‘Animal Sense’ Coach Cho In-sung and Kim Woo-suk…The former catcher is one beat faster!

In a practice game between NC-LG held at NC Park in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do on the afternoon of the 4th, there was a scene where LG battery coach Cho In-sung’s excellent athletic ability stood out.

NC Yoon Hyung-joon’s foul ball headed for the LG dugout in the bottom of the seventh inning. It wasn’t a straight hit, but it was a quick grounder. He headed to battery coach Cho In-sung and defense coach Kim Woo-seok, who were giving operational orders in places without railings and shields. 스포츠토토탑

Coach Cho In-sung and coach Kim Woo-suk, who saw the foul ball, reached out to where the foul ball was heading at the same time. Coach Cho In-sung caught a foul ball first. Even if they didn’t talk to each other, they caught the foul ball with an animal sense.

If the foul ball was deflected in the dugout, it could have hurt the players significantly. Coach Cho In-sung and coach Kim Woo-suk continued their operational instructions with a calm look as if nothing had happened after catching the foul ball.

In the practice game, NC Parsons started to check his condition with one hit in two innings, throwing 151km of fastballs, curves, and sliders evenly. Since then, Song Myung-ki and Cho Min-seok have also pitched two scoreless innings, respectively.

Shortstop Park Chu-young showed a good batting sense with three hits in three at-bats. Choi Woo-jae, Jeon Min-soo, and Choi Seung-min hit a double, and Kim Han-byul hit a two-run triple, drawing coach Lee Dong-wook’s eye.

LG’s starter Son Joo-young, Lee Ji-gang, Jin Hae-soo, Choi Dong-hwan, Lim Joon-hyuk, Lim Jung-woo, and Heo Jun-hyuk took the mound to check their condition.

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