Hong Jung-min was in Group 19, starting at 10:09 in front of the champion with Lee So-mi and Kim Hee-ji

On the 6th, the fourth round of the KLPGA “S-OIL Championship 2022” (total prize money of 800 million won and prize money of 144 million won) was held at Elysian Jeju Country Club (par 72/6,711 yards) in Jeju Island.

Hong Jung-min was in Group 19, starting at 10:09 in front of the champion with Lee So-mi and Kim Hee-ji. Hong Jung-min had two birdies in the third round and was able to seek a come-from-behind victory.

Next to Hong Jeong-min, his mother Jeong Yong-sun turned into a caddy and was located next to Hong Jeong-min. In the tea box, Hong Jung-min posed to reporters by making a small heart with his mother.

After a while, Hong Jung-min’s mother Jung Yong-sun approached Hong Jung-min and posed for a big heart instead of a small heart. However, when shy Hong Jeong-min hesitated, his mother Jeong Yong-sun held Hong Jeong-min’s hand and completed a big heart. 스포츠토토탑

Panicked, Hong Jung-min smiled broadly at his mother’s courage and posed for a big heart. Hong Jung-min looked at his mother and smiled with his eyes saying, “My mother is amazing.”

Hong Jung-min, who won the 2022 Doosan Match Play Championship by beating Park Min-ji in the round of 16, Song Ga-eun in the quarterfinals, Lim Hee-jung in the semifinals, and Lee Ye-won in the final, aims for his second win of the season at the SK Shield and SK Telecom Championship 2022 in Raviebel, Chuncheon, Gangwon-do, on the 11th.

Meanwhile, Lee So-mi won the championship for the second consecutive week after a neck-and-neck race with Na Hee-won. Lee So-mi has won five times in her career.

Kim Hee-ji ranked third with 9-under 279, Oh Ji-hyun fourth with 8-under 280, Hong Jung-min and Lim Hee-jung tied for fifth with 7-under 281, Yoo Hae-ran seventh with 6-under 282, Hanjin Sun eighth with 5-under 283, Kim Yoo-bin and Im Jin-hee tied for ninth with 4-under 284.

The success rate of free throws drops by 72.1% → 56.5%

Ha Yoon-ki is a large doll that stirs his arms when the opponent’s free throw begins in the third quarter.

In the afternoon of the 23rd, a stick balloon doll shaped like Ha Yoon-ki rises and shakes his arm when the opponent player attempts a free throw in the third quarter of the “2022-2023 SKT A-Dot” professional basketball match between Suwon KT and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation.

In front of KT Sonic Boom’s home goalpost, the steps become busy in the third quarter. Immediately, an operation to interfere with the opponent’s free throw begins.

An official from KT Sonic Boom said, “After the relocation of the hometown last year, college student Frontiers and secretariat employees thought.” I came up with this idea when I saw a dancing doll that is often used at restaurants and opening events.

Regarding the installation direction and start time, he said, “It will be installed in front of the stands because the third and fourth quarters are going toward the home goal, and Ha Yoon-ki, the main character of the stick balloon, chose Ha Yoon-ki as a model for last year’s All-Star Game.”

“The effect is not great, but I prepared to help the team even a little in the second half of the game. Some teams don’t want to use it, so some teams don’t use it,” he said.

Thanks to such efforts, Korea Gas Corporation succeeded in 16 out of 29 free throws, showing a 59.2% success rate. In particular, in the third quarter, when Ha Yoon-ki’s balloon came up, he succeeded in 9 out of 16 free throws, and in the fourth quarter, he succeeded in 4 out of 7 free throws, showing a success rate of 57%. 바카라사이트

Compared to the Korea Gas Corporation’s 71.2% free throw success rate this season, the figure is certainly low. It cannot be concluded that it is necessarily due to Ha Yoon-ki’s stick balloon doll, but it worked as a result.

The Vietnam and China pledge to fight cross-border bets

Vietnam and China have agreed to promote bilateral cooperation on “cross-border gambling” among several law enforcement topics. The agreement follows Vietnam’s Communist Party Secretary Nguyen Phu Zong’s official visit to China this Monday and Tuesday (October 31-November 1), Vietnam’s state-run VGP reported. 온라인경마

The pledge to tackle cross-border gambling was mentioned in a statement jointly issued by countries.

The Vietnamese official’s visit to China was made at the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, and the two were seen facing Chinese and Vietnamese media.

