Park Inbee, “Bless your second life”

While fans also expressed great regret and cheered for Lee Bo-mi’s new start, her colleagues, Park In-bee, Shin Ji-ae, Choi Na-yeon, Ryu So-yeon, Kim Ha-neul and Lee Jung-eun, all participated and applauded Lee Bo-mi’s last tour.

In the content of the YouTube channel 토토사이트 released on the 18th, pro Park In-bee said, “I can’t imagine how it would feel to end my tour life, which has been difficult and pleasant. I have no doubt that there must have been many happy memories.He sent a warm message, saying, “I sincerely congratulate you on your retirement and now I really cheer for your second life.”

Shin Ji-ae, a pro who has built a special friendship, watched Lee Bo-mi practice swinging and said, “I’m so lonely to retire when I’m practicing so hard. “Can’t we just stay here without retiring?” he said, expressing deep regret and saying, “I was so happy with the tour with you. I hope you laugh as much as you do now,” he said, without hiding his affection.

Choi Na-yeon, a pro, also said, “I am well aware that I have suffered for a long time with good results in Japan. “Now I will retire and live a new life, but I hope you will always challenge yourself with joy, something you haven’t done before,” he said, rooting for Lee Bo-mi’s future.

Professional Ryu So-yeon said, “I remember a lot when I played with my sister in middle and high school and played on a tour together in Korea.Expressing his complicated mind, he said, “When I was a player, there was pressure on my performance, and everyone lived with a hard mind, but after retirement, another kind of difficulty may be waiting. But I hope you have a happy time with your sister’s brightness.He gave deep advice that was not like his younger brother.

Kim Ha-neul, a pro who toured with Lee Bo-mi in Korea and Japan, said, “Bomi, who I watched for a long time, was a wonderful player with a brilliant and bouncy charm on the course,” adding, “We will remember what we have done so far, so I hope you come back after the last game without regret.””I cheered for the last game.

Finally, pro Lee Jung-eun also said, “I heard that I decided to retire, so I couldn’t go there, but I turned on the camera because I wanted to be with you.””I really wanted to congratulate you and tell you that you did a great job. “You did a great job, and I’ll cheer for you again in the future,” he said, encouraging Lee’s last game as a player.

Lee Bo-mi will play a farewell match to wrap up her Japanese activities at the JLPGA Tour Novuta Group Masters GC Ladies (total prize money of 200 million yen) at the Masters Golf Club in Miki, near Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, from the 19th.

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