How To Play Roulette: More Information On Oz And Roulette Payments

Where did this game come from?
If it’s pretty easy to find a lot of information about the history of other gambling activities, there seems to be no and absolutely no accurate data on exactly where, when, and how the roulette game started.

Traditionally, the origin of the game is found in the ancient world – mainly in China, where people are believed to have made stones engraved with images of animals. Ancient Rome, which has the custom of drawing lots by rotating the wheels of a chariot on a vertically fixed axis, is also a possible candidate for the title of its home country in the roulette prototype. In addition, it is in ancient Roman mythology that the goddess of luck made human destiny with the help of a wheel.

More reliable traces of the appearance of roulette should be found in modern Europe, but even then it is impossible to determine the exact time when the game was born. It is generally accepted that the idea came about thanks to Blaise Pascal, a scientist who used a spinning wheel with a ball in his research on the construction of a permanent exercise machine, and in addition, he spent time playing games with pleasure as a gambler. Even more unusual is the early version of roulette by the inhabitants of European monasteries to spend free time from prayer. 경마사이트

Among the predecessors of roulette are French Biribi, British Roll-poly, and adversity and adversity. In Europe, any gambling was prohibited – it was imposed by both the state and the church. The excitement from gambling activities completely captivated the minds of citizens and parishioners and was a serious headache for the authorities. But the frequency of issuing orders prohibiting gambling has only proved that the state cannot fight human enthusiasm for games of chance.

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