The statement noted that Vietnam and China would promote cooperation against “terrorism,” “color revolution.” The term refers to “drug crime, cyber crime, cross-border gambling, human trafficking and high-tech crime” and “wanted criminal tracking,” the terms China has previously used to describe protests in Hong Kong.

The joint statement also includes an agreement to promote tourism, but noted that such efforts would have to be in line with the two countries’ “pandemic prevention policies.”

Many government departments in China have issued statements over the past few years about their crackdown on citizens traveling abroad for casino play or engaging in online betting. China’s revised criminal law outlaws those who help others in these activities. It went into effect on March 1, 2021.

Senior Executives Leaving Casino Investor LET Group

Hong Kong-listed casino investor LET Group Holdings has announced the resignation of two senior executives, John Au Chung-on and Manuel Asis da Silva. Both have been managing directors of the company since March 31, 2017.

Mr Au resigned as managing director of LET Group “to devote more time to personal commitments” and quit as the company’s authorized representative from Wednesday (November 30), the company said in a filing with the Hong Kong exchange.

LET Group, formerly known as SunCity Group Holdings Ltd, is interested in several casino projects in the Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam and the Philippines, in its lifetime.

The company is also interested in the hotel and gaming business of Tigre de Crystal in the Maritime Integrated Entertainment Zone near Russia’s Pacific port of Vladivostok through its Hong Kong-listed Summit Accent and its units.

According to previous documents, Mr. Au served in several senior management positions in Macau’s gaming sector for more than a decade before joining the Hong Kong-listed company as executive director. 파칭코사이트인포

Following Mr. Au’s resignation, Andrew Lo Kai Bong, chairman and executive director of the LET Group, has been appointed as the company’s authorized representative.

Mr. da Silva also resigned as executive director of LET Group from Wednesday due to his “own retirement plan.”

Prior to joining the company, Mr. da Silva served as chief of inspection from 2003 to 2016 after more than 40 years at the Game Inspection Coordination Bureau, a gaming regulator in Macau.

The press conference, you’re a hundred times more nervous

Kim Ha-sung of the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team expressed his ambition at the 2023 WBC national team press conference held at Hotel Rivera in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul on the afternoon of the 16th. 스포츠토토

Ko Woo-suk, Lee Kang-chul, Yang Eui-ji, and Kim Ha-sung entered the press conference and posed while shouting “fighting” before receiving questions from reporters. After some time, Kim Ha-sung lowered his fist first.

However, except for Kim Ha-sung, coach Lee Kang-chul, Ko Woo-suk, and Yang Eui-ji were still posing with their fists raised. Kim Ha-sung, who was embarrassed, continued his pose by raising his fist again..

Asked by reporters about the match against Japan, Kim Ha-sung said, “Baseball is a sport in which the last place can win the first place. “We will do our best to win this time with the energy of our seniors beating the U.S. and Japan,” he said.

Regarding Adman, who was selected for the first time for the national team, he said, “He is a player who can defend offense and run on base. (Adman) is a Golden Glove player. “I think it will definitely help,” he said, signaling Edman’s performance.

Additional time loss’ 2-2 draw with Incheon and Gwangju…”Leap for 6th place.”

Incheon United tied Gwangju FC 2-2 in the 27th round of the “Hana One Q K League 1 2023” held at 7:30 p.m. on the 18th at Incheon Football Stadium. As a result, Incheon jumped to sixth place with 9 wins, 10 draws, and 8 losses (37 points). 바카라사이트

At the beginning of the first half, there was a tight flow. He tried to secure the initiative based on strong competition. The line itself was operated higher by Gwangju, and Incheon built a counterattack. Gwangju swallowed the disappointment. In the 17th minute of the first half, a cross came up from the left side, and Becca owned it and took it with a left-footed shot. Delbridge reached out and succeeded in blocking.

Gwangju’s decisive opportunity was canceled. In the 26th minute of the first half, a sharp cross came up from the left side and Heo Yul fired a header shot. Goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee stretched out his hand and hit it off when it flew strongly to the corner of the goal. Gwangju’s opportunity fell through. In the 33rd minute of the first half, Lee Hee-kyun shot in front of the penalty arc and the ball headed straight to the goalkeeper. In the 37th minute of the first half, Heo Yul’s shot inside the penalty box was also caught on the defensive wall.

Incheon hit back. In the 43rd minute of the first half, Kim Joon-yeop put it long into the penalty box and Mugosa shot a volley after chest trapping. However, he ended up in nothing in the arms of the goalkeeper.

