11 players including Hanwha, Noh Soo-kwang, Kim Jae-young, Ryu Hee-woon, and Jang Un-ho, who were recruited by Ahn Chi-hong and Kim Kang-min, were released in large numbers

On the 24th, Hanwha announced its split to a total of 11 players on the 24th, along with nine players, including pitchers Kim Jae-young (30), Park Yoon-chul (27), Ryu Hee-woon (28), Ryu Won-seok (34), Song Yoon-joon (31), infielder Lee Sung-gon (31), outfielder Noh Soo-kwang (33), Yoo Sang-bin (23), and Jang Un-ho (29). Among them, Lee Sung-gon decided to retire from active duty on the 21st and will start anew as an assistant coach for Lotte Futures batting.

Hanwha also released seven players including pitcher Lee Jae-min (24), Jang Woong-jung (26), Cheon Bo-woong (23), Lee Seok-je (23), outfielder Won Hyuk-jae (28), Lee Jung-jae (24), and Ko Young-jae (23) in the first round on April 21. While regrouping after the second draft, it released 11 additional players, bringing together a total of 18 players.

The most notable name is veteran outfielder Noh Soo-kwang. Roh joined Hanwha in 2013 as a fostering player but was traded to KIA in April 2015, and his baseball career blossomed when he was traded to SK in April 2017. He had a career-high season in 2018 with 313 batting average (161 hits in 515 at-bats) with eight homers, 53 RBIs and 25 stolen bases in 135 games.

Through another trade in June 2020, the team made a comeback to Hanwha, its former team. However, it has not performed as well as expected in Hanwha. This year, the team had a batting average of 2201 in 30 games (17 hits in 77 times at bat) with four RBIs and two stolen bases. Since moving to the second division on May 15, the team had not been called to the first division until the end of the season. In the Futures League, the team had a batting average of 298 (34 hits in 114 times at bat) with 15 RBIs and five stolen bases in 39 games. 안전놀이터

Kim Jae-young, a sidearm player who was named the second best overall pick in the second round in 2016, was also given a chance to be discharged. He garnered five and six wins, respectively, as a starting pitcher from 2017 to 2018, but failed to display significant performance after completing his mandatory military service. This year, he only posted an ERA of 10.13 in six games (eight innings) in the first division. In the Futures League in the second division, he posted an ERA of 4.50 with two wins, four losses and six holds in 23 games (52 innings).

Ryu Hee-woon, a pitcher who transferred from KT through a trade with outfielder Lee Si-won in June last year, will also leave Hanwha. He has been sluggish in three games (four innings) with an ERA of 11.25 this year. In the Futures League, Ryu garnered one win, three saves and six holds with an ERA of 4.33 in 43 games (27 innings).

Ryu Won-seok, a sidearm player who came to Hanwha after being released from LG last year, was also informed of his release again after a year. In this year’s first division, Ryu pitched in one game (one run in two innings) against KT in Suwon on Oct. 8. In the Futures League, Ryu had a hard time with an 11.57 ERA without a win or loss in seven games (four ⅔ innings).

Right-hander Park Yoon-cheol, who had a chance to start the fifth game in the early part of last season, was also given the chance to be released. After losing three games and posting 4.59 ERA in 11 ⅓ (33 innings) last year, Park posted an ERA of 21.60 in three ⅓ in the first division this year. In the Futures League, Park had good performance in 23 games (37 ⅓ innings), with two wins, one loss and one hold and an ERA of 3.13.

Left-hander Song Yoon-joon, who won the most games (15 wins) in the Futures League last year, was also released as he posted an ERA of 8.31 in four games (4 ⅓ innings) in the first division this year. In the Futures League, he posted an ERA of 4.86 with three wins, one loss, and one save and eight holds in 32 games (33 ⅓ innings).

Jang, who had spent 11 years since joining the Hanwha Eagles in 2013, will also leave his team. In nine seasons in the Korean pro league, he had a batting average of 238 with five homers and 78 RBIs in 338 games (173 hits in 727 at-bats). This year, he ended up with a batting average of 2202 with one RBI (2 hits in nine at-bats) in four games in the first division. In the Futures League, he also failed to show remarkable performance with a batting average of 244 with six RBIs (10 hits in 41 at-bats) in 13 games.

Since joining the league as a training player last year, Yoo has also shown his potential by posting a batting average of 326 (15 hits in 46 at-bats) and four RBIs in 17 games at the end of this season. He had no hit in six at-bats in three games in the main league this year. He had a batting average of 271 (56 hits in 207) in 68 games and 23 RBIs in the Futures League.

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