Lee Kang-in-Lee Na-eun’s date, ‘an acquaintance?’…There’s evidence of “Love” on the Internet

While the dating scene between soccer star Lee Kang-in (22, Paris Saint-Germain FC) and April-born actor Lee Na-eun (24) was released as an exclusive report by The Fact, various evidences on the two’s alleged romantic relationship have been released among Internet users, drawing keen attention.

“The Fact” exclusively reported on the 2nd that Lee Kang-in and Lee Na-eun enjoyed a date in the parking lot of the national soccer team’s lodging and Lee Na-eun’s home in Guri (exclusive) with “football star” Lee Kang-in and “April” Lee Na-eun. In response, Lee Kang-in said, “I have nothing to say about personal privacy,” and Lee Na-eun drew the line immediately after the report, saying, “It’s just an acquaintance, not a romantic relationship.” 안전한 파워볼사이트

However, despite Lee Na-eun’s explanation that it is an acquaintance relationship, the report has been published in detail after confirmation of the facts, and various soccer and entertainment-related communities have posted evidence of their romance and eyewitnesses one after another.

After the date photo was released, a community reported that they saw Lee Kang-in in Bali, Indonesia. The post has received so much attention that it has more than 900,000 views. The post said, “I witnessed Lee Kang-in with a beautiful woman during my Bali trip.”

In addition, the comments also revealed eyewitness accounts of seeing Lee Kang-in exchanging money at the airport. It is marked that the post was written in June last year. Along with Lee Kang-in’s sighting, Lee Na-eun’s SNS post has also become a hot topic of conversation. According to the community, Lee Na-eun also claimed to have traveled to Bali around the same time and posted the photos on social media. Photos of Lee’s trip to Bali were posted on social media until recently, but have been deleted since the article was released.

Based on these contents, Internet users claim that Lee Kang-in and Lee Na-eun’s romantic relationship is quite reliable. On the 2nd, a post was posted on a community saying, “Lee Kang-in and Lee Na-eun found a couple hat.” The post also shows a picture of Lee Na-eun wearing a hat with the same design as the hat Lee Kang-in wore on the date. The post also received more than 800,000 views.

Another community post claims that Lee Kang-in is wearing a coupling ring. Lee Kang-in posted four pictures that seemed to have been taken abroad in September 2021. In the picture, Lee Kang-in is wearing a ring on the ring finger of his left hand. The netizen who wrote the post speculates that the ring worn by Lee Kang-in was a coupling with Lee Na-eun.

Another post also raises suspicions that Lee Kang-in and Lee Na-eun used the same photo studio. On the official SNS of a Polaroid photo studio, which is open on Garosu-gil, Lee Na-eun’s photo was posted on July 13th last year, and Lee Kang-in on the 17th, four days later than this. Although there is a difference of about four days in which the photos of the two were posted, the filming date cannot be confirmed. It is possible that they were taken on the same day and posted on another day.

Lee Kang-in and Lee Na-eun did not admit to dating, saying, “We are acquaintances, but we are not lovers,” but there are many fans who support the date hoping for their romance. Of course, Lee Kang-in’s fans visit Lee Na-eun’s SNS and leave malicious comments such as “Don’t touch Lee Kang-in” and “Break up with Lee Kang-in,” but there are generally more voices cheering for the meeting of young good men and women.

With fans’ keen interest, the two are set to take on a new challenge. Lee Kang-in will join the “Clinsman” team on Monday, which will seek to win the Asian Cup title for the first time in 64 years. Lee Na-eun will also return to the stage as an actor in two years with SBS’ new Friday-Saturday drama “Detective Chaebol X,” which will air this month. Attention is focusing on how the two, who delivered warm news in the new year, will perform on the ground and on the small screen.

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