Kim Min-jae’s transfer → Napoli’s wind and rain…Chairman’s public apology. “I’m sorry.”

Napoli ended the 2022-24 season with its best ever. It topped Italy for the first time since Diego Maradona was founded. Based on Luciano Spalletti’s leadership, key players such as Kim Min-jae, Victor Osimhen, and Hvicha Kravatshelia performed so well that they won the title in a landslide.

Ahead of the 2023-24 season, Napoli have not made major changes. Only Kim Min-jae has left the team. There have been gaps between Spaletti and general manager Cristiano Giuntoli for the Italian national team and Juventus, respectively, but Napoli have quickly sought a replacement for their second consecutive win this season.

However, Napoli’s performance this season has been seriously bad. Coach Rudy Garcia, who took the helm of the team after Spaletti, lost control of the team at all. There were rumors of discord with the players and their performance was worse than last season. Kim’s absence was felt intact in the stadium, and Napoli’s competition for the championship has plummeted to a level where it was embarrassing to say. 무료 슬롯

In the end, de Laurentiis replaced Garcia after 16 games and brought in Valtter Mijn. His performance has not changed even since Mijn took charge. Recently, the team suffered a 0-4 defeat to Prosinone in the Copa Italy, and ranked seventh in the league as it collapsed 0-2 in an away game in AS Rome. Napoli’s sense of crisis is intensifying as it tied at home against Monza on Thursday (Korea time).

Finally, De Laurentiis appeared at the press conference and apologized for his team’s recent lackluster performance. “I want to say that I am responsible for everything that has happened up to today. I take full responsibility. I have to apologize to all the Napoli fans. We are sorry for our ranking,” he said. “We will jump into the transfer market to recover our performance,” vowing to rebound his performance in the second half.

There are not many rumors about which player Napoli will bring in from the transfer market. On the other hand, fans are increasingly anxious as only news has been reported that Giovanni Simeone and other players will leave the team.

“I know it’s hard to win, but…” Cleansman, who was chosen for the controversy over his performance, has a reasonable belief

Klinsmann announced the final roster for the 2023 Asian Cup in Qatar at the Yongsan CGV in Seoul on Wednesday. The final roster for this Asian Cup has been increased from 23 to 26. Klinsmann has selected all 26 players. However, he did not make a big change to the left fullback position, which has been raised as a source of anxiety. Klinsmann explained the reason.

He selected Kim Jin-soo (Jeonbuk Hyundai) along with Lee Ki-je as the left fullback. They had been selected steadily since Klinsmann took the helm. Things have changed a lot in the case of Lee. He finished the season without playing for about three months at his team Suwon Samsung. There were concerns over his performance. However, Klinsmann showed his steadfast trust.

There was a reason. Klinsman put more importance on the time he had spent with Lee on the national team than on his team. Klinsman said, “Lee had a tough season on his team. We don’t care why he didn’t play. We don’t know what happened. It is true that Lee had a hard and difficult season. However, whenever I called him up, he fully played his role, without any deficiencies in his attitude toward the national team, role performance and performance.”

“Lee is one of the players who showed more professional attitude than anyone else,” Klinsmann said. “I had concerns about the left fullback and the right fullback. I tried to find younger players and found Seol Young-woo (Ulsan HD) at the right fullback. The left fullback will stay with Lee and Kim Jin-soo through the Asian Cup in Qatar. Both players are keeping their positions and I think they have shown quality in major competitions. Lee said he fully played his role whenever he called up.”

Unlike his team, Lee is constantly receiving opportunities at the Clinsman team. Since being selected by the national team in March this year, which was the coach’s first call-up, Lee has been on the list of players on the team’s roster. This means that he liked the coach. In terms of playing time, Lee has been a key member of the team. He started at the match against Uruguay in March, and has maintained the starting position since the match against Peru in June. Lee also started at the first Group C match and led Korea to victory at the second match against China in the 2026 FIFA North and Central America World Cup Asia qualifying round. 안전놀이터 추천

Lee also blocked South Korea’s loss in the match against Saudi Arabia in September by using a hand-to-hand defense. Thanks to this, the Clinsman team, which was in a slump with no wins, beat Saudi Arabia 1-0, and won its first win. Amid Lee’s performance, the Clinsman team has scored no points in the past six games. With monster defender Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich) at the center as an iron wall defense, Lee also displayed intensive defense. In addition, Lee also showed good crosses by banking on his sharp kicks, which is his strongest point.

