A half-billion shortstops are going through a tough time

“We’re ready to defend first and third base. Our shortstop defense is a little disappointing.”

A half-billion shortstops are going through a tough time for change.

Noh Jin-hyuk, 35, of the Lotte Giants, is facing his biggest crisis since his debut. He is batting just 1-for-8 with no home runs, two RBIs, and a .497 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage).

He’s already been sent to the second team twice since the start of the season. He’s more desperate than anyone for a chance to bounce back.

In his time with the NC Dinos, Noh played more at third base than shortstop, but rarely at first base. However, manager Kim Tae-hyung gave Noh Jin-hyuk a mission to prepare for first and third base defense in the second team.

On June 16, he was enrolled in the first team and immediately started at first base against the Suwon KT Wiz. 안전놀이터 추천 It was his first appearance at first base since June 6, 2021, against the Hanwha Eagles, and his first start at first base in 1074 days.

His defense at first base hasn’t been perfect yet.

Even when handling foul flies, he looked awkward against the foul territory fence, which is the opposite side of the field from his usual third base side. In the second inning, he made an error on a ground ball by Chun Sung-ho.

On the 18th, he started at third base against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil. On the 19th, he came in as a pinch-hitter in the top of the seventh inning and played shortstop. So far, he looks more comfortable at shortstop and third base than at first base.

However, Noh will have to compete for a starting spot despite being a free agent worth up to 5 billion won. Earning a spot on the first team is not easy.

The first base position was solidified in May with the hard-hitting Na Seung-yup. Na has been a favorite of manager Kim Tae-hyung since the original camp, and he’s been showing the promise of late.

At shortstop, Lee Hak-joo and Park Seung-wook are a step ahead. Noh Jin-hyeok is already facing criticism for his lack of range and quickness. If Noh wants to return to the shortstop position, he’ll have to show a dominant bat or improve his defense.

The competition at third base is also fierce.

He will have to overcome competition from Son Ho-young, who is returning from injury, and veteran Jung Hoon.

When Noh was originally signed, the expectations were for him to provide the strong leadership and 20-homer power that led the NC to its first championship. With Han Dong-hee having been expunged from the first team again, and Han set to enlist in the military in June, Lotte’s batting lineup will have to rely heavily on Noh or Yoo Kang-nam.

The good news is that he’s not hitting too badly. 카지노사이트 순위 He’s been making his presence felt in every game he’s played, including a double against Doosan.

Can Noh bring a smile to manager Kim Tae-hyung’s face? At 35 years old, the suspicion of an aging curve is inevitable. It’s up to him to prove himself.

The Head of the Saudi Football Association is also Uncomfortable

Asian Cup, The Head of the Saudi Football Association is also Uncomfortable with Mancini’s ‘Leaving Work Early’

The Saudi Arabian Football Association also showed signs of dissatisfaction with coach Roberto Mancini,

known as the world’s highest-paid head coach, for leaving work early during the Korean game.

According to the Arab daily Asharq Al-Awsat, Saudi Football Association President Yasser al-Misehal said Coach Mancini’s performance in the round of 16 against Korea in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup held at the Education City Stadium in Al Rayyan, Qatar on the 31st (Korean time).

He pointed out that his actions were not appropriate. 카지노사이트킹

Coach Roberto Mancini

In an interview with a local broadcaster, Chairman Almisehal said,

“It is difficult to understand why Coach Mancini left (the ground),” and added,

“We will discuss with Coach Mancini why he did such a thing.”

Still, he added, “I am satisfied with (Saudi Arabia’s) performance that Coach Mancini brought out.”

Saudi Arabia, led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann, was tied 1-1 for 120 minutes until overtime and lost 2-4 in a penalty shootout.

Saudi Arabia, who allowed Cho Kyu-seong (Midtjylland) to score the tying goal just before the end of the second half,

forcing an unplanned overtime period,

lost their third and fourth kickers in succession in the penalty shoot-out,

giving their ticket to the quarterfinals to Klinsmann.

