Its Football Association Executives Discuss Klinsmann’s Future

Former Player Football Association Executives Discuss Klinsmann’s Future… Fans Protest

The chairman did not attend… The dismissal is expected to be discussed at the National Team Strengthening Committee this week.

Fans protest in front of the soccer center: “Fire Klinsmann immediately.”

Executives from the Korea Football Association gathered together and had a free discussion about the future of national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann, who failed to win the 2023 Qatar Asian Cup.

The Korea Football Association announced on the 13th, “Executives who were former players of the Korea Football Association held a free discussion meeting this morning at the association to review the Asian Cup and overall issues of the tournament.” 온라인카지노

The association explained that this meeting was an opportunity for former players of the Football Association to gather and listen to opinions on the national team’s results in the Asian Cup and public opinion on Coach Klinsmann’s dismissal ahead of the National Team Strengthening Committee scheduled for this week.

While Chairman Chung Mong-gyu was absent, full-time Vice-Chairman Kim Jeong-bae, former Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism who took office in May of last year, presided over the event, with Vice Chairman Jang Oe-ryong, Lee Seok-jae and Choi Young-il, Power Strengthening Committee Chairman Michael Müller, Competition Committee Chairman Jeong Hae-seong, Jury Chairman Lee Jeong-min, Technical Committee Chairman Lee Im-saeng and Hwang Bo-kwan.

The head of the technology division and Jeon Han-jin, the head of the management division, attended.

The national team led by Coach Klinsmann was defeated 0-2 by Jordan in the semifinals of the Asian Cup, failing to regain the throne for the first time in 64 years.

The national team was criticized by fans for its disappointing performance, which did not allow it to overwhelm its opponents throughout the tournament.

After the team was eliminated in the semifinals, public opinion boiled over, criticizing Coach Klinsmann for not letting star players active in Europe demonstrate their skills properly and for showing a smiling face even after failing to achieve his goal.

Some even pointed out that Coach Klinsmann damaged the legacy left by former coach Paulo Bento, who led Korean soccer to advance to the round of 16 at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Coach Bento was also pressured to resign due to his image as ‘stubborn’, saying that he was not active in build-up soccer and the appointment of Lee Kang-in (PSG) during his tenure, but after reaching the round of 16 of the World Cup, public opinion changed to ‘a tenacious commander’ and he was appointed as the head coach of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). moved.

Coach Bento’s UAE was eliminated in the round of 16 of this Asian Cup.

As public opinion over the dismissal of coach Klinsmann grew stronger after the Asian Cup, the Football Association held a meeting with Hwang Bo-gwan, head of the technical division, and Müller, head of the Power Strengthening Committee, on the 12th, and then held a meeting of ex-competition executives on the same day to look back on the Asian Cup.

Meanwhile, a protest was held in front of the Soccer Center in Sinmun-ro, Jongno-gu this morning, with soccer fans calling for Coach Klinsmann’s dismissal.

In front of the soccer center, they chanted, ‘Fire Klinsman immediately.

‘Disclose the background, process, and salary standard of seniority’, ‘The beginning of reform of the Football Association.

They held up a placard that read, “Chung Mong-gyu and his associates should resign en masse.”