Through this tournament, Korea will challenge to win the top prize for the first time in 64 years since winning the 1960 tournament. As it is a short-term game, all-out efforts must be made in every game. Stable defense is not enough to be emphasized repeatedly. With the trust of coach Klinsmann, Lee Ki-je has the opportunity to play in the Asian Cup. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Ki-je can also repay his faith.

“Why Lee Gi-je? Why Kim Ji-soo?” Cleans who revealed the reason for the selection

Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who showed strong enthusiasm for the Asian Cup title for the first time in 64 years, explained in detail the process of selecting the final entry and the reason for the selection. Klinsmann made an appearance at the final announcement ceremony for the Asian Cup national team at CGV Yongsan in Seoul on Wednesday. The method is different from the previous announcement of the national team’s roster online and receiving questions from the media.

At the meeting, Klinsmann recited the selection criteria, saying, “The most important thing when selecting the final roster is to build a framework first.” “We need to organize this first and then solve the puzzle,” he said. “Korea has world’s best defender Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich), flanker Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain), and Son Heung-min (Tottenham). It is important to combine these good resources with the puzzles of the rest of the players.”

First of all, Klinsmann is said to have established his squad in anticipation of a total of 23 players to enter. However, he is able to field as many as 26 players, three more than expected, on the final stage. However, according to AFC regulations, each team must submit a list of 23 players in each match. The other three players will sit on a technical seat to watch the game.

For the remaining positions, relatively young players were chosen. They include defenders Kim Ji-soo (19, Brentford), Kim Joo-sung (23, FC Seoul), and midfielder Yang Hyun-joon (21, Celtic). “It could be an opportunity for players who will lead the future of Korean soccer,” Klinsmann said. “After discussions, we decided to select younger players.” 안전 토토사이트

In particular, he expressed his trust in 18-year-old Kim Ji-soo, who is playing in the U.K., saying, “I trust him.” “I’ve been watching him since I joined the national team before, and I’ve been watching his growth since then,” he said, explaining the reason for his selection.

Regarding the position that he was most worried about, he replied, “The number of entries is fixed, and some players want to select but cannot.” “There are factors outside of soccer that the coach cannot decide, such as the Hwang Ui-jo (Norwich City) case and Son Joon-ho (Shandong Taishan) case,” he said. “There were also difficulties in this area.”

Hwang is under police investigation for illegal filming. As a result, the Korea Football Association (KFA) announced last month that it would not select him for the national team until Hwang is cleared of charges. “There are enough players to fill the vacancy,” Klinsmann said, responding lightly. “Oh Hyun-kyu (Celtic) and Cho Kyu-sung (Mitt Whelan) are players who can fully play those roles. Sometimes Son Heung-min can be used as a fake No. 9 player,” Klinsmann said. “There are many wingers who can show off their skills.” Son Joon-ho was detained in May on charges of rigging matches in China. Since then, there has been no news on the situation. Players who could play in Son’s position included Hwang In-beom (Zvezda), Park Yong-woo (Al Ain), Lee Soon-min (Gwangju FC), and Park Jin-seop (Jeonbuk Hyundai).

There was also mention of left-back Lee Ki-je (Suwon Samsung), who has not been able to play in matches in his team recently and has not shown much performance. On the reason for selecting Lee, Klinsmann said, “Lee had a difficult season in his team. However, he was not as good as his attitude when he was called up to the national team,” adding, “He fully played his role. He has always shown professional attitude.”

The Korean national team, led by Klinsmann, will begin its bid to win the title in Asia from January 3 next year. The team, which includes many Korean players, will depart Korea on January 2. Players from overseas will join the team on January 3. “I want to say that I will come back after winning the Asian Cup with good players,” Klinsmann said. “I hope we can win the championship together. It will be even more supportive if you cheer for us.”

Levi Spends 110 Billion? Tottenham Gets Italian ‘Superstar’ As ‘SON Successor’…”You can play anywhere”

Tottenham is busy preparing for the winter transfer window in January. As it has already taken the lead in the league in the early days of this season and shown solid gains, it is still possible to challenge the championship competition depending on investments made in the winter transfer window.