Gwangju missed the opportunity. In the 45th minute, Aaron handed a roving pass. Umji-sung trapping it after penetrating, but it only collided with the goalkeeper as it was processed for a long time. In addition, offside was also declared. The first half ended without a goal. Gwangju used a replacement card with the start. Aron went out and Lee Soonmin went in. And in the 5th minute of the second half, Umji-sung’s kick in front of the penalty box headed straight to the goalkeeper.

Soon after, Incheon scored the first goal. In the 5th minute of the second half, Lee Tae-hee, who caught the ball, kicked accurately toward Gersso, who penetrated forward. After overcoming the competition with Lee Soon-min, Gersault shot after chest trapping inside the penalty box. The ball hit the net and was sucked into the net.

And Incheon took the change. In the 8th minute of the second half, Min Kyung-hyun was called in and Jeong Dong-yoon was sent in. In the 9th minute of the second half, Kim Dong-min’s header shot went over the crossbar in a corner kick situation. Gwangju immediately hit the ground. Becca hit Doo Hyun-seok’s cross to the head, and the ball hit the defense and slightly missed the side of the net. Gwangju responded. In the 13th minute of the second half, Becca and Kim Han-gil were excluded and Thomas and Asani were put in.

Incheon scored an additional goal. In the 15th minute of the second half, Mugosa, who caught the ball from the Incheon camp, scored an exquisite through-pass toward Gerso penetrating from the center circle. After Gersault won the competition with Ahn Young-kyu, he calmly put aside the goalkeeper and pushed it in.

Gwangju swallowed the disappointment. In the 24th minute of the second half, Asani’s shot in front of the penalty box deflected off Kim Do-hyuk and headed to the side of the net by a narrow margin. Then he replaced Heo Yul with Lee Kun-hee. Incheon used a replacement card. In the 27th minute of the second half, Mugosa and Lee Myung-joo went out, and Chun Sung-hoon and Kim Bo-seop stepped on the ground. Incheon changed its formation to 5-4-1.

Gwangju scored a comeback goal. In the 34th minute of the second half, Gwangju got a free kick from a far position in front of the goal. Asani stepped up as a kicker and penetrated the corner of the goal with a fantastic winding kick. And Lee Hee-kyun went out and Lee Sang-ki went in.

For Incheon, Gersault left the ground in the 37th minute of the second half and Kim Min-seok replaced him. Gwangju missed the opportunity. In the 42nd minute of the second half, Um Ji-sung’s two decisive shots in a free-kick situation were both blocked by goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee.

Incheon lost a chance to end the game. In the 44th minute of the second half, Kim Min-seok raised it from the right side and Chun Sung-hoon rushed in and hit the foot. But it was slightly off. The extra time in the second half was given six minutes. Gwangju scored a dramatic equalizer. In the third minute of extra time in the second half, Lee Soon-min crossed and Lee Kun-hee’s header shot hit goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee’s hand and went into the net. The game ended in a 2–2 draw.

How Casinos Make Money in Poker

How do casinos make money in poker? The game doesn’t compete with the house. You play games with other players and get cash from them, or they get cash from you but not from the club.

Clubs have no vested interests, no matter who wins or loses, and the seller is only there for card negotiations and game supervision. How can this help gambling clubs anyway? How do clubs get cash from poker, and what makes it possible for them to adjust the game and keep the cash game table?

The answer to this question is a small four-letter word that has a profound impact on the economy of poker as a whole. The word is RAKE, and we’re not talking about the digging tool used to get the leaves piled up in front of your house. 경마사이트프로

Understanding the Basics of Poker Lake
A carefree poker player probably won’t reflect on how gambling clubs get cash out of poker. They come and play games, have fun, and (ideally) come home with more money in their pockets than they accompany.

Regardless of whether this data is of no particular importance to you, the way it tracks and works is still acceptable.

Lake is the name given to the costs or charges a gambling club takes to handle costs in poker rounds and to benefit from the delivery of the game.

There are two or three distinct types of general lakes in the club, and ‘port lake’ and ‘allocated time’ form the premise of the two classes.

Gambling clubs are, in most cases, organizations, regardless of their fun, and should benefit customers (primary parties) in all activities.

They will bring cash from all the tables, machines, and guests in the room. By securing the edge of a house for every game in a gambling house, they are, in the long run, their specialty.

This explains that the game console consists of a specific Rate to Player (RTP). Why does the roulette wheel display zero? Bargaining Crab has such a terrible probability.

When it comes to poker, in fact, players don’t have a house edge because they’re against each other, not against the house.

