Appoint Steve Ritchie as Chief Revenue Officer at Pavilion Payments

Pavilion Payments, a leading omnichannel payment provider exclusively serving the gaming industry, has announced that Steve Ritchie will serve as its next chief revenue officer. Having already achieved 20% employment growth, Rich’s team membership underpins Pavilion Payments’ commitment to investing in top talent and new resources to better serve customers and drive innovation in the gaming industry. 온라인카지노

Ritchie is invaluable to the Pavilion Payments team for providing a wealth of experience in building methodologies for high-growth private equity portfolio companies. In his new role, Ritchie will build a high-performance team to leverage his expertise to deliver quality and drive sustainable revenue growth for Pavilion Payments.

Ritchie’s professional journey spans many sectors, including technology and software. Prior to joining Pavilion Payments, Ritchie served as Chief Revenue Officer at three River Company portfolio companies and held sales leadership roles at Warburg Pinckus and Genstar Capital portfolio companies. Under his leadership, he shifted the team’s focus on new customers, implemented rigorous forecasting processes, and successfully led the effort toward top customers, greatly enhancing his growth strategy.

“I’m very excited to take on this new role and I’m very excited to help Pavilion bring innovation, integration and a much better customer experience to the gaming industry,” Rich said. “The game industry is evolving and we are honored to be part of the Pavilion Payment journey.”

Pavilion Payments has a demonstrable history as an excellent organization, and in May, Pavilion Payments was recognized for its reputation among its employees and was certified by Great Place® (Certified™ by Great Place to Work®), and earlier this year, 87% of Pavilion Payments employees said it was a good place to work, 30% higher than the average U.S. company.

“Steve’s role is an important part of the company and after interviewing more than 100 people to find the right mix of experience, leadership and skills, we knew he would truly be an asset for the Pavilion Payments team. As we continue our transition to Pavilion Payments, Steve’s deep understanding of the industry will enable us to grow our business and ultimately better serve our customers,” said Christopher Justice, CEO of Pavilion Payments. “We sincerely welcome Steve to the Pavilion Payments team as we drive further innovation in the gaming industry.”

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