The first home run + the final timely hit…Ohtani to 9G consecutive RBI → Dodgers record -1

Ohtani started as the first hitter and designated hitter in an away game against the Chicago White Sox during the 2024 U.S. Major League Baseball (MLB) regular season at Guaranteed Rate Field in Chicago, Illinois on the 26th (Korea Standard Time). He showed great performance by making two hits (one homer) with two RBIs and two runs from four times at bat.

He became the 24th archer of this season. He firmly maintained his No. 1 position in homers in the National League. In addition, he set a new RBI single game record for the longest consecutive game in a single season by a Dodgers player. Ohtani started producing RBIs against the Kansas City Royals on last Thursday. He led the team by posting RBIs in nine consecutive games before the game against the White Sox. He still has one game left to set a new Dodgers record.

Ohtani’s batting average for this season has reached 0.320 (99 hits in 309 times at bat). He ranks first in batting average among all batters in the Major League. He has 24 home runs with 60 RBIs and 63 points, a slugging percentage of 0.634 and an on-base plus slugging percentage of 0.398, and 1.032 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage). He ranks first in scoring in the National League, first in slugging percentage, first in OPS, second in hits, third in RBIs and fifth in on-base percentage.

On the day, the Dodgers set up a starting lineup of Ohtani (designated hitter), Will Smith (catcher), Freddie Freeman (first baseman), Andy Farggs (midfielder), Jason Heyward (right fielder), Miguel Rojas (striker), Gavin Lux (second baseman), Miguel Vargas (left fielder), and Cavan Biggio (third baseman). The starting pitcher is Bobby Miller.

The White Sox listed Tommy Pham (right fielder), Andrew Benintendi (left fielder), Louis Robert Jr. (center fielder), Eloy Jimenez (designated hitter), Gavin Sheets (first baseman), Paul Deyong (striker), Corey Lee (catcher), Nikki López (second baseman), and Lenin Sosa (third baseman). Chris Flexen was the starting pitcher. 안전한 카지노사이트

Flexen is a pitcher who played in the KBO league in the past. In 2020, he joined the Doosan Bears in Korea. After playing for one season, he returned to the big leagues.

Ohtani was the leadoff hitter in the top of the first inning and tapped on Flexen’s ball. On the fifth pitch with the ball count at 2-2, he swung an outward curveball to hit the homer over the right field. His solo homer gave his team the first run of 1-0.

He also faced the batter’s box as a leadoff hitter in the top of the third inning, when his team was trailing 1-3. After a full count match with Flexen, he garnered a four-seam fastball, which was the lowest in the sixth pitch, and walked to the base. Then, with one out and runners on the first base, he homered on Freeman’s tying two-run homer to the left. The Dodgers balanced the game 3-3.

Ohtani rolled up his sleeves when he had a chance to score with runners on the first and third bases with two outs in the top of the fourth inning when the score was still 3-3. He fouled on Flexen’s cutter at the first pitch and aimed for the cutter at the second pitch again. He connected with a timely RBI single to the right. The Dodgers led 4-3.

Ohtani finished the game by striking out swinging with two outs and a runner on first base in the top of the sixth inning and striking out swinging with one out in the top of the ninth inning.

Dodgers won 4-3 thanks to Ohtani’s performance in charge of the first run and the finishing hit. With three consecutive wins, Dodgers topped the National League West. It boasts a winning percentage of 0.617 with 50 wins and 31 losses this season. It has performed well in the last 10 games with seven wins and three losses. It will face the White Sox once more on Saturday.

Bae Ji-hwan, who shook off his “wrist sprain,” shows force for three hits and one steal in the minors

Bae Ji-hwan, who plays for the Pittsburgh Pirates’ minor league team, showed his force by swinging three hits in a game. 토토사이트 순위

Bae Ji-hwan, a member of the Triple-A Indianapolis Indians of the Pittsburgh Minor League, started as the first hitter and second baseman in the Triple-A minor league game against the Minnesota Twins at Rochester Red Wings in Rochester Innovative Field, New York, USA on the 26th (Korea time), and recorded 3 hits and 1 stolen base in 4 at-bats.

With three hits on the day, Bae raised his batting average to 0.360 (41 hits in 114 times at bat) for this season of Triple-A. His on-base plus slugging percentage (0.518) stands at 0.978.

Bae Ji-hwan hit in all at-bats except for his first at-bat strikeout in the first inning.

