrates followed with an exquisite RBI triple that just cleared the first baseman’s height.

In the top of the seventh, leadoff hitters Kim Do-young and Na Sung-beom singled to put runners on first and third with no outs. Choi Hyung-woo struck out swinging after a nine-pitch at-bat against Choi Ji-kang, but Socrates extended the lead with an infield single. However, an error by shortstop Kim Jae-ho and a wild pitch put runners on second and third, but Seo struck out swinging.

Doosan didn’t go away. In the bottom of the seventh, Jeong Soo-bin reached base on a fielder’s choice and advanced to third on a stolen base and a throwing error by the catcher. Heo Kyung-min followed with a single up the middle to cut the deficit to 4-5. Ramos followed with a single to right, and with runners on first and third, Yang Ji-hyun hit a short fly ball to center field, but Heo took advantage of the wild pitch to score the tying run.

In the bottom of the 10th inning, Yang Seok-hwan led off with a double to deep left field and Kim Jae-ho followed with a single to left. Cho then drew an automatic walk on a 3B-1S pitch to load the bases, but Lee Yoo-chan reached on a fielder’s choice and Jung Soo-bin fouled out to third.

Doosan had a chance to load the bases in the bottom of the 11th inning when Jeon Min-jae led off with a single and Ramos and Yang Yang-ji followed with consecutive singles. Kim Jae-hwan then hit an end-run single off reliever Lee Jun-young to end the long game.

Doosan starter Alcantara allowed four runs on eight hits (one homer) with three walks and one strikeout in 6 1/3 innings, while KIA starter Nail allowed five runs (four earned) on eight hits (two homers) with two walks and two strikeouts in 6 1/3 innings. Jeong Chul-won was the winning pitcher and Kim Do-hyun was the losing pitcher.


Son Heung-min’s father says SON transfer

“Even if I don’t have a single salary…I want to play ‘happy football’ in the city I want to live in”

Son Heung-min’s father, Mr. Son Woong-jung, has revealed that he wants Son to play ‘happy soccer’.

Son Woong-jung appeared on MBC Standard FM’s ‘Hello, Lee Moon-se’ on July 7, and when Lee Moon-se asked, “What will happen if Son Heung-min goes back to the Premier League, will he continue to play or will he go to another club?” Son Woong-jung said, “I want my son Son Heung-min to retire playing happy soccer even if he doesn’t get paid.

Son Heung-min’s father, Mr. Son Woong-jung, has revealed that he wants Son to play ‘happy soccer’.

Son Woong-jung appeared on MBC Standard FM’s ‘Hello, Lee Moon-se’ on July 7, and when Lee Moon-se asked, “What will happen if Son Heung-min goes back to the Premier League, will he continue to play or will he go to another club?” Son Woong-jung said, “I want my son Son Heung-min to retire playing happy soccer even if he doesn’t get paid.

Son Heung-min joined Tottenham in 2015 and has been with the club for nine years, becoming an integral part of the club’s legacy. He is fifth on the club’s all-time goalscoring list (162) and is on track to become the 14th player in Tottenham history to reach 400 appearances (408).

In the 2021-2022 season, he became the first Asian player to win the Premier League’s top scorer title, tying Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) with 23 league goals.

This season, he was named captain by Anzhi Postecoglou, becoming the club’s first non-European to wear the armband. Having already captained South Korea’s national soccer team since 2018, Son Heung-min has brought the Spurs squad together with his friendly leadership.

He added 17 goals and 10 assists in the league this season. Spurs finished the season in fifth place, up three spots from eighth the previous season, thanks in large part to Son, who had the most offensive points on the team.

With a fifth-place finish in the Premier League, Tottenham 스포츠토토 and Son will qualify for next season’s UEFA Europa League.

Son, who made 400 appearances and scored 160 goals for Tottenham this season, also made Premier League history by reaching double-digit assists in the final game of the season to record his third 10-10 record.

Son Heung-min, a Tottenham legend, is looking forward to renewing his contract with the club.

“Tottenham will extend Son’s contract by one year, keeping him at the club until 2026,” said global sports outlet The Athletic. “He enjoyed a season where he regained his form. He was an indispensable presence as captain. Tottenham have triggered his contract extension clause, which will keep him at the club until the summer of 2026,” the report said.

