Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States

Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Refutes Navratilova’s Anti-Saudi Column

Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States refuted the opinions of ‘tennis legends’ Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert (both of the United States)

who opposed hosting the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) tour tournament in Saudi Arabia.

In her statement released on her own social media on the 31st, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States Rima Bint Bandar Al Saud criticized Navratilova and Ebert for “outdated stereotypes about our culture and their Western-centric nature.” 파워볼사이트

“point of view,” he criticized.

Women’s Professional Tennis

Tennis legends Navratilova and Evert, who each won 18 women’s singles titles in major tennis tournaments, published an opinion piece in the American newspaper Washington Post last week expressing their opposition to holding the final match of the WTA tour season in Saudi Arabia.

They pointed out, “Saudi Arabia has women’s human rights issues and can punish sexual minorities with the death penalty,” and added,

“In particular, it is a country where problems with human rights and basic freedoms have been a topic of international concern for a long time.”

“Holding the event in a place like this would represent a major setback not only for women’s sports,

but also for women,” he said.

“We hope this situation will change within the next five years, and if that changes,

we will support holding the event in that country.”

“I will do it,” he claimed.

Ambassador Lima then criticized this, saying, “They have turned their backs on the very women they inspired, and this is beyond disappointing.


Sports provide equal opportunities to everyone based on ability, dedication and effort.”

“It has to be done,” he pointed out.

He continued, “Sports should not be used as a weapon to strengthen any prejudice or argument,”

“There should be no disadvantage to a society that is trying to help tennis grow.”

Ambassador Lima also said, “Although there are still issues to be resolved,

it is difficult to overlook the recent progress in women’s social participation”

And added, “Our country is not a perfect place for women,

but there is virtually no place that is perfect for women,

so it is difficult to overlook the progress regarding women.”

“I welcome open discussion,” he emphasized.

Ambassador Lima, who became Saudi Arabia’s first female ambassador to the United States in 2019,

was also elected as a member of the 2020 International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Her father, Bandar bin Sultan, served as ambassador to the United States until 2005 and became the ‘paternal ambassador to the United States,’ and her grandfather,

Sultan bin Abdulaziz, is from the royal family, the 12th son of the first King Abdulaziz.