Coach Enze Postecoglou also acknowledged the need for recruitment. In particular, Postecoglou wanted to recruit a center back. He stressed that he even made a wish to Santa. However, Postecoglou’s squad has seats in addition to the center back that need reinforcement.

They are the strikers. As Son Heung-min filled Harry Kane’s transfer gap this season, Tottenham did not suffer a huge drop in their offense power. However, we cannot rely on Son for everything. Hishalisson has come to life recently, but it is still difficult to fully trust him. Dejan Kulusevski and Brennan Johnson are also a little short of excellent strikers. In the end, Tottenham prepared to recruit strikers in the transfer market. 실시간 바카라사이트

Chiesa is one of Italy’s representative strikers, especially an all-weather resource that moves back and forth between the front line and the wing. He moved to Juventus in 2020 and has been playing steadily, especially this season as a front-line two-top and left winger, with five goals and one assist in 15 games.

The fact that he can play both the front line and the left side is similar to that of Son Heung-min. He also has the aspect of cracking that can grow into Son’s successor in the future. Considering Chiesa’s performance at Euro 2020 and Juventus, Tottenham’s recruitment of Chiesa could be of great help to the team’s strength. However, Tottenham has to overcome difficulties in order to recruit Chiesa. It is the high transfer fee and interest of other clubs.

The TBR Football Association said that Chiesa is one of the players who can play for most European clubs, and predicted that Chiesa would need at least 70 million pounds (about 110 billion won) for his transfer. The transfer fee exceeds 70 million euros (about 100 billion won) for Tanguy Ndombele, Tottenham’s highest ever. It remains to be seen whether Levy will invest such a large amount in the winter transfer market.

Liverpool’s interest is also a problem. Liverpool also reportedly continued to observe Chiesa to reinforce its offense. Newcastle also considered Chiesa. If the clubs compete for recruitment, it is not easy for Tottenham to gain the upper hand.

World Star James belated confession, “Munich was so cold and hard to adjust”…Kim Minjae’s adaptability is also a “monster” certification

World Cup star James Rodriguez (São Paulo) confessed in a recent interview that it was too difficult to adapt when he played for Bayern Munich in the past. In an article published on the 28th (Korea Standard Time), British Talk Sports introduced an interview in which Rodriguez said he had a particularly hard time adjusting to different teams.

Rodriguez was loaned to Bayern Munich from 2017 to 2019. Recalling the time, he said, “It was too cold in Munich.” Rodriguez was loaned to Munich after playing for Real Madrid, but compared to Madrid, which has a warm climate and a mild climate, Munich’s winter weather was unbearable.

“One winter morning, I started my car to go to the training site, but it didn’t start. When I checked the temperature, it was minus 28 degrees Celsius,” he recalled. “Then I thought to myself, ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ Even though Munich is a city with high quality of life, that’s what I thought.”

Rodriguez said he won the league title twice when he was at Bayern Munich, but the people there were also as cold as the weather. “The weather was cold, and the Germans were cold as well. The club treated me really well and treated me with good conditions, but it was like that,” he said.

Rodriguez played for Everton and Al Rayan in Qatar from 2021 to 2022. Even then, he confessed that he found it difficult to adjust to Qatar’s culture. “You can’t take a shower naked in Qatar. As you know, it’s common for me to walk naked in a locker or shower with my teammates in a soccer team. But Qatar players discouraged me from doing that. It was awkward, too, for the locals to eat with their hands,” he recalled. 파워볼실시간

As a result, Rodriguez failed to adapt to Al Rayan after signing a three-year contract worth 6 million pounds, confiding that he moved to Olympiacos in two years. Rodriguez from Colombia showed outstanding performance for Colombia at the 2014 World Cup Brazil, emerging as a world star. He moved from Monaco to Real Madrid after the World Cup. However, after moving to Bayern Munich and Everton, he failed to achieve success in Al Rayan and Olympiacos, and is currently playing for Sao Paulo.

