West Ham after the Manchester City draw, Heung-min tried to correct the team’s discipline

“It doesn’t mean anything whether Tottenham is a better team or not. It is unacceptable to lose a game. As a player, you have to take responsibility. Strikers, in particular, should feel responsible for the play that ruins the game,” Heung-min said, stressing the reform of the team, including himself. 메이저 토토사이트

In the end, Son gave his team a victory in the match against Newcastle. Son returned as a left winger instead of a front-line one-top after 13 matches against Newcastle, and spearheaded the Tottenham attack with sharp movements from the side. Son helped Destiny Udodji score the opening goal in the 26th minute of the first half. After receiving Udodji’s pass, Son dribbled through the Trippier himself. Receiving the pass after Son’s breakthrough, Udodji lightly pushed the ball in front of the door, scoring the team’s first goal and his first goal for Tottenham. In the 38th minute of the first half, he even helped Hishalisson score and accumulated two assists in the first half alone. After receiving the prisoner’s pass, Son shook the Trippier with a dribble break once again. Son swung a ground ball cross past the Trippier to the front of the door, but Hishalisson shook the Newcastle net with a shot that only changed direction in front of the door.

Tottenham shook the back of Newcastle’s defense with a counterattack. In the 13th minute of the second half, Son Heung-min used his speed and broke through Newcastle’s defense. In order not to lose a point to Son Heung-min, Rousseles had no choice but to commit a foul. Later, Tottenham finally scored an additional goal in the 15th minute of the second half. Romero’s pass was accurately delivered to Hishalisson, and Hishalisson scored a clean left-footed shot in a one-on-one opportunity with the goalkeeper.

In the 37th minute of the second half, Son scored a goal himself. While receiving Roselso’s pass in the box, he collided with Dubravka and got a penalty kick. Son, who was the kicker, shook the net even though Dubravka read the direction with an accurate shot. Tottenham, which scored four goals thanks to Son’s score, won a landslide 4-1 victory.

After the win over Newcastle, Son said, “The coach wanted to play with a different idea today, and he wanted to dig deeper and try to put a higher quality ball into the box. He performed really well in the box, and I think he was better than me in the box. He was the right striker for the spot today,” in complimenting his teammate Healy Song. Thanks to his performance, Son was named MOTM as well. He was recognized as the best player of the match again in two matches since the last match against Manchester City.

He was also named as the “Lee Ju-ju” team selected by the BBC. BBC football expert Garth Crooks announced the “Lee Ju-ju” team in the 16th round, with Alisson Becker (Liverpool) as the goalkeeper. Marcos Senesi (Bonmouth), Tosin Adarabioyo (Fulham) and Milos Kerkes (Bonmouth) were selected as the defense line. Lewis Cook (Bonmouth), James McAtee (Sheffield United), Bernardo Silva (Manchester City), and John McGinn (Aston Villa) were selected as midfielders. Son Heung-min also made the list of strikers. Along with Son, Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) and Dominic Solanke (Bonmouth) were also included in the strikers.

“Kieran Trippier, who played well for Newcastle this season, was dismantled by Son and was eventually replaced. I don’t think this would have happened for a single moment under normal circumstances. However, this season is not normal for Newcastle. Tottenham are great when they do it right, and they got a good result against Newcastle,” he said. Ki Sung-yueng, who was watching the match against Newcastle, opened his personal social networking site and wrote, “Sonny (Son Heung-min’s nickname) on fire.”

Tottenham led the game from the start. Son Heung-min immediately took the opportunity.

Son Heung-min, who received a sharp penetration pass from Klusevski from the left in the third minute of the first half, attempted a right-footed shot after one touch, which was unfortunately blocked by Turner’s defense and missed the first goal opportunity.

Nottingham had a huge check on Son Heung-min. Perhaps aware of Son’s breakthrough of Newcastle’s defense from the left in the last game, Williams, Boli, Yates and other resources on the left consistently defended to check Son’s breakthrough. In the 5th minute of the first half, when Son caught the ball on the left side of the Nottingham penalty box, Williams actively stuck to it and even committed a foul.

Unfortunately, he missed the opportunity following Turner’s kick mistake. In the 12th minute of the first half, Turner’s attempted pass was cut off by Bisuma in the center, and the ball leading to Klusevski and Son Heung-min was connected to Hishalisson, who moved to the center of the box, but the defense cleared the ball first just before shooting. In the following opportunity, Son Heung-min caught the ball and tried to switch to the right side of the box, but the attack was not completed properly because the pass was a little long.

