Filipino expatriate kidnapped with child’s suitcase; rescued after 7 hours.

Yesterday afternoon, a child of a Korean expatriate was abducted from a residential neighborhood in Cebu, Philippines.

After checking neighborhood CCTV, the parents saw that a man in his 30s had broken into their home and abducted their child with a large suitcase.

The assailant nonchalantly pushed the large suitcase for several hundred meters into a parking lot and then disappeared in a vehicle he had prepared.

[Kim○○/Father of Victimized Child/Voice Modulation: “I was waiting for my child before he came in, so I prepared beforehand and took a big suitcase… When this guy came in, he didn’t have a suitcase, he dragged the suitcase out, it was very heavy…”]

Upon hearing the news, local community members reported the kidnapping on social media and the license plate number of the car used in the crime, and the Korean Embassy Cebu immediately coordinated with the local police to locate the vehicle.

At around 8 p.m., seven hours after the crime, the culprits were arrested and the child was rescued safely.

[Song Se-won/Head of the Korean Embassy Cebu: “The (Philippine) police authorities deployed a lot of manpower, so it was a good thing that we started a very intensive investigation early on…”]

The child is reportedly traumatized and has been taken to a hospital for treatment.

A total of five South Korean police officers, including the Korean Desk, 카지노사이트넷 are deployed in the Philippines, where security is uneasy and kidnapping cases are common.

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