Director Kim Won-hyung leaves, what happened in the 8th inning?

Choo Shin-soo, the first batter in the bottom of the eighth inning when he was trailing 0-2, stepped down with a fly ball to the left field, and Herredia walked. Choi Jung then hit a double on the right field line to create a chance with one out and runners on second and third bases.

Han Yu-seom drew a walk and loaded the bases, and Park Sung-han sent a ball above the first base foul line. This hit passed LG first baseman Kim Min-sung’s mitt and hit first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong’s body. 스포츠토토

It became a problem from this moment on. I had to check if it was fair or not. If he was hit by first baseman Kim Min-sung’s glove, he would be a pair. SSG third baseman Eredia passed home. The umpires declared a pair after a video review, and Herredia’s score was conceded.

However, Han Yu-seom was additionally out. Director Kim Won-hyung stormed out of the dugout and protested harshly. hitter Park Sung-han ran to first base, and Han Yu-seom was running to second base after stepping back on the first base due to the ambiguous decision of the first base referee. In this situation, the umpires ruled out.

Director Kim Won-hyung protested for a long time and roughly, but the decision did not change. Park Sung-han’s ball was twisted from the moment he hit the body of the first base in Woo Hyo-dong. It was not intentional, but it could be a timely hit on the right-wing line. The bases were loaded, so at least the chance to tie was lost.

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