Nottingham also hit back. In the 19th minute of the first half, Gibbs-White and Elanga penetrated the right side of Tottenham. Elanga penetrated into the box and attempted to shoot, penetrating both Davis and Romero, but Bikirio overcame the crisis of losing a point by hitting a shot that flew over his head with all his might. Fortunately, the scene was offside for a long time. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Son Heung-min energized Tottenham’s attack from the side. In the 21st minute of the first half, a sensational one-touch pass quickly delivered the ball from the left side of the box to Hishalisson, located in front of the penalty box. He was surrounded by defense and blocked, but three defenders next to Son missed the move in an instant.

Nottingham failed to take advantage of the opportunity following the long throw-in. Following a long throw-in in the 26th minute of the first half, the ball fell in front of Tottenham’s door, leading to a dizzy situation. Boli’s header was delivered to Mangala, who was just in front of the goal, but it couldn’t reach his head.

Tottenham suddenly had an injury problem. In the 28th minute of the first half, Nottingham attempted a free kick near the Tottenham penalty box, and Johnson collided with the opponent and suffered a head injury. Johnson, who had significant bleeding, was immediately replaced by Oliver Skipp and had to leave the stadium.

Son also attempted a sharp cross. In the 35th minute of the first half, a cross from the right side of the penalty box flew sharply to the front of the gate, but unfortunately, it failed to reach the head of the rushing prisoner.

Nottingham and Tottenham had a rough match, causing the stadium to become cluttered for a while. In the Tottenham camp, Nottingham players and Tottenham players repeatedly tackled the ball and several players were lying on the ground.

Son Heung-min tried to break through the left side, but it was not easy. In the 39th minute of the first half, Son Heung-min’s penetration was blocked by Boli, and in the 42nd minute of the first half, Son Heung-min ran from the left into the back of the defense, and Davis tried to deliver the ball to Son with a long pass, but Turner caught it first.

Nottingham had a set-piece opportunity. In the 43rd minute of the first half, Udogi blocked the breakthrough Gibbs-White, pushing himself first instead of the ball, giving him a free-kick opportunity on the right side of the penalty box. The referee gave a warning to Udogi, who will have five warnings this season and will not be able to play in the next match against Everton. However, Nottingham ended without making a threatening scene at the free-kick opportunity.

He couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to lead from Son Heung-min. In the first half of extra time, Son Heung-min tried to develop an attack through a pass after driving the defense to him on the left side of the penalty box, but he was out of sync with Klosepski and wasted the opportunity to attack in vain.

Hisalisson solved the frustrating atmosphere. Klusevski delivered the ball accurately to the center of the penalty box with a left-footed cross in the attack situation in the first half of extra time. Hisalisson, who rose high from the center, overcame the checks of Niakite and Boli and shook the Nottingham net with a header to the head. Turner came out to catch the ball, but Hishalisson’s header was exquisite and unstoppable. In the end, Tottenham scored a dramatic first goal to end the first half with a 1-0 lead.

“Humble again.” Son Heung-min said, “Two wins in a row? I didn’t do anything. The players’ mentality was brilliant.”

Tottenham won 2-0 in the 17th round match of the English Premier League (EPL) for the 2023-2024 season at the Nottingham City Ground on Saturday afternoon (local time). It has won two consecutive games in the league. Son started as a starter and played 88 minutes.

After the match, he met Son in the mixed zone. “Winning such a match is the most important thing,” Son said. “It is more precious than any other three points.” “Players’ abilities and mentality are the key to winning two consecutive games,” Son said. “I didn’t do anything special.”

I think it was a good phenomenon to win in a difficult situation, to maintain a good atmosphere. I think the most important thing is to win games like this. Going forward, it will be more difficult to play away games than at home. Due to the circumstances of the game, I felt that taking three points like this in a difficult situation is more precious than any other three points. I think that’s why all the players liked it.

I thought that if I was 파워볼실시간 on the side, a lot of players would definitely try to make it more difficult. Then there will definitely be more space for our other players. It means that other players will have more opportunities. I also need to analyze more in this. I try to talk more about how I should play more with the coaches.

