Slotator that touches the base with one touch

OneTouch is a premium quality mobile-first iGaming content developer. Founded in 2015, the developer has entered regulatory markets around the world and offices in Estonia, Ukraine, Spain, Malta and the Philippines, and is frequently mentioned in many casino news articles. The company’s focus on single-touch interactions has attracted players’ attention, with the average player making more than 3000 bets and spending more than 800 minutes on gameplay each month.

Slotegrator caught up with one-touch product director Madis Raus to find out how the company was successful so quickly and how it plans to maintain momentum in the future. Madis Lowe was talking about the company’s goals and success factors. He emphasized the importance of mobile-first casino games in the direction of development. In addition to this, Madis discussed mobile use and gameplay as part of her daily life. He said the number of companies developing games for mobile operating systems continues to increase. That’s why it’s important to reach your target audience.

The interviewer also talked about the strategy the company was developing. He initially mentioned that the product is not bound by a particular jurisdiction and targets a variety of markets. The company got good results and received good feedback from various markets. But Madis Lowes said players are different. This mostly affects demographics. Different generations prefer different casino products. For example, millennials and Generation Z players find more social experience than previous generations. That’s why various games are essential in any casino.

More interestingly, the number of slot players is also increasing, although players who choose classic casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette are making the most profits. As a result, the company focused on simple and interesting immersive slot titles. 파칭코사이트인포

Speaking about marketing strategies, Madis Lowes noted that there is no single-scale approach. Bonus use is still one of the fundamental ways to attract and maintain online casino players. He added that many brands now use gamification tools and technologies to gain more users.

The interviewee mentioned questions about live casino games and their future, and according to him, the majority of users who try live games are expected to become regular players.

Madis Lowe spoke about the impact of the global pandemic on business and the search for new opportunities. He confirmed that the absence of live events affects business development, networking, and commercial opportunities for the entire industry. At the same time, the online sector has not been significantly damaged by the pandemic and crisis. It’s the opposite. Some companies believe that sales are increasing.

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