100-year-old patriot returns home from Japan.

Patriot Oh Sung-kyu, who formed a secret anti-Japanese organization as a junior high school student in Manchuria, China, during Japanese occupation; when the organization was exposed, he enlisted in the Liberation Army’s Third Zone in Chongqing, China, at the age of 16.

[Oh Sung-kyu/Patriot Governor/100 years old: “I heard that the Liberation Army was there (in Chongqing) when I was a student… I walked from the west side of Beijing to (Chongqing).”]

The Liberation Army came out of nowhere, as he was preparing for the domestic vacuum operation after undergoing special training jointly with the United States and South Korea.

However, due to the extreme political turmoil at the time, he was unable to settle in Korea and was forced to go to Japan, where he continued to work to protect the Korean people and was awarded the National Defense Medal in 1990.

At the age of 100, he conveyed to our government earlier this year his desire to spend the rest of his life in his homeland.

[Oh Sung-kyu/Patriot Governor/100: “That’s probably because I’m getting close to dying, so even if I die, shouldn’t I go there (to my homeland) to die?”]

The government also said that it would give Patriot Governor Oh the best honors so that he could spend the rest of his life in South Korea.

[Park Min-sik/Minister of National Veterans Affairs: “We are doing everything possible to ensure that our governor can enjoy the rest of his life in his homeland in comfort.”]

Including Governor Oh, who will return home permanently, there are now only eight surviving independence veterans in Korea.

Governor Oh, who will return home with a government delegation, 먹튀검증 will also attend the Liberation Day celebrations on the 15th.

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