“This squad is crazy!”….Mbappe + Bellingham + Vinicius + Rodrigo’s strongest FW combination, support from the ‘Modrich + Cross’ MF legend! Appears as the ‘Absolute Strongest Team’ to Overpower Manchester City

France’s “Foot Mercato” reported, “Mbappe and Real Madrid have reached an agreement. Now, the tension over Mbappe’s transfer will disappear.” The cloud in front of Mbappe seems to disappear. The transfer to Real Madrid is becoming visible.

England’s ‘The Sun’ also said, “Mbappe will join Real Madrid as an amazing FA this summer. Real Madrid and Mbappe have finally reached an agreement, and Carlo Ancelotti will get the man in July.” 슬롯사이트 순위

The Sun didn’t stop there. It unveiled its “Best 11” for Real Madrid, which Mbappe joined. The list is truly an “insane squad.” The world’s strongest offense, the world’s strongest midfielder, and the world’s strongest defense have made brilliant moves. Even the goalkeeper is the best in the world.

Overwhelming squad with barely any rivals in sight. The strongest squad in existence, with Erling Holland and Kevin De Bruyne, looks much stronger compared to Manchester City.

Here’s the best 11 they revealed. Thibaut Courtois was selected as the goalkeeper in a 4-3-3 formation. David Alaba, Antonio Rudiger, Orelian Chouameni, and Daniel Carvajal worked together for the four-back. The midfield consists of Toni Kroos-Jude Bellingham-Luka Modric, and the three-top consists of Vinicius-Kylian Mbappe-Hodrigo.

Mbappe, Vinicius, and Rodrigo will also be joined by Bellingham, whose attacking power is exploding. In the back, legendary midfielders Kroos and Modric are supported. Courtois, who is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world with a solid four-back, is flawless. There is no expression other than “crazy.”

“Mbappe usually plays on the left wing, but he is likely to move to the center from Real Madrid to accommodate Vinicius and Rodrigo. Bellingham, who is the top scorer in Spain’s Primera Liga, will stay behind. Mbappe’s partnership with Bellingham will scare any team in Europe. Behind them are Cross and Modric. Both players can provide Mbappe with a five-star service,” he stressed.

In addition, Mbappe’s attacking partners are some of the most valuable players in the world’s soccer community. According to data from the CIES Football Observatory under FIFA, Bellingham ranked first in the world with 231 million pounds (3867 billion won).

Holland ranked second with 217 million pounds (363.2 billion won), followed by Mbappe’s offensive partners Vinicius and Hodrigo with 216 million pounds (361.6 billion won) and 214 million pounds (358.2 billion won), respectively. Mbappe is playing with three of the four most valuable players in the world.

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