I think we definitely have a lot of shortcomings in today’s game. I think we’ve got good things, but I think we’ve definitely got shortcomings, so if we try to develop these shortcomings a little more, I think we’ll have a lot of plays that can definitely help the team.

It’s the players’ ability. I think the biggest factor is players’ ability and mentality. I didn’t do anything special. Other players felt a little more crisis-stricken and took more responsibility, so I played these games. As I played in Tottenham with a sense of pride and responsibility, I think I showed a better performance.

I think the team continued to show good performances in the losing games. There were some cases where we messed up the game because we made mistakes that we shouldn’t have done. During these two games, we managed to catch those things and even caught the results of the game. In a way, I think it helped us the most in changing the mood.

Lee Jung-hoo, the first word he said at the press conference for joining SF

The San Francisco Giants held a press conference for Lee Jung-hoo, the $113 million man, at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium, at 6 a.m. on the 16th (Korea time). After the 2023 season, Lee Jung-hoo challenged himself to the Major League through a posting system (closed competitive bidding). San Francisco’s general manager Pete Putilla gave a standing ovation while watching Lee Jung-hoo play during the 2023 season. Eventually, San Francisco and Lee agreed to a total of $113 million for six years.

With this, Lee Jung-hoo broke the highest posting record for Asian fielders. He beat Masataka Yoshida’s five-year $90 million, Seiya Suzuki’s five-year $85 million, and Kodai Senga’s five-year $75 million. This is about three times the amount of Korean Leaguer Ryu Hyun-jin’s posting amount of 36 million dollars for six years, 28 million dollars for Kim Ha-sung’s four-year guarantee, and 39 million dollars for four plus one year.

San Francisco held a news conference on joining the club on Wednesday last week, when Lee Jung-hoo broke the record for posting in Asian baseball history. Lee was next to Zaidi and his agent Scott Boras. He attended the conference wearing a black suit and an orange tie, the color of San Francisco’s team.

San Francisco even introduced Lee’s family and treated him with respect. Lee’s father, Lee Jong-beom, showed off his presence by attending the front row. Lee Jung-hoo prepared an introductory comment in English suitable for the joining ceremony of the Major League Baseball. “Hello Giants, my name is Jung Huri,” Lee said in his first comment.

Lee later answered questions from reporters while wearing the San Francisco Giants uniform. Amid numerous remarks, Lee respected and humbled San Francisco and the Major League Baseball. 메이저 토토사이트

“I have watched Major League Baseball since I was young. San Francisco has a long history and many players have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. I like this team because it has won many championships recently and has a long history. It is an honor to play for a club with a long history,” Lee said, expressing satisfaction about joining the San Francisco Giants.

“I meet new pitchers, environment, and ballpark. I used to travel by bus in Korea, but the time difference is different in the U.S. due to airplanes. I think it’s a task to adapt to all of these things. I think I need to adapt quickly,” he said, putting adaptation as his top priority.

Lee also expressed high expectations for Oracle Park. Notably, Lee expressed specific interest in the splash hit, which is dropped into the sea behind the right fence. “I played in a dome stadium, and now I am playing in a natural stadium. I am so happy to play in such a unique stadium. I have the most expectations for the splash hit,” Lee said.

“Sorry, I love you in Korea,” and Yun Hyungbin, “I wanted to get revenge.”

The highlight of this competition is by far the Fight 100 between Kwon A-sol and Yoon Hyung-bin. Fight 100 is a new concept martial arts competition in which they compete with each other for just 100 seconds, and Kwon A-sol, the former lightweight champion of Road FC, and Yoon Hyung-bin, a comedian who returns as a martial artist for the first time in nine years since 2014, are drawing attention.

In particular, Yoon Hyung-bin drew attention after being attacked by his opponent, Japan’s Shoyu Nikki, at a press conference before the competition.

Shoyu Nikki is a fighter who appeared in a famous Japanese martial arts program. He won 4 games and 2 games in the Japanese martial arts program Breaking Down, but his official MMA is his debut. 온라인카지노사이트

Yoon Hyung-bin, who returned to the cage for the first time in nine years since December 2014, did his best for 100 seconds in the match. However, he was still young. At first, he vigorously rushed with kicks and punches, but after about 50 seconds, half of which passed, he seemed to have lost physical strength rapidly. His punches and kicks slowed down, and the opponent’s Shoyu Nikki hit back with momentum and dealt a blow to Yoon.