You can’t get Lee Jung-hoo or Yamamoto? There is a 164km super-high prospect in ML right now

Lee Jung-hoo and Yamamoto, who will make their major league debut side by side next season, are already expected to create a new wind. Lee Jung-hoo, who dominated the KBO league with his brilliant bat technique, is emerging as a leading candidate for San Francisco’s No. 1 hitter with a six-year, $113 million jackpot with the San Francisco Giants, while Yamamoto, who conquered the Japanese stage, is expected to be the Dodgers’ new ace as he signed a 12-year, $325 million mammoth contract with the Dodgers. 토토사이트 추천

If they perform well worth the price, it is expected that they will still be able to win the Rookie of the Year award, which is only given once in their lifetime. However, according to the prediction of winners for the 2024 season released by the Major League Baseball’s official website (MLBcom) on the 29th (Korea time), it is drawing attention that players other than Lee Jung-hoo and Yamamoto are likely to win the National League Rookie of the Year.

“MLBcom” pointed to right-hander Paul Skins, the No. 1 overall pick by the Pittsburgh Pirates, as the strongest candidate for Rookie of the Year in the MLB draft held in July. “Many would cite the Dodgers’ Yamamoto as a candidate for Rookie of the Year, and with good reason. However, we would be misleading to call players from high-level foreign professional leagues “newbies,” emphasizing that there is no reason to classify Yamamoto as a rookie, who has already played seven seasons in the Japanese professional baseball league and advanced to the Major League.

“Skins is the best pitching prospect since Stephen Strasburg,” “MLBcom” said. “Strasburg was not included in the 2010 National League Rookie of the Year vote, but I think he will be able to debut early and play meaningful innings and compete seriously for the Rookie of the Year.”

The U.S. media is worried about ‘Otani tax’…”Leave California in 10 years! Then I can save money.”

The Baseball Channel, a Japanese baseball media outlet, reported on the 27th, “The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that Ohtani may leave California, where he is subject to high taxes in 10 years,” adding, “Otani signed a 10-year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers for a total of 700 million dollars (about 902.3 billion won), but 97 percent of the 680 million dollars (about 876.52 billion won) will be paid after the contract expires.” 카지노사이트 순위

Ohtani joined the Los Angeles Angels ahead of the 2018 season and took the Major League stage. His pitching and hitting combined work, which he had never seen before except during the early days of the Major League, created a “difficulty” syndrome and elevated his stock price by winning the American League MVP in 2021 and this year.

When Ohtani became a free agent after the end of the 2023 season and exercised his rights, all major league stave league issues were decided upon by Ohtani’s future. With both pitchers and batters displaying top-notch skills and star quality, Ohtani’s ransom soared through the roof. The winner was the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Los Angeles Dodgers won Ohtani by betting an astronomical amount of 700 million U.S. dollars.

Ohtani will receive 700 million dollars, surpassing his former teammate Mike Trout’s 12-year contract with the Los Angeles Angels of 426.5 million dollars, as well as the 10-year, highest North American professional sports ransom of Patrick Murhomes of the Kansas City Chiefs.

The history of professional sports around the world has also been rewritten. Lionel Messi, the god of soccer, has significantly exceeded the 674 million dollar contract he signed with FC Barcelona from 2017 to 2021. Ohtani is the most expensive sports player on the planet, and will play with the green diamond starting in the 2024 season as he will wear the Dodgers uniform. He underwent ligament splicing surgery due to his right elbow injury in the second half of this season, and will focus on batters next year without both pitching and hitting, but has failed to have any impact on his value.

When he signed with the Dodgers, Ohtani suggested that he would receive most of his annual salary 10 years later. “Otani considered (the club) for the long-term success of the LA Dodgers while signing a contract that will remain in the history of the sport,” said CAA, Ohtani’s agency.

With Ohtani receiving most of his salary after the end of his contract period, the Los Angeles Dodgers was able to ease the burden of balancing competition and strengthen its capacity during the stove league. As a result, it acquired Yamamoto Yoshinobu, a pitcher who dominated the Japanese pro baseball, for 325 million U.S. dollars.

Thanks to Ohtani, the Dodgers has laid the groundwork for its team to win the World Series next season by embracing Yamamoto, who is considered a big league S-class starting pitcher. It is expected that the Dodgers will have significant additional effects, including an increase in entrance profits and attracting sponsors from Japanese companies.

Ohtani’s annual salary for the 2024 season is only 2 million U.S. dollars. U.S. media, however, predict that his annual salary will far exceed 50 million dollars including advertising and sponsorship income.

