Additional awards were given to manufacturers or local casinos

Online casinos and online bookmakers aren’t the only ones who are happy about the annual Gaming Awards. Local casinos are also included in the grade and awards are awarded. For example, Hippodrome Casino was named the Best Casino of 2022. Software manufacturers offer games online and directly, so they can essentially win awards in multiple areas.

Except for the manufacturers mentioned above, one award went to NetEnt. The company was recognized for its game Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen. Such games can be easily played both online and in person. Of course, such important awards are not given out quickly. Awarding is preceded by a long process, and this year, for example, 60 judges participated. These are from other companies. They include software makers, but they also include game suppliers.

Finally, there are other important companies that are always concerned about the safety of their athletes. This phrase applies to a Sportradar, for example. The company has been working for decades to make the sports betting market safer and prevent manipulation. 온라인경마

Since when were the Gaming Awards awarded?
The Game Awards have been awarded as part of TV programs since 2013. The award was explicitly designed for computer games released in the same year. From the beginning, a large panel of judges was busy selecting various topics and presenting awards. The judging panel is designed to create a team that is as neutral as possible and has sufficient knowledge. This was the only way to award the prize to other areas.

On the other hand, the game industry needs special members who give awards in 24 fields. It’s not always easy to choose. Finally, business representatives are participating and they are hoping for awards.

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