Who’s in for a Fall Surprise, WS Home Advantage?

ML Winning Percentages 1-5 Wiped Out… Who’s in for a Fall Surprise, WS Home Advantage?

A series of upsets in Major League Baseball’s postseason has left the future of World Series home field advantage in limbo.

MLB.com, the official site of Major League Baseball, reported on Friday (April 15) that “World Series home field advantage has been determined in different ways over the years, but for 2023, it’s pretty simple. The team with the highest regular-season winning percentage will take home field advantage, regardless of district wins and wild cards, and will host Games 1 and 2 and, if necessary, Games 6 and 7,” MLB.com wrote in an introduction to the World Series home-field advantage rules.

This season’s Major League Baseball postseason has been unusually eventful. Atlanta (104-58), which led the majors in overall wins, was eliminated in the National League Division Series by Philadelphia (90-72) in three games, and Baltimore (101-61), which led the American League in wins, was swept in three games by Texas (90-72) in the American League Division Series. In addition, teams in the first through fifth place in the majors, including the National League’s second-place Dodgers (100-62), American League runner-up Tampa Bay (99-63), and National League Central winner Milwaukee (92-70), were all eliminated in the first round of the postseason.

Advancing to the League Championship Series were Houston and Texas (90 wins and 72 losses) in the American League and Philadelphia and Arizona (90 wins and 72 losses) in the National League. This is the first time since the League Championship Series was introduced in 1969 (excluding the 1981 and 2020 shortened seasons) that no team in the League Championship Series has won 91 or more games.

Of the four teams that advanced to the League Championship Series, Houston, Texas, and Philadelphia all had 90 wins and 72 losses, so regular-season winning percentage cannot mask World Series home-field advantage. In this case, regular season head-to-head wins will determine World Series home field advantage.

There are two possible World Series matchups: Houston-Philadelphia and Texas-Philadelphia. If Houston and Philadelphia meet, the Phillies get home field advantage because they have a 2-1 head-to-head record. Conversely, if Texas and Philadelphia meet, the Texans will have home field advantage because they have the better head-to-head record with three wins. Arizona, 먹튀검증 which has the lowest regular-season winning percentage of any team in the League Championship Series, is not eligible for World Series home field advantage under any circumstances.

However, World Series home field advantage is not a significant factor in determining the World Series winner. According to MLB.com, “Home field advantage is not as important as we think. In the 27 World Series since the wild card was introduced in 1995, excluding the 2020 World Series, which was played on a neutral field, the team with home field advantage has won 18 times (66.7%). However, the home team is just 19-21 in games that could be decisive. In the postseason as a whole, they are 62-63.”

Looking at last year’s World Series, Houston had home-field advantage, but went on to win the title after losing Game 1 at home to Philadelphia. The year before that, Atlanta took Game 1 on the road and won in six games. The 2019 World Series featured a very unique situation, with both Washington and Houston winning their only games on the road, with the Nats winning their first title in franchise history in four games.

The rule that determines World Series home field advantage based on regular season winning percentage and head-to-head was introduced in 2017. In 2020, the postseason was played on a neutral field due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it reverted back to normal in 2021. From 2003 to 2016, home field advantage was awarded to the league that won the All-Star Game; prior to that, it simply alternated between the American and National Leagues in even and odd-numbered years.

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