Son’s contract with Tottenham expires in the summer of 2025. If Tottenham want to sell Son and earn a transfer fee, they will have to do so this summer. With the clock ticking, it seems that Spurs have decided to buy themselves another year.

In the summer of 2021, Son signed a new contract with Tottenham that will keep him at the club until the summer of 2025, increasing his salary to an 카지노사이트 추천 estimated $18 billion. The deal reportedly included an option to extend the contract by one year to 2026.

It has also been claimed that the club can unilaterally trigger this option without Son’s consent.

Paul O’Keefe, who is familiar with Tottenham news, responded on his social media account to the question, “Can Tottenham exercise the option to extend the contract by one year without Son Heung-min’s consent or does the player have to agree?” “If it’s the club’s option (which I believe it is), then it can be exercised without consent,” he said. This suggests that the option could be exercised without Son’s consent.

Mourinho was recently linked with a move to Fenerbahçe, a club he coached at Tottenham, after being named the club’s manager.

Despite the strong denials from the club’s president, Daniel Levy, who called the rumors “a complete lie,” there’s not much time left for Tottenham and Son to work together.

“I think it’s all about where you put your value. I told Heung-min, ‘When you said you were playing soccer for the first time, I only saw you and soccer. Even now, I only see soccer and you,’” he said. It’s about keeping that initial focus, like you did in the beginning because you were happy and you liked soccer. It means that when you retire, I want you to value happiness, not money,” said Son, explaining that the most important thing is to play where you want.


Kim Ji-Soo promoted to Brentford’s first team “a great example of a promising young player”

After a year of preparation, he’s ready for the world’s biggest stage. Defender Kim Ji-Soo (19, Brentford), the future of Korean soccer, will play for the first team in the new season.

English Premier League side Brentford announced on the club’s website on July 7 (KST) that it has promoted defender Ji-Soo Kim and goalkeeper Ben Winterbottom from the B team to the first team, and that they will play under head coach Thomas Frank from the 2024-25 season.

Soon, we could see the first South Korean center back in the Premier League. Kim Ji-Soo joined Brentford from Seongnam FC last summer. He made his K League debut at the age of 17 in the semi-professional ranks, and Brentford recognized his potential and pursued his signing.

In the meantime, Kim Ji-Soo has come a long way. In 2022, he was named to the K League All-Star team for a friendly match against Tottenham Hotspur in South Korea. After representing his country at various age groups, Kim recently played at the FIFA U-20 World Cup, where he was the main defender and helped South Korea reach the quarterfinals.

Brentford’s recruitment became aggressive. They even organized an hour-long video meeting to convince her. Kim headed to England with big plans, but she didn’t rush the decision. She spent some time in the B team to get used to English soccer.

As Kim steadily gained experience in the B team, she was occasionally called up to the first team in cup competitions. Although he failed to make his first-team debut in his first year in Europe, he continued to improve and was named in the final squad for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar.

Now, he can look forward to making his Premier League 토토 debut. Brentford finished 16th in the 2023-24 season and stayed up. As they prepared for next season, they included Kim in their plans by promoting him to the first team.

Brentford B Head Coach Nick McFarlane said: “Kim is a great example of how we develop our players. “We’ve had a number of players make the leap from the B team to the first team and she’s taken that step,” said McFarlane, who added: “She came from a completely different culture and has worked hard to settle in while learning a new language.

“We hope that Kim Ji-soo will show her capabilities in the first team and strive to be the best she can be.”


Jung Soo-geun, holding a golf club, told his wife, “I misunderstood your violent husband because of you.”

Jung Soo-geun, a former professional baseball player who is also accused of assaulting his wife with a golf club following the assault on a beer bottle, reportedly said, “People misunderstand him as a violent husband because of his wife.”

According to News 1 on the 22nd, Jeong is believed to have committed the act, saying, “People misunderstand me as a violent husband because of you,” when he hit his wife A’s forehead with a utility golf club at her home in Namyangju at around 5 a.m. on the 20th.

A reported to the police that he suffered a minor injury to his forehead and was assaulted with a golf club by his husband. The police, who were dispatched, arrested Jeong as a red-handed criminal at the scene and took measures to return home after an initial investigation. Police are currently considering compulsory separation measures for the two, who are known to stay in one space, to prevent additional accidents.

