Illinois Gaming Board Grants 2 Licenses For Hard Rock Casino Rockford; Betway Gets Online Exclusive Betting License

Hard Rock, which recently revealed the rebranding of its mobile application, is required to submit a request to the IGB to start betting after it has been granted the necessary managed service provider license for sports betting. IGB has intentionally granted Hard Rock Casino Rockford’s Master Sports Bet license for four years in January to coincide with the casino license approval date required to submit a retail license request. In a related development, Geno Iaprate, president of Hard Rock Casino Rockford, said in a statement to SportsHandle, “We are pleased to add Sports Betting to Hard Rock Casino Rockford – Opening Act as the latest amenities. We are very grateful for the hard work and diligence of the IGB to reach this point. As we conclude internal controls and begin hiring and training, we still have work to do. We hope to be able to start betting on sports within the next two months.” At a meeting last month, Illinois regulators approved a retail betting license for the Full House resort, which operates a temporary hotel in Waukegan. Circa Sports also manages mobile and retail bets for Fullhouse, and is expected to debut in the second half of September, early in the NFL regular season, according to a tweet from Circa’s director of operations, Jeffrey Benson. 파친코

In Betway’s case, the winner was one of two competitors who would have to pay $20 million in addition to approval for the Illinois online-only operator license. In the case of the competition, it was complemented by Betway’s removal of the application throughout the initial review process, which took place in 2022. This led to further bidding periods after Tekkorp, the only previous bidder expected to move forward, was removed from the race in October. Betway also offered a total of $22.5 million for the aforementioned licenses, stressing that “$20 million is a minimum license requirement and an additional $2.5 million promised at the applicant’s discretion.”

All of this has prompted the IGB to say that Betway “meets the minimum qualifications for licensing” and must go through a “full review process by the board” in order to officially obtain a “master sports wagering license for online-only operators.” However, there were two bids initially submitted to the IGB during the period allowed from November 1 to March 1, and the IGB later announced on its website on July 27 that “the other applicant was J&J LLC, which will be a subsidiary of J&J Ventures, and submitted over $23 million in bids for an online-only license.”

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