When Saudi Arabia’s second miss occurred in the penalty shootout,

Coach Mancini left the bench and went into the tunnel.

There is growing criticism that Coach Mancini’s attitude is irresponsible,

as he appears to have given up on the game before the players,

rather than watching until the end when the team’s victory or defeat is decided.

Saudi Arabia Football

When asked to explain this behavior at a press conference immediately after the game,

Coach Mancini replied, “I apologize.

I thought the game was over,” and “I had no intention of disrespecting anyone.”

He continued, “I want to say thank you to all the players.

“He has improved a lot,” he said.

Coach Mancini is known to receive the highest salary among soccer coaches around the world.

When he took over Saudi Arabia in August last year,

Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport reported that his annual salary was 25 million euros (about 36.1 billion won) reported up to 30 million euros (43 billion won).

Coach Mancini, who left European football for Saudi Arabia after being offered a large salary,

is a self-proclaimed ‘master’.

England’s Manchester City won their first Premier League (EPL) title.

He has won numerous championship trophies on the professional stage,

including leading Italy’s Inter Milan to three consecutive Serie A titles (2005-2006, 2006-2007, 2007-2008 seasons)

the European Football Championship held in 2021 (Euro 2020)

gave Italy its first championship trophy in 53 years.

It seems to have been bitter.

It seems to have been bitter.

“Jose Mourinho has opened up about his frustrations at Manchester United in the past,” reported ‘Strictly News’ on March 24 (KST).

Mourinho was the manager of United from 2016 to 2018. Mourinho led the Red Devils to a sixth-place finish in the Premier League in the 2016-2017 season, but won the UEFA Europa League and the League Cup. In the 2017-2018 season, Mourinho led United to a second-place finish in the Premier League, a runner-up finish in the FA Cup, and a UEFA Champions League round of 16 finish.

However, Mourinho was blamed for the club’s sixth-place finish halfway through the 2018-2019 season, and the club sacked him in December 2018.

Since then, the club has appointed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Ralf Rangnick, and Eric ten Haag as managers. Since Mourinho’s departure, 스포츠토토 the club hasn’t won a single trophy. The 2016-2017 double was their last victory.

Mourinho was unhappy: “What he has now at United is something I have never experienced,” he said.

United under Van Gaal is unstable.

After 32 league games, they are currently in seventh place (15 wins, 5 draws, 12 losses, 50 points). They are 10 points behind fifth-place Tottenham Hotspur (60 points) and a whopping 16 points behind fourth-place Aston Villa (66 points).

The woeful finishing and defensive concentration problems have coincided with a lack of possession in the middle of the park. United’s goal differential this season is -1. They’ve scored 47 goals and conceded 48.

Most notably, United struggled against Coventry City in the semifinals of the 2023-2024 FA Cup at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

Leading 3-0, United suffered an extreme lapse in concentration in the second half and conceded three goals, sending the game to penalty kicks. Luckily, the Red Devils won the penalty shootout.

Despite this, talk of sacking Van Gaal has been muted.

Mourinho said: “The relationship between me and Ed Woodward, the board member, was good. We still have a good personal relationship. We still text each other. But as a professional relationship, it was not very clean,” Mourinho said.

“I’m a footballer, but he comes from a different background to me. The support he has now at United is something I have never experienced,” he said.

Mourinho added: “I didn’t have the support that he has. I didn’t have that kind of trust. That’s why, sadly, I had to leave the club. 안전 슬롯사이트 If United had trusted me a little more and believed in my experience, it could have been different,” he added.

In fact, the club has been giving Van Gaal more time and financial support. In Mourinho’s two-and-a-half seasons, United spent close to 450 billion won in the transfer market. In the same period, Ten Haag’s was 600 billion.

Mourinho had accumulated 26 points from 17 games when he was sacked. Ten Haag hasn’t been much different. This season, the Red Devils have 28 points from their first 17 league games.