At the time of his arrest, Chung was intoxicated. He admitted to taking out the golf club but denied the allegation, saying he had never assaulted him. Namyangju Namjoo Police will summon the man for questioning soon. 토토사이트 순위

Separately, Chung is accused of hitting B twice in the head with a beer bottle while drinking with a man he first met at a bar in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do, on December 21 last year. Chung admitted to assaulting B and reportedly apologized after saying, “I think it’s because I got a blackout because I was drunk.” The police completed the investigation into the case and sent Jeong to the prosecution with the opinion of indictment without detention.

Chung began his professional career with OB Bears (now Doosan Bears). He made his KBO league debut in 1995 and played for Doosan until 2003, when he became a free agent in 2004 and moved to Lotte Giants. He had been with Lotte until 2009, but his license was revoked for drunk driving while he was active, or he had a quarrel with a security guard while drunk, and then he became controversial by assaulting police in the district. As a result, Lotte decided to voluntarily leave the club and KBO suspended him indefinitely, retiring in disgrace.

Even after taking off his uniform, Jung was booked for drunk driving several times, receiving a fine or suspended prison sentence. He was caught driving under the influence of an unlicensed driver in 2021, and was sentenced to one year in prison in 2022.

“The length of your hair and your soccer skills don’t matter.”What matters is Cho Kyu-sung’s position, “Remember how he pushed Hwang Ui-jo out.”

It was a poor match for the Korean national team. In the second Group E match of the 2023 Asian Cup, they tied 2-2 against Jordan, one level below. They managed to cope with that, too. Korea was relegated to second place in the group, and when they were caught by the underdog, Korean soccer fans, who were hurt their pride, were outraged. They needed a scapegoat to relieve their anger. They found the right target. They are striker Cho Kyu-sung.

Cho was ordered to start in both the first leg match against Bahrain and the second leg against Jordan. However, he was in a slump. He was not just in a slump, but extremely in a slump. He blew away all critical opportunities. Two against Bahrain and two against Jordan. He also had zero effective shots, not to mention goals.

The match against Bahrain was won 3-1 and let it go, but soccer fans ruthlessly shot an arrow of criticism at Cho Kyu-sung as they failed to win against Jordan.

Coincidentally, Cho Gyu-seong is sticking to his unique hairstyle. He has long hair. He has long hair. He wears a headband when playing in a game. The angry fans’ arrows focused on this. Social media are filled with comments criticizing him for tripping over Cho’s hair.

Cho Kyu-sung is sluggish because of his hair. He said he looked cool on the outside. He has celebrity disease. The bottom line is to cut his hair.

Their anger is understandable to some extent, but it is excessive. It is a criticism for criticism. It has no meaning, no lesson or direction. It is a familiar scene. Some fans choose a scapegoat and explode a ridiculous accusation. 토토사이트 순위

I got it wrong again this time. Hair length and soccer skills are irrelevant. From the past to the present, many long-haired players showed their best performances. There are many world-class stars, too. For example, Erling Holland now. Do you need another explanation.

It’s personality. It’s a way to appeal to one’s own charm. It’s an area to respect. Legally and morally, there is nothing wrong with long hair. And there is no scientific evidence that long hair lowers performance.

To properly point out Cho’s sluggishness, one has to look elsewhere. It is not known exactly why the 2022 Qatar World Cup hero Cho Kyu-sung was in such a slump at the Asian Cup. What is certain, however, is that if he fails to turn the tide around, his standing in the national team will be diminished. That, very quickly, too.

If the slump continues, whether his hair is long or short, he will lose out in the competition to become a starting member. No leader can tolerate it until the end, especially in a major competition. Hence, Cho is running out of time and opportunities.

Remember how Cho became the hero of the Qatar World Cup and secured the starting position for the national team. This was due to the sluggishness of Hwang Ui-jo, the former national team’s flagship striker. Cho had the opportunity due to his sluggish performance against Uruguay in the first round of the Qatar World Cup. Cho took advantage of the opportunity and is able to be where he is. Through the normal and natural internal processes on the soccer team, Cho was able to push Hwang out.