In the end, Yoon Hyung-bin ruled in favor of Shoyu Nikki and the other one declared a draw, and Yoon Hyung-bin lost the game.

Japan’s Shoyu Nikki, who won, said, “I’m sorry for the soy sauce terror attack. It’s because my name is Shoyu. I love Korea.”

Yun Hyung-bin said, “I’m heartbroken that I lost after getting hit with soy sauce. I wanted to get revenge, but I’m sorry I couldn’t,” adding, “My son said, ‘Dad, if you lose, you’ll lose the champion,’ but he wasn’t originally a champion.”

“English speech and humor.” Lee Jung-hoo’s splendid SF joining ceremony “My heyday is not here yet.”

Korea’s “genius hitter” has finally entered San Francisco. Lee Jung-hoo (25) who challenged the team to advance to the Major League through the posting system after the end of this season has signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants. The 27th Korean Major Leaguer will be born soon.

Lee Jung-hoo expressed his feelings and future aspirations of joining San Francisco at a press conference held at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California on the 16th (Korea time).

The meeting was attended by San Francisco President Farhan Zaidi and Lee Jung-hoo’s agent Scott Boras, and Lee Jung-hoo’s family, including Lee Jung-hoo’s father, Lee Jong-beom, LG Twins coach, drew attention.

San Francisco officially announced its contract with Lee Jung-hoo on the 15th. The contract period is a total of six years, and the total amount of the contract amounts to 113 million U.S. dollars. He set a new record for the best treatment of an Asian fielder in the history of entering the Major League through the posting system.

Lee, who will receive 7 million dollars in annual salary next year, will receive 16 million dollars in 2025, 22 million dollars in 2026-2027, and 20.5 million dollars in 2028-2029. More than anything else, the right to exercise opt-outs after the 2027 season is included. As soon as Lee signs the contract with San Francisco, he has decided to donate 565,000 dollars to the club’s foundation. 사설 토토사이트

As Lee Jung-hoo won the “super jackpot” contract, his original team, the Kiwoom Heroes, also smiled broadly. Players who advance to the Major League through the posting system will be paid a transfer fee to their original team. According to the Korea-U.S. player contract agreement, if the total guaranteed contract amount of a major league contract is 1) less than 25 million dollars, 20% of the total guaranteed contract amount will be paid, 2) more than 25 million dollars and less than 50 million dollars, 17.5% of the total guaranteed contract amount exceeding 25 million dollars will be paid, and 3) if the total guaranteed contract amount exceeds 50 million dollars, all 20 percent of 25 million dollars, 17.5 percent of the excess 25 million dollars, and 15 percent of the total guaranteed contract amount exceeding 50 million dollars will be paid.

With Lee Jung-hoo winning the $113 million contract, Kiwoom earned 18.825 million dollars in transfer fees alone, taking in 20 percent of the 25 million dollars, or 5 percent of the 25 million dollars, or 4.375 million dollars, or 17.5 percent of the 25 million dollars, or 9.45 million dollars, or 15 percent of the 50 million dollars excess of 63 million dollars. The amount is equivalent to about 24.5 billion won in Korean won.

He is the fourth major leaguer from Kiwoom in history. Prior to Lee Jung-hoo, Kang Jung-ho, Park Byung-ho, and Kim Ha-sung succeeded in advancing to the Major League through the posting system. Kang Jung-ho was paid 5 million dollars, Park Byung-ho paid 12.85 million dollars, and Kim Ha-sung paid 5.525 million dollars, respectively, and Lee Jung-hoo exceeded all of their records.

Lee Jung-hoo is considered a player who has achieved everything except winning the Korean Series on the KBO league stage. When he joined the Nexen Heroes (current Kiwoom Heroes) in 2017, he was famous as the “son of Lee Jong-beom,” but as soon as he entered the professional league, he played in 144 games, exploding 179 hits, proving that he was a player out of his father’s shadow.

At the age of 19 at the time, Lee Jung-hoo, who became the Rookie of the Year with a batting average of .324, a on-base percentage of .395 and a slugging percentage of .417, two home runs, 47 RBIs and 12 steals, left a batting average of .355, a on-base percentage of .412, a slugging percentage of .477 and six home runs, 57 RBIs and 11 steals in 109 games in 2018, breaking down “Sofomore Jinx,” commonly called the second-year jinx, and continued his winning streak in 2019 with a batting average of .336, a on-base percentage of .386, and a slugging percentage of .456 with six home runs, 68 RBIs and 13 steals in 140 games.