I’ll forgive you if gambling clubs feel like they’re serving tables for the benefit of the soul, but that’s not as sure as the base and (here and there) affection we know.

After all, gambling clubs offer poker and get some chip help from food and drinks available at gambling clubs: rake, initial investment, and a wide range of ways.

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to clubs getting cash from poker. We must therefore investigate and see exactly how clubs can get cash from poker rooms.

The importance of custom promotions and the impact of casino bonuses on modern gamblers

Why do online casinos promote bonuses?
As you already know, casino players know what they want and have their own preferences when it comes to casino games. Simple custom promotions highlighting unique bonus offers tend to be most effective in capturing casino enthusiasts’ attention. 슬롯머신

For example, if you like slot games, suggestions like 10 or 30 free slot spins will attract your attention more than other types of promotions. That is why casinos are very specific when promoting their marketing efforts, especially custom bonus offers.

Why are these bonuses so attractive to consumers?
Every casino bonus, whether it’s a welcome bonus or not, offers customers a special opportunity to try something new and usually offers great benefits.

Suggestions such as a no-deposit bonus or matching deposit bonus can extend the play time to allow you to enjoy certain games for a long time, so it helps you enjoy them longer.

That’s why casino goers always keep an eye out for new bonus promotions that online casinos often make for special events. In fact, bonuses are an important part of the user experience and therefore an important factor for users who decide whether to choose.

Is a custom promotion effective?
Of course, it depends on whether it’s available, but in most cases, customized promotions for online casino creation tend to be very effective with the aim of attracting more customers.

For example, suppose an online casino wants to host a poker tournament or introduce 10 new slot games to their game choices. Custom promotions that advertise the latest additions or events are most likely to attract both old and new customers to the table.

“Recent 3 wins and 1 draw” Busan I-Park challenges Seoul E for 5 consecutive wins…It’s going up

Busan will play an away game against Seoul E-Land at 6:30 p.m. on the 20th at Mokdong Stadium in the “Hana One Q K League 2 2023 27th Round.”

Busan won 1-0 against Jeonnam in its home game on the 15th. Dongjin Park, who stirred the opponent’s side with his unique fighting play, earned PK at the end of the game, and Lamas calmly finished and scored. 스포츠토토탑

A total of five players, including Koo Sang-min, Jo Wi-je, and Eo Jung-won, who defended one point earned by PK, along with Dongjin Park and Lamas, were selected as the best 11 in the 26th round of the K League 2. As a result, Busan has won three games and one draw in the last four games, wiping away the pain of its past consecutive losses.

Busan is ahead of Seoul E-Land with 15 wins, 6 draws and 5 losses. He has won both matches this season and has won four consecutive matches. Based on this advantage, Busan is determined to continue its upward trend in the Seoul E-Land expedition.

Seoul E-Land has not won in eight games since its victory over Seongnam on June 11. However, the strikers such as Honan, Park Jung-in, Song Si-woo, and Lee Si-heon are strong, and the solid defenders such as Lee Jae-ik, Seo Bo-min, and Hwang Tae-hyun cannot be ignored.

Lee Jung-hoo of the WBC national team spoke in an interview with reporters after returning to Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 in the afternoon of the 1st.

The WBC team was originally scheduled to enter Incheon International Airport from LA in the early morning of the 1st through Korean Air and Asiana Airlines.

However, a faulty U.S. domestic flight from Tucson Airport to Los Angeles forced him to get off the plane. Instead of flying, the national team traveled to LA by bus for six hours. I couldn’t take the previously booked flight to Incheon and returned to Korea on another flight. I arrived in Korea 12 hours after the scheduled time. 바카라

Lee Jung-hoo of the WBC team, who traveled for 35 hours, arrived in a gray training suit. He was wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt and a hat and a necklace.

Lee Jung-hoo led a tired body and responded kindly to fans’ requests for autographs and conducted an interview with reporters. After the interview, he was surrounded by bodyguards and loaded into a vehicle heading to his accommodation.

Lee Jung-hoo left for LA in the U.S. from early January for personal training, and joined his team Kiwoom in early February.

Lee Jung-hoo changed his batting form to be simpler than before, greatly modifying his batting posture. Regarding the changed batting form, Lee Jung-hoo said, “In fact, I was doing it with a batting form that I’ve never done before, so I didn’t think it would work well from the beginning. Still, I have made some comfortable parts in the United States. I think that’s a relief,” he said.

Lee Jung-hoo said, “I know that fans are looking forward to it a lot. “I will show you a great play that meets your expectations,” he said, strengthening his determination to play for the WBC.