Also, when Mourinho had a conflict with Paul Pogba, United opted for Pogba. On the other hand, when Ten Haag had a conflict with Jadon Sancho, he decided to send him out on loan.

Suwon FC Uses it as Captain for the New Season

Suwon FC Uses it as Captain for the New Season… Vice Captains Yoon Bit-garam, Choi Gyu-baek, Lee Seung-woo

Suwon FC Women, who left Ji So-yeon, maintain Moon Mi-ra as captain

The Suwon FC, a professional soccer K-League 1 team that is starting the 2024 season under coach Kim Eun-joong, has appointed ‘eldest brother’ Lee Yong as captain.

Suwon FC announced on the 8th, “Coach Kim Eun-joong has selected Lee Yong as the team leader.”

The club expected, “In the Suwon FC squad that has undergone significant changes ahead of this season, Lee Yong, the eldest brother and captain, will lead the squad with his unique soft leadership.” 파워볼게임

Seungwoo Lee, Bitgaram Yoon, and Gyubaek Choi were appointed as vice captains.

Lee Seung-woo and Yoon Bit-garam, who served as captains at the beginning of last season, assist captain Lee Yong-gi and serve as a bridge between veterans and young players.

Choi Gyu-baek, who joined Suwon FC this season, was selected as the right person to lead the team’s harmony based on his outstanding friendliness.

Lee Yong, who wore the captain’s armband, expressed his ambition, saying, “I want to provide a lot of help to the coach,” and “I will try to show my fans a good performance often.”

Suwon FC Women, who fell short of winning the Women’s Professional Soccer WK League last year, will maintain the team of captain Moon Mi-ra and vice-captain Jeon Ha-neul with their star Ji So-yeon leaving for Seattle Reign FC of the National Women’s Professional Soccer League (NWSL).

Moon Mi-ra, who was the top scorer in the WK League last season with 12 goals and even took home the Attacker of the Year award at the 2023 Korea Women’s Football Federation Awards, received support from coach Park Gil-young and the players.

Moon Mi-ra said, “As captain, I will lead the team with a sense of responsibility,” and added, “The players will play as one and challenge for the championship.”

“Klinsmann was Fired, Association should be Responsible for the penalty”

“Klinsmann was Fired… The Association should be Responsible for the penalty” A Petition for Public Consent Appears

A public petition has emerged calling for the dismissal of coach Jürgen Klinsmann (Germany), the head coach of the Korean national soccer team, who failed to regain the top spot for the first time in 64 years after a series of poor performances in the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup.

According to the National Assembly Petition for Public Consent site, a petition written by a soccer fan regarding the dismissal of coach Klinsmann, who surprised Asia with ‘foolish’ soccer, ‘do it’ soccer, and ‘stand by’ soccer against the Korean national soccer team, which is composed of the golden generation of all time. 온라인카지노

A petition titled ‘ was released on the 9th.

The author, who identified himself as a member of the ‘Red Devils’ and a referee from the Korea Football Association, stated in the purpose of the petition that Korea had scored 11 goals and conceded 10 goals in 6 games in this Asian Cup, and said, “The worst performance has made them a laughingstock of Asian countries.”

“We strongly petition for the dismissal of Director Klinsmann, who is the person responsible.”

The author is angry that although Coach Klinsmann consistently pledged to ‘win the Asian Cup’, Korea, which repeatedly performed poorly in the group stage, barely advanced to the semifinals after successive overtime games and was eliminated with a miserable 0-2 loss with 0 shots on target. expressed.

Since its launch in March of last year, Klinsmann has recorded 3 draws and 2 losses in 5 games, and has won 6 consecutive friendly matches against weaker countries, starting with a win against Saudi Arabia in September.

Afterwards, Coach Klinsmann declared that he would ‘win the Asian Cup’ and said, “Please judge everything based on the results.”

In addition, the author sniped at Coach Klinsmann, who has maintained his own method despite the ongoing controversy over working from home and going abroad, and said, “Since we promised to win the Asian Cup and asked to be evaluated based on the results, of course, we should receive a cold evaluation,” highlighting the need for dismissal. I emphasized it.