Hwang Ui-jo’s private life controversy is about to take over… Brother-in-law A threatens the victim with a foreign face

According to the legal community on the 15th, the prosecution stated in the indictment that Hwang Ui-jo’s brother-in-law A threatened his opponent through a captured photo of a video of the victim B making a video call with Hwang in a nude state using SNS at his home on May 7.

At the time, A sent Hwang Ui-jo a capture photo and message of a video of having sex with a woman. He said, “Hello, Eui-jo. I have your video. What if this video is released when there are many women?” and threatened, “Look forward to uploading some tasting photos.”

And on June 25, A posted a personal life video and photo of Hwang Ui-jo and the victim at an accommodation in Gyeonggi-do Province on social media. At that time, he reportedly tried to avoid the incident by impersonating himself as “a woman who met Hwang Ui-jo.”

Meanwhile, after the disclosure, Hwang Ui-jo reported that he was threatened after his cell phone was lost, and a police investigation began. However, after recognizing that the distributor was A, he showed a contradictory attitude by submitting a non-penalty letter, saying, “Please do not punish the prisoner.”

Even the fact that she asked the victim to submit a “no punishment letter” was reported when the victim sued Hwang Ui-jo for illegal filming. Soon after, Hwang Ui-jo’s side defended themselves and caused a big stir by releasing information that could identify the victim’s woman. 온라인카지노

Since these acts are well known, what is indicated in this indictment is that A also sent a threatening message to the victims. He pretended to be a foreigner to the victim B in English, saying, “This is you, right? Hwang Ui-jo has a lot of women. I will post a picture soon,” which shocked him greatly.

A was arrested and charged on the 8th. At the time, the prosecution is suspected of extracting and distributing Hwang Ui-jo’s sexual intercourse video from a mobile phone obtained from Hwang Ui-jo in June. A was also accused of threatening Hwang Ui-jo by impersonating a third party, and the perpetration of the victim was also revealed.

This corresponds to charges such as filming and repression using cameras under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act and threatening retaliation under the Aggravated Punishment Act of Specific Crimes. A denies all the charges, but the prosecution plans to investigate after finding several hard evidence. On top of that, Hwang Ui-jo appointed the same law firm as A, but controversy arose over the “bilateral representation.”

Later, the law firm filed a resignation letter against A. The Korea Football Association (KFA) also drew a sword due to the controversy over Hwang Ui-jo’s private life, which began with his brother-in-law B.

The KFA held an ethics committee meeting on April 28 and officially announced that Hwang will not be selected as a member of the national team until the investigation agency concludes that he is under investigation for illegal filming. As a result, Hwang’s participation in the Asian Cup is expected to fail.

SF and Lee Jong-beom were given special treatment at Lee Jung-hoo’s joining ceremony… Introduction + even the front seat

The San Francisco Giants even introduced Lee Jung-hoo’s family and gave him a courtesy call. Lee Jong-beom, 53, who is Lee’s father, sat in the front row at the press conference. Questions were also asked about Lee.

San Francisco held a press conference for Lee Jung-hoo, a $113 million man, at Oracle Park, San Francisco’s home stadium, at 6 a.m. on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

After the 2023 season, Lee started his Major League challenge through the posting system (closed competitive bidding). San Francisco Giants general manager Pete Putilla gave a standing ovation while watching Lee’s game during the 2023 season.

In the end, the San Francisco Giants awarded Lee a total of $113 million for six years. Lee broke the record for posting in Asian Beast history. He beat Masataka Yoshida’s five-year posting of $90 million, Seiya Suzuki’s five-year posting of $85 million, and Kodai Senga’s five-year posting of $75 million.

The San Francisco Giants held a news conference on Thursday for Lee Jung-hoo, who broke the all-time posting record for Asian fielders. Lee was next to Zaidi and his agent Scott Boras. He attended the news conference wearing a black suit and an orange tie, the color of San Francisco’s team. 경마

When the joining ceremony of Lee Jung-hoo began, the host introduced Lee Jung-hoo and even his family. Lee Jong-beom, the Son of the Wind, showed off his presence by attending the front row of press conferences. He was seen filming a video on his cellphone to celebrate the joining ceremony of Lee Jung-hoo, the grandson of the Wind.

