Son, Park, Hwang, and the debate were held at the EPL…Son beats Park Ji-sung to overwhelmingly top the list

Among the English Premier League players, Son Heung-min (Tottenham Hotspur) is by far the most outstanding Korean player. The biggest number of fans supported him.

The EPL secretariat asked the question on its official YouTube channel on the 8th (Korea Standard Time), “Who is the best Korean player who has played in the EPL?” Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton), active EPL players Park Ji-sung, who played for Manchester United in the past, and Lee Chung-yong (Ulsan HD), who played for Bolton Wanderers and Crystal Palace, were nominated.

Among the four, Son Heung-min received overwhelming votes. As of 4 p.m. on the 9th, 430,000 fans participated in the vote, and 74 percent took Son Heung-min. About 318,200 people chose Son. 메이저 토토사이트

Park Ji-sung and Lee Chung-yong, who previously played in the EPL, made good impressions on the British stage, while Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan are currently in the process. Thanks to them, the status of Korean soccer has been further elevated. The EPL Secretariat conducted this survey, which proves how well the Korean players are performing.

Fans expressed their thoughts through comments as well. One fan praised Park, “Park Ji-sung is very underrated, but Son Heung-min is more than that.” This received favorable responses from many fans. Another fan wrote, “Park Ji-sung has been incredibly good, and Son Heung-min has gone one step further to become the best player in Korea. I think this progress (of Korean soccer) is a good thing.”

A fan who supported Hwang gave a thumbs up, saying, “Hwang has improved remarkably this season. I would not be surprised to see him play for the top six teams in the (EPL) in the near future.” A fan who remembers Lee’s performance said, “Lee Chung-yong was a technical and impressive player at Bolton. Rumors once spread that he would move to Arsenal or Liverpool. If there were no injuries, he would have gone to a better club.”

Son Heung-min and Hwang Hee-chan currently boast the best stock prices in the EPL. They are both main scorers in their teams. Son scored 12 goals and five assists, while Hwang Hee-chan scored 10 goals and three assists in 20 league matches. The two Korean players are currently ranking third and sixth in the EPL scoring rankings.

Park Ji-sung joined the EPL in 2005 as a member of Manchester United’s uniform, opening a new horizon as a “defensive winger.” He established himself as Manchester United’s “Unsung Hero” by banking on his energetic play. His ability to score goals in important situations was superb.

Lee Chung-yong, who joined Bolton in 2009, was sensational. At the time, Bolton used to play thick soccer by connecting the players from the back to the front at once, but the atmosphere changed when technician Lee Chung-yong joined the team. Lee showed outstanding dribbling and crossing skills, and made his name on the British stage by banking on his outstanding performance against strong teams such as Liverpool. However, due to his serious injury, he failed to continue his top-notch performance.

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