After producing a hit at the leadoff batter’s box in the top of the fourth inning, he advanced to third base with a hit and a fly ball from a follow-up hitter, but there was no score.

In the top of the sixth inning, he had a bunt hit with no outs and a runner on the second base, creating chances for the first and third bases, and even stealing a base. However, his failed attempt at a follow-up hitter resulted in no run.

Bae Ji-hwan got on base after reporting his third hit after two outs in the top of the eighth inning, but there was also no support from a follow-up hitter.

Bae Ji-hwan appeared in 24 major league games this season and recorded a batting average of 0.208 (5 hits in 24 at-bats) with two RBIs and two steals. On the 4th, he was on the injured list due to a sprained right wrist and devoted himself to rehabilitation in the minor league and transferred to the Indians on the 25th.

Meanwhile, the Indians lost 1-3 despite Bae’s three hits in the leadoff. Andres Alvarez, who advanced to third base due to Bae’s bunt hit in the top of the sixth inning, scored when Joey Bart grounded out. The Indians lost the game from behind, allowing one run in the sixth inning and two runs in the seventh inning.

Even if I die, I hate the Yankees…”Baseball Is Business” Posture Change

Toronto infielder Vladimir Guerrero Jr. said in an interview with South American media “Virus Deportivo” on the 25th (Korea time), “I have no intention of reversing what I said about the New York Yankees,” but added, “But baseball is a business. I also talked to my family including my father.” Guerrero Jr.’s father is Vladimir Guerrero, a slugger who hit 449 home runs in the MLB.

In 2022, Guerrero Jr. said he would not sign with the Yankees even if he dies. In 2023, he said, “It’s a personal matter for my family. I will never change my position.”

However, a year later, Guerrero Jr. has changed his stance. In an interview, he said, “Any team would be happy to help if I needed it.” 안전 슬롯사이트

There was another superstar who said he would never play for the Yankees. He is Ken Griffey Jr., a slugger with 630 home runs. In 1995, when Griffey Jr. was in his prime, he said, “I would rather retire if the Yankees were the only team that wanted me.”

There was a reason why Griffey Jr. wanted the Yankees. One day in the mid-1980s, when his father Ken Griffey Sr. was playing as a Yankees player, Griffey Jr. and his father were playing in the Yankees dugout. When he saw the young Griffey Jr., George Steinbrenner, the Yankees owner, kicked him out, saying, “I shouldn’t be in the dugout except as a player.” It hurt him a lot. Griffey Jr. played in the MLB for 22 years. He never played for the Yankees.

The Yankees lost their main first baseman, Ancery Lizzo, to injury. Guerrero Jr. is constantly being talked about as a candidate to fill the vacancy. Toronto has already said that it does not make sense to trade Guerrero Jr., who has a contract until the 2025 season. However, just as Guerrero Jr. who said he would not play even if he dies, changed his position, Toronto, which is currently at the bottom of the American League East with 35 wins and 43 losses, can also change its position anytime.

Can Kim Ha-sung join his fellow KBO 20-win monster MVP…One more big deal in March? Because it’s a trade blue chip

Will the San Diego Padres and Chicago White Sox be able to sign another deal ahead of the trade deadline after the Dylan Seas big deal in March. There have already been reports that A.J. Preller and White Sox general manager Chris Gaetz have talked about Gerrett Croesher and Eric Peddy (both Chicago White Sox). 에볼루션 바카라사이트

However, talking to each other does not guarantee a trade. Crosher and Peddy are currently the best blue chips in the Major League trade market. Notably, Crosher is the No. 1 trade item evaluated by the U.S. media. He is a left-handed fireballer, and he is young, and he has two more years to apply for arbitration. He is paid a mere 800,000 U.S. dollars per year. The conditions are perfect.

Croescher had six wins and six losses and an earned run average of 3.25 in 16 games this season. He ranks first in the American League with 124 strikeouts. He ranks second in the American League with a WHIP of 0.95 and third in the American League with a 0.195 hit rate. Despite the weak performance of his team, he has won six games.

Deerslatic mentioned the trade needed for teams trying to advance to the postseason in the National League wild-card race on the 24th (Korea time). San Diego suggested that left-hander Robbie Snelling, Austin Kropp and shortstop Leodalis de Vries be handed over to the White Sox in exchange for Croescher.

