“Manufacturers need to consider convergence of land-based casinos and online casinos”

When I first came to Asia in the 80s, there were only three main areas in the casino industry: SJM in Macau, Genting in Malaysia, and PAGCOR in the Philippines. Horse racing was the biggest field there. Since then, integrated resorts have grown across 48 states in Asia and the United States.

Technology has had a huge impact on almost every sector of the world, and the casino industry is no exception, but the introduction of technology among land casino operators has been slow compared to other industries. 파칭코

We witnessed the development of slot machines from rotary reels to video. We removed the token and replaced it with a bill verifier. The table can now read chips with RFID tags. Casino management systems can no longer be used for drive marketing as well as meter data collection.

The biggest change in the gambling industry is online casinos. Although online and Internet games have been around for years, the wave of online casinos has increased over the past few years for several reasons. The main thing is that players have easy access to online casino titles, from the comfort of their homes, or from anywhere, at any time, as long as they are connected to the Internet.

The rise of the Internet has dramatically changed the environment of gambling, but it has only served as a way to improve their success for many gambling operators.

Although there have been some major technological changes in the casino industry, one thing has always been the same. Whether it’s an online casino or a land-based casino, every operator wants their guests to have fun.

Almost all gambling industry experts emphasize that artificial intelligence is the future of the iGaming market, do you agree?

The past decade has shown that iGaming is leveraging technological improvements to increase their ability to mine and collect data. Today, iGaming operators gather more information about their customers than almost all other industries. However, iGaming operators are fully leveraging the capabilities of their systems to improve operational and marketing efficiencies. Since the industry has relied exclusively on costly promotions to attract and maintain customer loyalty, the effectiveness of competition can easily reduce return on investment if operators do not properly use the information in their databases.

Operators embracing artificial intelligence will emerge as the most successful operators in the next five years.

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