Scottish Casino Reopens Early

Coronavirus-induced restrictions in the entertainment sector have been widely applied across the UK in the past few months. But each member of the United Kingdom is looking at this situation in his own way. Therefore, the governors of Scotland decided to reopen the hospitality sector on April 26. After this date, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, bars, and even bingo halls can return to normal operations in the Level 1 area. 경마사이트

At the same time, offline casinos cannot take similar action. In addition, local managers assumed that casinos were not allowed to see audiences in real time before June or in the Level 2 area. In the letter, Mr. Dugger appealed that there was no scientific reason to regard casinos as dangerous places. In addition, the CEO of BGC even said that, thanks to flexible glass, sanitizers, and strict controls, the facilities considered are better protected than other entertainment venues.

The latter argument relates to financial problems, as casinos in Scotland have spent millions to be safer for customers, while now being ignored by governors compared to other businesses. Continuing his economic discussion, Mr. Dugger reminded the government that casinos are being ignored as businesses that need at least help. At the same time, the land-based industry spends about £30 million a year on Scotland’s budget, employing about 700 individuals who are currently suffering.

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