According to the MLB Pipeline’s ranking of prospects, Snelling is No. 2, De Vries is No. 4, and Crop is No. 9. In other words, San Diego needs to be determined to sacrifice about three of its top 10 prospects to win Croesher. That’s how popular Croesher is in the trade market. For the White Sox, who are on fire sale, they will definitely consider it as a counter benefit to Croesher.

“The Padres don’t want to get into the habit of trading the top five prospects, but they have to if they want to get a controllable crochet through the 2026 season,” Deerslatic said. “The Padres and the White Sox agreed to a Seas trade in March, but can they be linked to another big starter trade in a few months? Adding crochet will really increase San Diego’s chances of making the postseason.”

San Diego has Darvish Yu and Joe Musgrove on the injured list. The starting lineup is not strong enough to challenge for the postseason and to see a game in the postseason. Currently, Siz, Michael King, and Matt Waldron are the main starters.

If San Diego fails to recruit Croesher, it would be necessary to recruit Pedi as well. Pedi is also a good starting pitcher. He was recognized for his upgrade when he won the KBO League MVP in 2023, and uses the legend of reverse export from KBO in the Major League.

Crypto exchanges to establish monitoring system to prevent unfair trading

Prices of various cryptocurrencies are displayed on a screen at lounge of Upbit in southern Seoul, May 22. Yonhap

As the country’s first law on virtual asset user protection is set to take effect Friday, cryptocurrency exchanges will be obligated to monitor unfair practices in the market. The exchanges are thus making all-out efforts to establish a monitoring system.

The Virtual Asset User Protection Act includes provisions for regulating unfair trading. It specifies penalties for unfair practices in the virtual asset market and prohibits using key insider information, manipulating market prices and making fraudulent, irregular transactions. It also includes restrictions on self-issued virtual asset trading.

As the new law stipulates virtual asset exchanges’ obligation of constantly monitoring abnormal transactions, they should examine whether there is unfair trading while continuously monitoring the market. In case they detect any 커뮤니티 suspicious action, they should immediately report to financial authorities. With the enforcement of the law nearing, the virtual asset exchanges are in full swing preparing for the final stages.

Industry experts stress that the “order book information loading system” is at the core of monitoring. According to the Virtual Asset User Protection Act, exchanges should preserve trading records to monitor unfair trading. These records of virtual asset trading must include not only the name of the virtual asset and the date and quantity of the transaction but also the order book information at the time of order placement. They point out that the order book information is crucial for financial authorities to determine whether it was unfair trading.

New $7.28 minimum wage concerns small business owners

Representatives from the labor side talk to reporters after the 2025 hourly minimum wage was determined at 10,030 won ($7.28) by the three-way commmittee of labor, employers and government at the Goverment Complex Sejong, Friday. Yonhap

The rising minimum wage is putting mounting pressure on small business owners who find it increasingly difficult to hire workers. Some of them say that the burden of labor cost pushed them to file for bankruptcy.

Determined by the three-way committee of labor, employers and government, Friday, the 2025 minimum wage was set at 10,030 won ($7.28) per hour. It surpassed the 10,000 won level for the first time after the system was adopted in 1988.

The pace of increase, or 1.7 percent increase from 9,860 won in 2024, marks the smallest since the 1.5 percent rise in 2021.

The tiny year-on-year increase rate, however, is considered unbearable for small business owners as it builds on drastic hikes of 16.4 커뮤니티 percent in 2018 and 10.9 percent in 2019, all carried out during the previous Moon Jae-in administration.

The rate slowed thereafter — 2.87 percent in 2020, 1.5 percent in 2021, 5.05 percent in 2022 and 5 percent in 2023. Nevertheless, it fell short of easing the labor cost burden on small business owners.

“People may think of it as negligible, but for us, every penny counts when it comes to labor cost as it accounts for 70 or 80 percent of the entire operation cost,” a convenience store owner in Seoul, surnamed Yang, said.

He referred to the 1.7 percent increase rate for the 2025 minimum wage as being equivalent to a mere 170 won increase.

“The difference between the minimum wage in the 9,000 won range and the 10,000 won is huge,” Yang added.

The accumulated increase in pay rate is correspondingly forcing small business owners, especially those in the restaurant and accommodation sectors, to work alone to save costs.

A Statistics Korea report on economically active population showed 334,000 businesspeople from the two aforementioned sectors hired no employees and worked alone in 2023.

The number was the second-highest since the relevant data began to be compiled in 2013, after 356,000 in 2021 in the middle of toughened social distancing rules due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The 2023 figure, therefore, is the highest for any time of normalcy,” Statistics Korea explained.