Referring to the tax policy of the Dodgers’ California state, the Las Vegas Review-Journal pointed out that of Ohtani’s $2 million annual salary next year, he must pay 13.3 percent in California taxes, 37 percent in federal taxes, and more than 50 percent of his income including other expenses. If Ohtani stays in California and receives $680 million, which he will receive from the Los Angeles Dodgers from 2034, he will not be able to avoid enormous taxes.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that “higher taxes encourage people to migrate. The wealthy have the most options when avoiding taxes.” “Nevada, which has no state income tax, has long benefited people from leaving California for that reason,” he said, stressing that Ohtani has many options to choose from 10 years later.

The U.S. is famous for applying high tax rates to high-income earners, including Major Leaguers. The amount of money big leaguers receive can vary depending on which city they are playing on payday. The tax rates vary from state to state. Otani also recently drew attention as a “Santa Claus” for elementary school students in Japan. He sent three gloves to more than 20,000 elementary schools in Japan and donated a total of 60,000 gloves.

In a letter along with his glove, Ohtani expressed his hope by saying, “I started this program so that my schoolchildren could have an interest in baseball. I hope this glove will become a symbol of dreams and encouragement for the next generation.” Meanwhile, Ohtani will play his first official game in Korea as a Dodgers uniform from March 20 to March 21 next year. He will face the San Diego Padres in the 2024 regular season opening series at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

The Major League Baseball secretariat confirmed in July that the opening game of the 2024 season between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the San Diego Padres in the National League West will be held in Korea. As the LA Dodgers and the San Diego Padres will play the opening two games of the 2024 season in Korea, Korean fans are more likely to watch the play of the Dodgers’ starting pitcher Yamamoto and No. 4 hitter Ohtani.

The most expensive captain, Best Eleven, will be disappointed without Son Heung-min…157.5 billion won, including Messi

Soccer statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ selected and announced Best Eleven for the most expensive captains in the world as of December 2023 (Korea time). There was a welcome face at Best Eleven, which consists of a 4-3-3 formation. 사설 토토사이트

Son was listed as Tottenham’s captain. Son will replace Hugo Lloris as the team’s captain from the 2023-24 season, when Enze Postecoglou took the helm of Tottenham. Once the captain of the Korean national soccer team, Son will also serve as the captain of Tottenham.

Son’s first season as Tottenham captain is going very successfully. First of all, his personal performance is very good. Son, who was evaluated as sluggish last season, is showing off his world class-like performance once again after overcoming the aftermath of his injury. Son Heung-min is ranking fourth in the Premier League in scoring and third in attack points.

As a captain, Son has succeeded in harmonizing new recruits and existing players well. In particular, his actions that put Hishalisson first in the game where he was very active became a hot topic in the local area. Son Heung-min’s pursuit of a horizontal relationship is receiving a lot of love from fans.

Along with Son Heung-min, Lautaro Martinez (Inter Milan) and Lionel Messi (Inter Miami) were on the offensive. Lautaro ranked No. 1 overall with a ransom of 110 million euros. Despite being born in 1987, Messi maintained his value of 35 million euros.

Martin 외degaard (Argentle), Bruno Fernandes (Manchester United), and John McGinn (Aston Villa) were present in the midfield. All three players were members of the PL club. The defense included Jose Gaya (Valencia), Maximilian Kilman (Wolverhampton), Marquignos (Paris Saint-Germain), and Reece James (Chelsea). Matbay Saponov (FC Krasnodar) was named as the goalkeeper.

The effect of ‘Kang Jung-ho School’ proved by Son Ah-seop… Kim Jaehwan, Park Se-hyuk, and Han Dong-hee will be responsible for the 2024 revival

Son A-seop made a splendid comeback by winning his first career batting title this year and the Golden Glove in six years. If there is any change for Son, he means that he joined his new teacher last winter. Son found Kang Jung-ho, who runs a batting academy in Los Angeles, the U.S., and worked on his batting form. Son recorded a batting average of 339 with 187 hits, five homers and 65 RBIs in 140 games this year, and an OPS of .836. He became the first batter and hit king, and even received the Golden Glove in the designated hitter category.

