The director sighs deeply, and Alex is hard to please his colleagues…What about spring volleyball?

On the afternoon of the 14th, Woori Card’s “hot-tempered” Alex’s unexpected behavior began again in a match between KB Insurance and Woori Card in the “2021-2022 Dodram V League” held at Uijeongbu Indoor Gymnasium in Gyeonggi Province.

Portugal’s Alex often frowned at unexpected behavior during the game. At the beginning of the season, coach Shin Young-chul deliberately put a super-strong move to remove Alex from the starting lineup to fix his character despite his team’s consecutive losses.

After the middle of the league, Shin Young-chul’s mercenary skills showed good performance, leading the team to consecutive wins and leap from last to top. 바카라

However, Alex’s unexpected behavior occurred in the match between KB Insurance and Woori Card in the “2021-2022 Dodram V League” held at Uijeongbu Gymnasium on the 14th.

When he lost a point in a tight 4-4 situation in the fourth set, the referee kicked the pillar where the referee was located and was warned. The excessive desire for competition was unnecessarily vented. Later, during the operation time, he sat alone on the bench and openly showed unpleasant feelings, and coach Shin Young-chul calmed Alex.

Since then, Woori Card has won the fourth set, but lost the fifth set to KB Insurance.

Alex’s unexpected behavior is not only on this day. In the game held at Jangchung Gymnasium on January 12, he also caught the ball and kicked it into the stands after making a net error in the fourth set.

In addition, in a match against OK Financial Group at Jangchung Gymnasium on March 11, there was a situation in which they ran toward the bench after making a gesture to the opponent’s bench, saying, “Be quiet!” Fortunately, there was no major mishap because the assistant referee and his fellow players stopped him.

Woori Card confirmed its advance to spring volleyball for the fourth consecutive year by winning a set score of 3-0 (25-20, 25-20, 25-23) against Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance at Jangchung Gymnasium on the 23rd.

Alex recently missed two consecutive games due to a torn knee plate and watched the team’s game in the stands. I’m not confident, but what did I think when I saw Mo Soo-young, who made the spring volleyball advance with Seungri as the team united as a one-team team?

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