A separate finding from the Korea Enterprises Federation (KEF) showed a total of 810 of bankruptcies were reported as of May this year from the businesses with five or fewer employees in the restaurant and accommodation sectors.

The number steeply climbed by 36.8 percent from a year earlier.

The burdensome labor costs are additionally pushing business owners to fail to pay their employees the legally required minimum wage even if they manage to hire workers.

According to the Statistics Korea report, the ratio of salaried workers earning less than minimum wage nationwide more than tripled to 13.7 percent between 2001 and 2023.

The KEF also said the smaller the businesses are, the higher they were likely to fail in paying the minimum wage.

It said 32.7 percent of businesses with five or fewer employees did not pay minimum wage in 2023, compared to 2.2 percent of businesses with more than 300 employees.

Under the circumstances, the labor side said the 2025 minimum wage should have been hiked at a steeper pace, considering inflation and other demanding economic conditions for households.

It argued the pace of wage hike for next year lags behind inflation rate, which eased below 3 percent in recent months.

It then estimated that only about two out of 10 wageworkers can directly benefit from next year’s minimum wage.

Tving, Wavve merger talks yet to result in deal

Tving CEO Choi Ju-hui attends a meeting between CEOs of four domestic streaming platforms at Korea Communications Commission in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi Province, May 28. Yonhap

Talks over merging Korea’s two major streaming service providers, Tving and Wavve, remain adrift, with efforts to reconcile the differing interests of each stakeholder dragging on for seven months.

Major shareholders of the two businesses are expressing their steadfast commitment to the merger, but industry officials estimate it will take several more months to see an actual deal containing details such as the merger ratio.

SLL, a drama production and a major shareholder of Tving, released a statement Friday that the company is “taking a positive stance over the talks,” denying reports that the merger may fail due to SLL’s “excessive demands for higher returns for content it provides compared to other content providers.”

The shareholders of Tving and Wavve began talks for the merger in December last year to create the largest video streaming platform in Korea and challenge Netflix’s control of the domestic market.

Initially, contentious issues were the merger ratio and 200 billion won ($145.2 million) of convertible bonds (CBs) issued by Wavve’s largest shareholder, SK Square. SK Square raised approximately 200 billion won in November 2019 by issuing 추천 the CBs with a 5-year maturity, under the condition of a successful initial public offering within that period.

However, disputes over these issues were reportedly resolved in April. According to industry officials, the shareholders temporarily agreed to exchange 1 Wavve share for 1.6 Tving shares, aiming to value the merged firm at 2 trillion won. They also decided that the merged firm would cover a certain portion of the CBs issued by SK Square.

Despite the agreements, the shareholders are yet to reach an official agreement, and rumors casting a skeptical outlook on the merger are persistent over the deal.

Market watchers attribute the protracted negotiations to the complex shareholding structure of the two companies.

Yoon pledges to prevent forced repatriations of North Korean refugees

President Yoon Suk Yeol delivers a speech during a ceremony marking the inaugural North Korean Defectors' Day at Cheong Wa Dae in central Seoul, Sunday. Yonhap

President Yoon Suk Yeol promised on the inaugural North Korean Defectors’ Day to protect North Korean escapees abroad from being forcibly repatriated.

Yoon also pledged to expand support for North Korean defectors here, including more financial aid for initial settlement, employment assistance and child care services.

Those pledges were made, Sunday, the first North Korean Defectors’ Day, which was designated in January to encourage the successful settlement of North Korean defectors in the South. July 14 marks the anniversary of the enactment of the North Korean Defectors Protection and Settlement Support Act in 1997.

“North Korean residents are constitutionally recognized as citizens of the Republic of Korea, and safeguarding its citizens is a country’s most fundamental duty,” Yoon said during a ceremony marking the day at Cheong Wa Dae, Seoul.

“We will never return a single North Korean escapee who comes to South Korea. We will also make every diplomatic effort to prevent any forced repatriation of North Korean refugees overseas.”

Yoon’s remarks are believed to refer to a 2019 case during the previous Moon Jae-in administration when two North Korean fishermen, who sought asylum in South Korea, were sent back to the North via Panmunjom. The administration had claimed that the fishermen decided to defect only after killing 16 coworkers and repatriated them to prevent a threat to the safety of South Koreans.

Additionally, the president stressed that the central and local governments will work in close partnership to establish a comprehensive safety net designed to ensure North Korean refugees’ stability in employment, health care, and welfare.