Up until last year, however, Son was suspected of an aging curve. Son left his former team Lotte last year after signing a four-year contract worth 6.4 billion won (6.3 million U.S. dollars) with NC. In his first year after moving to the club, Son recorded a batting average of 277 with 152 hits, four homers and 48 RBIs with an OPS of .714. He continued to record 150 hits in consecutive seasons, but his overall batting productivity was the lowest in his career.

Son revised the trajectory of the launch angle so that he and Kang could produce many line drive balls, and made desperate efforts to revive the team. Son said, “I desperately prepared it. We talked about the aging curve and now we have a sense of crisis. I thought I should wake up and show it to fans.”

“Kang Jung-ho’s lesson is not that special. However, it is very detailed. It explains the direction of the training and the reason for correcting the swing mechanism with facts. It presents a direction that is easy to accept,” Kang said. “It teaches me how to take a shortcut. It teaches me a fast way to not go back. It gave me an opportunity to find my own mechanism that I had forgotten.”

His intensity is not low. Kang also conquered Korea and proved his capability by hitting double-digit home runs after trial and error in the Major League. Such efforts have been incorporated into the lesson. “I heard that Jung-ho felt a lot about himself when he met good pitchers in the U.S.,” Son said. “I judged that if I do as I did in Korea, I cannot survive in the U.S. as well,” he said. “I studied batting while searching for a hidden master and told him the theory that suits me the best. I am not very satisfied with my training. I am not able to pull off all of those training sessions,” he said.

Son A-seop’s testament has led many players to turn to Kang. Doosan’s fourth batter Kim Jae-hwan, who hit .2289 with 10 homers and 46 RBIs in 132 games this year, has been trained at Kang Jung-ho School since late November. He recently returned home after spending about a month on a schedule. Kim Jae-hwan, who failed to meet expectations for two consecutive years after signing a four-year 11.5 billion FA contract ahead of the 2022 season, made him seek Kang himself out.

In addition, catcher Park Se-hyuk, who signed a four-year, 4.6 billion won FA contract with NC this year, but only posted 211 hits, six homers, 32 RBIs and an OPS of .654 in 88 games in his first year of transfer, will follow Son to Kang Jung-ho School. Son A-seop is scheduled to leave the country after Jan. 15 due to the club’s opening ceremony schedule, but Park Se-hyuk leaves the country a little earlier and gets help from Kang Jung-ho. With the rapid growth of rookie Kim Hyung-joon, Park Se-hyuk’s position is getting narrower. 바카라

Son was actually going to take Kim Joo-won, who is growing up as a “national shortstop.” However, Kim will not be able to join him this winter due to personal reasons. Instead, there is another player who is visiting Kang Jung-ho School. Lotte’s Han Dong-hee, who also performed poorly this year, will take lessons at Kang Jung-ho School along with his close friend Lee Dae-ho. After moving upward for three years from 2020, Han has regressed this year with a batting average of 223, 71 hits with five homers and 32 RBIs in 108 games, with an OPS of .583.

Watching the sluggishness of Han Dong-hee, whom Lee Dae-ho pointed out as his successor, he strengthened his commitment to take care of him this winter and decided to train with Lee and Jung-hoon in Los Angeles for about 10 days. At that time, he plans to visit Kang for advice. Kang also showed keen interest in Han on his YouTube channel, which will be a meaningful occasion for him.

Han Dong-hee said, “Jung-ho talked a lot about me and showed a lot of interest. Since I’m going to the U.S., I’m going to listen to Jung-ho’s story. I think I’ll watch it with Dae-ho and Jung-ho and train batting indoors together.”

“Japan’s Daylight” announces “Mitoma Asian Cup cannot be called”…I feel like I’m winning the Clinsman

“In the match against Tottenham Hotspur, eight to 10 players cannot play due to injury. Two players are not allowed to start. Among them is Mitoma. She will not be able to play for up to six weeks. Chances are high that she will not be able to play at the Asian Cup.” (Brighton de Gerby coach)

Japan cannot get on the Qatar plane with 100% of its power. Mitoma Kaoru (26, Brighton), who played a quasi-level role in the Premier League, is not expected to be called to the Asian Cup. British media outlet “The Athletic” transferred the words of manager Brighton Roberto de Gerby on the 28th (Korea time).