The author mentioned the list of the Korean national team, which was considered the ‘golden generation’ and ‘the best squad ever’, and expressed disappointment by saying, “I never thought that we would be eliminated after failing so poorly against countries of a much lower level.”

If the National Assembly public consent petition obtains the consent of more than 50,000 people within 30 days from the date of publication, it is referred to the relevant standing committee of the National Assembly, and if adopted after review, it is submitted to the plenary session of the National Assembly.

In their last game, KCC made a big change.

Busan KCC is without key wingmen Choi Jun-yong and Song Kyo-chang due to injury.

In their last game, KCC made a big change. They played a strong transition game that was more of a run-and-gun. They scored a whopping 119 points. KCC defeated KT 119-101.

It has been pointed out that KCC has a strong offense but has a lot of problems on defense. Without Choi Jun-yong and Song Kyo-chang, KCC adopted a reverse strategy. Instead of reinforcing their defense, they tried to maximize their advantages with quick attacks.

In their last game against the Hyundai Mobis in Ulsan, Seoul Samsung won in overtime thanks to a dramatic double buzzer-beater by Lee Jung-hyun. 안전놀이터 추천 They won 94-91. However, there was an aftermath. We had a day off. They had problems with offensive and defensive transitions.

Their absolute ace, Kofi Coburn, had a bad ankle.

KCC just kept pushing. Fast, fast, fast. The double post of Ragan and Lee Seung-hyun joined the running basketball. 55-47 KCC lead at the half. They scored a lot of points and gave up a lot of points. It was the same in the third quarter. 78-67 lead.

It was a back-and-forth game, but we had good rebounding and finishing.

Lee had a 100% field goal percentage (8 attempts) until midway through the fourth quarter.

KCC lead 91-75, 16 points with 4:30 left in the game. Six players scored in double figures. KCC’s running basketball caught Samsung’s momentum.

KCC defeated Samsung 98-85 in a home game of the 2023-2024 regular season of the Korean Basketball Association (KBA) on Tuesday at Sajik Indoor Gymnasium in Busan.

Lee Seung-hyun scored 17 points and grabbed eight rebounds, while Ra Gun-ah added 20 points and 10 rebounds in just 20 minutes of action. Lee Geun-hwi (12 points), Alize Johnson (13 points, nine rebounds, seven assists) and others had solid performances. The team’s strong transition offense led to a lot of offensive possessions. Samsung was led by Lee Jung-hyun (3 points). Coburn also had a mediocre performance with 15 points and nine rebounds.

KCC remained in fifth place with 27 wins and 22 losses. Samsung is in last place (13-38).

KCC’s recent dramatic turnaround is noticeable. They’ve averaged 108.5 points in their last two games. It’s the perfect ‘run-and-gun’ team. 카지노사이트 추천 KCC will have Choi Jun-yong back soon. Song Kyo-chang will also return within the month, although his return time has not been confirmed. Both players specialize in the fast break. It will be important to see how this change in KCC’s lineup will synergize with the return of their two top wingmen. It will be interesting to see if KCC can be a strong dark horse or favorite in the playoffs.

Police have applied for an arrest warrant for Oh Jae-won

Police have applied for an arrest warrant for former national infielder Oh Jae-won.

The Gangnam Police Station in Seoul announced on Tuesday that it has applied for an arrest warrant for former Doosan Bears infielder Oh Jae-won on suspicion of violating the Narcotics Control Act.

It was previously reported that Oh Jae-won was investigated for drug-related offenses after a woman he was with reported that he had been caught with drugs on Oct. 10, but he strongly denied the allegations. At the time, a simple drug test came back negative. After further confirming the clues of Oh Jae-won’s drug use, the police issued an arrest warrant on the 19th and secured his custody.

