Italy, Germany and France React to New Wave

Unfortunate casino news comes from central Europe, with three major countries shutting down both gambling and entertainment venues. Governors have decided to deal with the second wave of the novel coronavirus in a containment manner, just as at the start of the global pandemic.

France has decided to return to strict measures and close all entertainment venues from Oct. 30. Casinos, betting, poker rooms and lottery stores will be closed for about a month due to the recent increase in disease cases caused by COVID-19. Movement will also be restricted, and you should return to remote work if possible. 파칭코사이트인포

Germany takes similar measures, but it starts on November 2. The government is due to review the situation in two weeks, but experts estimate the full shutdown will last at least until December. Spring lockdown extends recovery process for land casinos as entertainment sector hits big.

In Italy, provincial governors have also decided to return to lockdown measures from Nov. 2. All entertainment activities will be restricted for another month, including mortar and brick book-making shops and casinos. With only four land-based casino locations in Italy, another inter-provincial travel restriction takes a toll on the business’s recovery.

Undoubtedly, negative consequences are inevitable for mortar casinos and betting venues. One of the key adverse effects of COVID-19 is its impact on the economy and citizens’ ability to pay. However, we can expect another increase in interest in online gambling and gaming due to the lockdown.

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