“The government will substantially increase the amount of settlement support for North Korean defectors, which has remained unchanged since 2005,” Yoon said, highlighting that the government will facilitate their asset formation by supporting specialized banking accounts.

In addition, the president pledged to institutionalize comprehensive support for child care and education for defectors, with about 75 percent of 토토 them being women. He also vowed to offer assistance to children born to North Korean defectors, whether in North Korea, other countries, or South Korea.

He acknowledged the generally poor job opportunities for North Korean defectors and promised that the government will take proactive steps to create more employment opportunities by working together with local governments and public institutions. Additionally, Yoon announced incentives like tax deductions for companies that employ North Korean defectors to boost the number of quality jobs available in the private sector.

Currently, about 34,000 North Korean defectors reside in South Korea.

Exhibition sheds light on distinct flavors of lacquerware from Korea, China, Japan

A visitor takes a look at a lacquerware used to contain combs, made between the 18th and 19th century during the 1392-1910 Joseon Kingdom era, during a press preview of 'Lacquerware of East Asia” exhibition at the National Museum of Korea in central Seoul, Tuesday. Yonhap

For thousands of years, the art of lacquerware has flourished across East Asia, transforming everyday objects into extraordinary works of art. Originating from China, this ancient craft has paved its way through Korea and Japan, producing everything from simple household items to intricate metal and wooden masterpieces.

To highlight the similar yet distinct beauty of lacquer in the three East Asian countries, the National Museum of Korea (NMK) is holding a special exhibition in Seoul with its counterpart museums — the National Museum of China and the Tokyo National Museum of Japan, showcasing 46 lacquerware pieces.

The exhibition, titled “Lacquerware of East Asia,” offers an opportunity to glimpse at the splendid crafts of the three countries based on lacquer culture. Ancient people often incorporated natural sap collected from lacquer trees, which are resistant to moisture and pests, into their crafts.

“Focusing on the decorative techniques that embellish the surfaces of solid lacquer foundation, the exhibition highlights Korea’s mother-of-pearl lacquerware created by gluing the iridescent mother-of-pearl, Japan’s maki-e lacquerware made with 토토 sprinkled gold powder and China’s carved lacquer with intricate designs carved on layers of lacquer,” an NMK official said.

Visitors to the joint exhibition will first encounter Chinese lacquer pieces, tracing their evolution from ancient times through the Ming (1368-1644) to the Qing (1636-1912) dynasties.

The exhibition particularly highlights China’s carved lacquer technique, which combines the skills of lacquer, painting and carving. Visitors can see works such as a Ming Dynasty-era table with a cloud design and a container with landscape and figure designs from the Qing Dynasty.

Tzuyang donated to orphans for years despite being defrauded by abusive ex-boyfriend

YouTuber Tzuyang spends time with children during her visit to Sangrok Orphanage in Gwanak District, Seoul, in January of this year.  Courtesy of Sangrok Orphanage

Famous YouTuber Tzuyang is known to have consistently supported a Seoul orphanage for more than five years without interruption, even after being defrauded of more than 4 billion won ($3.1 million) by her former manager and ex-boyfriend.

The total amount she has donated to Sangrok Orphanage in Gwanak District, Seoul, is around 200 million won. According to the orphanage, Tzuyang has been donating 3.15 million won, on average, every month since May 2019.

Although she had no prior connection to the orphanage, she felt moved after seeing a donation request on their website.

Boo Chung-ha, the orphanage’s director, said in a phone interview with the Hankook Ilbo, “At that time, we had 29 children under our care, 메이저 and the government support was insufficient. We posted a request for 3.15 million won on our website, and Tzuyang came to the orphanage and said, ‘I will donate that amount every month.'”

Over the following months, Tzuyang visited the orphanage with four companions, helping with cleaning and spending time with the children.

She even invited famous chefs she knew through her broadcasts to cook meals for them. Boo added, “She quickly became close with the children, who would cling to her and ask her to play.”

Even during a three-month hiatus from broadcasting in 2020, due to a controversy over undisclosed sponsored content, Tzuyang continued to donate 1 million won each month.

When it was revealed that several prominent YouTubers had been making paid promotional videos without proper disclosure, Tzuyang decided to take a break from the public eye amid the controversy.

During this time, the children at the orphanage sent her letters of encouragement, to which Tzuyang personally replied.

After returning to broadcasting, Tzuyang increased her monthly donation to 4.2 million won