Meanwhile, Oh Jae-won began his professional career with Doosan in 2007 after graduating from Yatap Go and Kyung Hee University. He played in 1571 games in the first team until 2022, batting .266 with 1,052 hits, 64 home runs, 521 RBIs, 678 runs scored and 289 stolen bases.

He won his first title in 2011 with 46 stolen bases and completed a career-high season in 2018, batting .301 with 148 hits, 바카라사이트 15 home runs, 81 RBI, 78 runs scored and 15 stolen bases in 132 games.

After retiring from the game,

He worked as a fashion model and SPOTV commentator. He also became a fashion model and a commentator for SPOTV, where he caused controversy when he took the commentary microphone.

He was criticized for publicly sniping at San Diego Padres special advisor Chan Ho Park and Samsung Lions pitcher Yang Chang-seop. On one YouTube channel, he publicly criticized Park Chan-ho, the “Korean Express,” and was criticized for his commentary by saying that Yang Chang-seob threw an empty ball when he was hit by a pitch.

Since hanging up the commentary microphone following the controversy, he has been running baseball classes in Mocher, Seoul.

10 Billion Won for Coach Jurgen Klinsmann’s Dismissal

10 Billion Won for Klinsmann’s Dismissal… Chung Mong-gyu “Concerned About Financial Contribution”

As national soccer team coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) was suddenly dismissed on the 16th,

attention is focused on how much money should be paid to him following the termination of his contract.

Coach Klinsmann’s contract period is until the North and Central American World Cup finals scheduled for June to July 2026,

and it is reported that a clause was entered into the contract requiring the remaining salary to be paid in the event of dismissal. 바카라사이트

Coach Klinsmann’s annual salary, as reported by overseas media,

is around 2.9 billion won, and the amount that the Football Association must pay is calculated to be close to 7 billion won.

It is estimated that the Football Association will have to pay about 10 billion won,

including the money that needs to be paid to the coaches.

Chung Mong-gyu, president of the Korea Football Association,

announced the dismissal of coach Klinsmann in front of reporters and explained,

“I will need to discuss matters related to the termination of the coach with a lawyer,”

“I will consider what financial contribution I can make as president.”

There is also strong public opinion that Chairman Chung, the head of the association,

should risk his future and take responsibility.

When asked, ‘How will you take responsibility for this situation?’

Chairman Chung said, “I think the overall responsibility lies with the association and me,” but added,

“I will evaluate the cause in more detail and come up with countermeasures.”

I only expressed my opinion.

Chairman Chung said, ‘Do you have any intention of resigning?

When asked, “Are you planning to run for a fourth term in next year’s presidential election?” he responded,

“At the 2018 General Assembly of the Football Association, we changed the articles of incorporation to limit the president’s term to three consecutive terms,

but the Korea Sports Council and the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism at the time did not approve this provision.

“I didn’t.

I’ll replace my answer with that,” he said.

Its Hwang Seon-hong, Who Won by Sweat Against Kyrgyzstan

Hwang Seon-hong-ho, Who Won by Sweat Against Kyrgyzstan… Disappointing with the content of the game

Handles the ball in a hurry to pressure the opponent, lacks detailed passing play in the midfield

The U-22 national soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong won against Kyrgyzstan in the first qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics, but was disappointed by the frustrating match.

The U-22 soccer team led by coach Hwang Seon-hong defeated Kyrgyzstan 1-0 in the second match of Group B of the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup group stage held at the Changwon Soccer Center in Gyeongnam on the 9th.

Hwang Seon-hong, who was defeated 0-2 by Qatar in the first game on the 6th,

aimed to turn the situation around with a big win against Kyrgyzstan, which was considered ‘a level below’. 카지노

Paris Olympics

However, when we opened the lid, Hwang Seon-hong, who is aiming for a ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics finals, showed unsatisfactory performance.

There was only one cool score.

In the 3rd minute of the first half, ‘foreigner’ Jeong Sang-bin (Minnesota) ran down the right side, broke down Kyrgyzstan’s defensive line, and rushed to the goal, passing to Hong Yun-sang (Pohang),

who hit the top corner of the goal with a right-footed non-stop shot from the front of the goal.