The national team’s flagship striker is Cho Kyu-sung. He can’t be an exception. This process can proceed again. If the slump continues, someone will take Cho’s place, and if he takes advantage of that opportunity, Cho will sparkle and disappear for a very short period of time. It is a series of hardships from being pushed back to coming forward again. No matter how much time passes, there is no guarantee.

Cho said, “It’s time to look back on how I made the leap to the starting lineup of the national team. This is no time to take time to relax. The position is very precarious right now. He could fall victim to the birth of a new star. It’s time to put his everything on the line.

Its ‘Beginner Head Coach’ FC Anyang Yoo Byeong-hoon

‘Beginner Head Coach’ FC Anyang Yoo Byeong-hoon “Challenges for Promotion to the First Division with Leading Soccer”

Promoted from head coach and ready for the new season… “I really want to win the ‘Jijidae derby’ with Suwon.”

FC Anyang, the ‘Teojudaegam’ who has been with the team since the beginning of professional soccer K-League 2, is burning its will to achieve the dream of its first promotion this year with coach Yoo Byung-hoon, a leader who is a ‘novice coach’ but knows the team well.

Coach Yoo said at the K-League winter training media camp held at the Namhae General Social Welfare Center in Gyeongsangnam-do on the 13th, “Anyang should be a team that goes beyond the playoffs and challenges promotion,” and added, “Let the viewers clearly understand our play and let the fans know what to expect.” 파워볼게임

“Our goal this season is to get promoted with decent performances,” he said.

Anyang, which has participated since 2013, the first year of K-League 2, has consistently ranked in the upper-middle tier, but has never been promoted, including losing to Suwon Samsung in the 2022 promotion playoff (PO) and turning back at the threshold.

Last year, they finished 6th in the K League 2 regular league and failed to even enter the playoffs.

Former coach Lee Woo-hyung (currently the club’s technical director) stepped down and former head coach Yoo Byeong-hoon took over the baton this year.

Coach Yoo, who played as a defender for the Daewoo Royals as a player, has a long experience as a coach, starting with Anyang in 2013 and working his way through Asan Mugunghwa, Seoul E-Land, and the U-19 national team.

Most of his coaching career was spent in Anyang.

Coach Yoo said, “It is a personal honor to take on the first managerial position at Anyang, where I have been with the team since its inception,” and added, “I am preparing to play ‘leading football’ by developing what I inherited from former manager Lee Woo-hyung’s system and adding my own color to it.”

Specifically, he said, “We are emphasizing that the offense should be done quickly and concisely based on short passes, and the defense should be solid,” and that “for that to happen, the balance of offense and defense must be right.”

Anyang, who recruited seasoned defender Kim Young-chan, striker Yoo Jeong-wan, new Brazilian striker Dan Lei, and midfielder Matheus from K League 2, conducted field training in Chonburi, Thailand last month and then began final preparations, including practice games, in Namhae from the beginning of this month. It continues.

Coach Yoo confessed, “After becoming a coach, I was at a loss as to how to start,” and added, “I contacted director Lee Woo-hyung and other team coaches to get advice, and senior players, led by captain Lee Chang-yong, helped set the tone well.”

“I was able to overcome it by going through the first training well,” he explained.

He said, “Anyang is a team prepared enough that it would not be surprising if they were promoted right away,” and added, “As we had a particularly difficult time last year due to failure in injury management, I want to challenge for promotion this year with thorough injury management, health, and fierce internal competition.”

Coach Yoo, who evaluated Suwon Samsung, Busan I-Park, and Seoul E-Land as the ‘Top 3’ of K League 2 this season, predicted that Anyang will compete in the playoffs with Gyeongnam FC, Bucheon FC, and Seongnam FC.

At the same time, he expressed great expectations for the ‘Jijidae derby’ with Suwon.

The support derby, which originated from the confrontation between Suwon and Anyang LG in the 1990s, was fiercely fought until the early 2000s and was only held occasionally in the Korea Football Association (FA) Cup or promotion/relegation PO.

I was able to do it.

Coach Yoo expressed his determination, saying, “I’ve played the support team derby four times as a coach, but I haven’t won a single one yet.

I really want to win against Suwon this year.”