“In the match against Tottenham Hotspur, eight to 10 players cannot play due to injury. Two players cannot play as starters. Among them is Mitoma. He will not be able to play for up to six weeks. Chances are high that he will not be able to play at the Asian Cup.”

Mitoma left Kawasaki Frontale in 2021 to challenge the European stage. After wearing the Brighton jersey, he finished adapting to Europe on loan in Belgium and has made a full-fledged first-team presence since 2022. 온라인경마

In the early part of the 2022-23 season, he was a rotation player, but gradually increased his playing time and successfully competed for the starting position. Straight but explosive dribbling and intermittent offensive points energized Brighton’s left wing.

He also added impressive points last season. He scored his third goal at a home game against West Ham in the 26th round of the 2022-23 English Premier League, sealing his team’s victory over Brighton, and recorded offensive points (one goal and two assists) in three consecutive games until his match against Crystal Palace in the eighth round.

Son scored more goals than in his debut season by scoring against West Ham in the 26th round. Son has emerged as the core of Tottenham and as a top-class player, but rarely had a chance in his debut season. He had four goals in 28 Premier League matches at the time.

“He is an excellent player in every way. He can play not only as an attacking midfielder but also as a wing player. He is attractive to Premier League clubs,” said Bissaker, who also predicted that world-class clubs such as Manchester United and Liverpool will pay attention.

Despite rumors of a significant transfer, he decided to accompany Brighton. He signed a long-term contract through 2027 this summer with the condition that his team’s highest pay per week be paid. Japanese media outlet “Ameba Times” reported that Mitoma, who left for Brighton from Kawasaki Frontale in 2021, made his Premier League debut last season. He had a great debut season with Brighton, and this season he scored three goals and four assists in 11 official matches. Some said that he would leave Brighton in the winter, and he has been linked to Manchester City or Barcelona.”

He also conveyed his local reaction to the Japanese soccer fans. “Despite rumors that another team will move to another European team, the team has decided to stay in Brighton. Fans hailed Mitoma as one of Brighton’s best players, saying that he would be worth 100 million pounds when his contract expires in 2027, and that he should stay in Brighton as long as De Gehrby is in charge of the team.”

However, the team has not displayed as explosive performance as it did in the last season. De Gehrby has consistently given him opportunities, but he has scored three goals and five assists in 17 Premier League matches, and one assist without a point in six UEFA Europa League matches. The most recent point of attack is one assist at a home game against Brentford in the 15th round of the Premier League.

Although his performance has slowed down compared to last season, he is a key player for the Japanese national team. Since being drafted by the A team in 2021, he has personally experienced the world stage by playing at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He played as a substitute but accumulated one assist against the invincible Spain, displaying capability in the Premier League.

Since then, he has accumulated offensive points in all-Taroos in A matches. He had one goal in the match against Colombia in March and one assist in the match against El Salvador in June. In the ensuing match against Peru, he scored one goal and one assist, gaining momentum to Japan’s 4-1 complete victory.

For Japan, leaving Mitoma is fatal. Key midfielder Takefusa Kubo is also concerned about the possibility of injury. Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported that Takefusa could have suffered a rib injury in the 18th round of the Spanish Primera Liga.

It was because of a ridiculous foul by Ruben Alcaraz (Cardis). Alcaraz hit Gubo in the side with his hands while he was breaking through. In the second half, he also made a rugby-like foul by holding and dragging Gubo while holding the ball to escape.

Kubo said, “My ribs may be cracked. I don’t know because I don’t give detailed jokes, but it hurts. My feeling is that I was punched in boxing. I don’t know what will happen. I hope I can play in the next match.”

Main defender Hiroshi Itagura (Mönchengladbach) is not in 100 percent condition either. He had surgery on his left ankle in October, but the pain is still lingering. He has concerns about his sense of play as he cannot return to the game during the winter break. “His condition has improved a lot. He can play in the Asian Cup without any problems,” he said, but remains uncertain.

Japan is one of the favorites to win the Asian Cup title as it has won the most Asian Cup titles (four times). Just like Korea, the team has been preparing for the Asian Cup by conducting a rally in Korea from Friday. The team will accelerate preparations for the Asian Cup finals, starting with a friendly match with the Thai national team on Jan. 1.