The stab was all that scored that day.

Korea, which succeeded in taking the lead in the early stages,

attempted to score additional points by recording 10 shots (4 effective shots) on this day,

but other than the first goal, all goals were ineffective, once again showing its lack of goal-making ability.

Oh Jae-hyuk

In the 18th minute of the first half, Oh Jae-hyuk (Jeonbuk)’s forward cross was headed by Kim Shin-jin (Seoul) in front of the goal,

but it missed the side of the goal, and in the 25th minute,

Kim Shin-jin’s low right-footed shot in front of the goal was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Three minutes later, in a mixed situation at the goal after a right corner kick,

Jo Wi-je (Busan)’s left-footed shot went wide over the crossbar, causing disappointment.

After Hong Yun-sang’s cross, Oh Jae-hyuk’s right-footed shot and Baek Sang-hoon’s (Seoul) header just before the end of the first half also missed the goal.

Gwangju FC Duo

Gwangju FC duo Heo Yul and Uhm Seong, who entered the field as substitutes in the 29th minute of the second half,

attempted to score an additional point with a combination play, but Uhm Uhm Seong’s cross did not properly reach Heo Yul.

The process leading up to the shooting was not easy.

Korea only succeeded in scoring in the early part of the first half,

but the flow of attack was interrupted several times due to missed passes.

The Midfield

In the midfield, they were unable to advance forward and made frequent back passes, so despite scoring the first goal,

they were unable to completely take control of the game due to a lack of detailed play.

It was also seen that the ball was not distributed smoothly to the front line attack area

due to the opponent’s dense defense and hand-to-hand defense.

Even in the process of building up from behind, the opponent put more forward pressure than expected,

so he was in a hurry to kick the ball forward, and in his haste,

he got stuck and gave up possession of the ball.

This led to a counterattack by the opponent, and the defense was finally able to block it, and was heartbroken.

Even in defensive situations, they were unable to properly clear the ball, resulting in an unstable situation as they were unable to properly cut off the opponent’s attack opportunities.

It was a comforting fact that Jeong Sang-bin swept the opponent’s side with his high speed,

Hong Yun-sang penetrated into the front line several times by dribbling with light movements.

Naturally, attention is focused on whether Hwang Seon-hong has secured a ticket to Paris.

Asian Cup

In this preliminary round, a team must finish first in its group or be in the top four among the second-place teams out of 11 groups to advance to the U-23 Asian Cup finals held in April-May next year,

the final qualifying round for the Paris Olympics.

In the AFC U-23 Asian Cup finals, only the top three players can advance to the 2024 Paris Olympics.

With the victory that day, Korea accumulated 3 points and ranked first in Group B, is about to face the ‘weaker’ Myanmar in the final match on the 12th.

Even if Hwang Seon-hong passes the group stage and advances to the Asian Cup finals,

I am worried whether he will be able to place in the top three with this level of performance.

He must defeat Japan, which has recently shown improved performance, ‘difficult enemy’ Iran, as well as Australia and Saudi Arabia.

The remaining task is to resolve the anxiety of his defensive situation, refine his detailed passing play during the build-up process, his ability to dominate the midfield, and his sophistication in set-piece situations.

Its Hwang Seon-hong Wins in AFC U-23 Asian Cup Qualifiers

Hwang Seon-hong Wins 1-0 Against Kyrgyzstan in AFC U-23 Asian Cup qualifiers

Hong Yun-sang scores the winning goal 3 minutes into the first half… Korea, 1st place in Group B

The U-22 national soccer team, led by coach Hwang Seon-hong,

won for the first time in the second game of the first qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics with Hong Yun-sang (Pohang)’s winning goal.

AFC U-23 Asian Cup

Korea defeated Kyrgyzstan 1-0 in the second match of Group B of the 2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) U-23 Asian Cup group stage held at the Changwon Football Center in Gyeongnam on the 9th.