Questions were also raised about Lee’s father, Lee Jong-beom. When asked what he learned from his father, Lee said, “I am learning from my father what personality is and what a player should do.”

As for the nickname “Grandchild of the Wind,” he said, “My father used to have the nickname “Son of the Wind.” Since I was born, I naturally became the “Grandchild of the Wind.”

Lee Jong-beom, a KBO league star since the mid-1990s, joined MLB.com’s official social networking site with Lee Jung-hoo on Saturday. Lee Jung-hoo, his “son,” became a distinguished guest of the San Francisco Giants on Sunday.

‘Blue Tie’ Ohtani Joins Dodgers… Roberts Manager Smiles

The Dodgers held a news conference for Otani at the Dodger Stadium at 8 a.m. on Saturday. It was a historic joining ceremony for Otani, who signed a 10-year contract worth 700 million U.S. dollars.

Ohtani took over the Major League as a pitcher and hitter at the same time. He proved himself to be the best player by winning the American League MVP title unanimously in the 2021 and 2023 seasons. Ohtani displayed stellar performance in the 2023 season by posting 10-5 losses with an ERA of 3.14 and a batting average of 0.304 with 44 home runs and 95 RBIs as a batter.

However, Ohtani never made it to the fall baseball league with the Los Angeles Angels. After all, he became a free agent and joined the Dodgers, the strongest team in the Western Division of the National League. To reinforce Dodgers’ performance, Ohtani signed a contract that includes 97 percent dipper (a grace period for annual salary payment), drawing keen attention. 파친코

Ohtani will receive only 20 million U.S. dollars from the 2024 season to the 2033 season. The remaining amount will be paid interest-free for 10 years from 2034.

As a result, Ohtani’s joining ceremony drew a lot of attention. Ohtani, who shook the Major League through the biggest contract ever and a 97 percent dipper contract, wore a blue tie to join the ceremony. Unlike his red tie when he joined the Angels, he wore a blue tie to announce that he has been reborn as a “Dodgers man.”

Dodgers President Andrew Friedman and manager Dave Roberts put on a big smile. Ohtani also wore a blue-colored suit. He showed a smile after taking off his shirt and wearing the Dodgers uniform. He then started his first career as a Dodgers man by answering reporters’ questions.

“I like my youth.” Best recruitment of ’71 billion’ → Hope for SON, Green light for early return in January… Medison will not be released until February

England’s Football Insider quoted a source on the 14th (Korea time), saying, “Fan the Pen and Ryan Sessegnon, who have been absent for a long time, are expected to return in January. The two are in the fastest recovery stage among the first-team stars in Tottenham’s treatment room.” 토토

Van de Pen ruptured his hamstring (back muscle of his thigh) while sprinting against Chelsea on April 7. Suffering from severe pain, he was helped off the field by his medical staff and Eric Dier. After the match, he left the stadium on crutches.

He avoided the worst. Tottenham’s medical staff judged that he could recover through treatment, not surgery. However, the timetable for his return was undecided. If his hamstring ruptures, he will inevitably be sidelined for several months. His comeback in January is the “best possible scenario.”

Van de Pen, 22, who made his professional debut in Volendam, the Netherlands, was embraced by Tottenham last summer after Bundesliga in Wolfsburg. The transfer fee was 43 million pounds (about 71 billion won).

It was his first meeting with the English Premier League, but he did not need time to adjust. He played in all EPL games before injury, and established the strongest center-back line in the league with Christian Romero.

It is a defensive resource optimized for offensive soccer under coach Enze Postecoglou. Van de Pen boasts a wide range of activities by banking on its fast feet, which is its specialty.

After Van der Penn was injured, Tottenham’s unbeaten streak was cut. Romero also wandered for a while after receiving a red card against Chelsea.

Tottenham won the match against Newcastle with a score of 4-1, ending five consecutive winless matches (one draw and four losses), and successfully turned the game around. Van the Pen boasts close companionship that even monopolizes Son’s love.

Sessegnon belatedly decided to undergo surgery after injuring his hamstring in February this year. Speeding up his rehabilitation training, Sessegnon is now able to dream of returning to the ground in a year.

However, James Madison, who injured his ankle on the same day as Van de Pen, will not be able to return until February. Rodrigo Bentancur and Manor Solomon will make their comeback in February.