This preliminary round is a competition that determines the teams that will advance to next year’s AFC U-23 Asian Cup, the final Asian qualifying round for the Paris Olympics, and is the first gateway to the Paris Olympics.

A total of 16 teams, including the first place team in each of the 11 preliminary groups, 바카라사이트

the top four teams among the second place teams in each group, and the host country Qatar, will compete to advance to Paris in the U-23 Asian Cup finals to be held in April-May 2024.

Tickets to Paris will be given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams in the Asian Cup finals.


Korea, which earned 3 points against Kyrgyzstan, ranked first in Group B with 1 win.

Myanmar (1 point) was in 2nd place, and Kyrgyzstan (1 point), which was behind Myanmar in goal difference, was in 3rd place.

Korea will be confirmed to advance to the AFC U-23 Asian Cup finals by finishing first in the group just by drawing a draw with Myanmar held at the same venue on the 12th.


In the match against Qatar held on the 6th, Korea lost 0-2, but since Qatar will advance to the finals as the host country for the 2024 AFC U-23 Asian Cup finals,

the match against Qatar will not be reflected in the Group B rankings.

Korea, which was anxious after losing against Qatar,

needed to win against Kyrgyzstan that day to advance to the U-23 Asian Cup finals.

Hwang Seon-Hong-ho placed Kim Shin-jin (Seoul), Jeong Sang-bin (Minnesota), and Hong Yun-sang in the front line,

sent Oh Jae-hyuk (Jeonbuk), Kwon Hyuk-gyu (Celtic), and Baek Sang-hoon (Seoul) to the second line.

The back four consisted of Lee Tae-seok (Seoul), Jo Seong-kwon (Gimpo),

Jo Wi-je (Busan), and Park Chang-woo (Jeonbuk), and the goal was guarded by Kim Jeong-hoon (Jeonbuk).

1st Half

In the 3rd minute of the first half, Jeong Sang-bin, who ran down the right side and broke Kyrgyzstan’s defensive line,

sent a low cross toward the goal, and Hong Yun-sang, who was rushing toward the goal,

hit the top corner of the goal with a right-footed non-stop shot from the penalty area.

Korea, who took the lead with the first goal, continued to pound on Kyrgyzstan’s goal,

looking for opportunities to score additional goals.

Kim Shin-jin

In the 18th minute of the first half, Korea’s Oh Jae-hyuk kicked a cross forward and Kim Shin-jin headed it in the goal area, but it missed the side of the goal.

In the 25th minute of the first half, Kim Shin-jin’s low right-footed shot from the penalty area in front of the goal was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Three minutes later, in a mixed situation at the goal after a right corner kick,

Jo Wi-je’s left-footed shot went wide over the crossbar, causing disappointment.

Throughout the first half, the flow was frequently interrupted due to missed passes in the defensive zone and midfield.

Korea, which recorded three effective shots in the first half, faced a strong counterattack from Kyrgyzstan in the second half.

Hwang Seon-hong

Coach Hwang Seon-hong tried to change the attack by substituting Lee Hyeon-joo (Wiesbaden) and Min Kyung-hyeon (Incheon)

instead of Jeong Sang-bin and Park Chang-woo in the 14th minute of the second half.

Immediately after entering the game, Lee Hyun-joo showed off his light movements by beating two opposing defenders in the left penalty area and then connecting with a right-footed shot.

However, in the 10th and 26th minutes of the second half,

they were heartbroken by allowing a mid-range shot after a counterattack twice.

Gwangju FC Duo

Coach Hwang Seon-hong aimed for additional goals by bringing in Gwangju FC duo

Heo Yul and Um Ji-seong in the 29th minute of the second half,

Lee Jin-yong (Daegu) in the 36th minute of the second half.

In the 41st minute of the second half, Uhm Seong drove the ball through the left flank and crossed to Heo Yul in front of the goal,

but unfortunately it did not reach Heo Yul properly, the game ended without any additional goals for both teams.