I’m firing my staff for gambling

During the COVID pandemic, there were frequent layoffs, and in some cases, casino employees were lucky to be short-lived, and on the other hand, many casino employees lost their jobs permanently their jobs. For example, this happened when casinos were closed. Now the same applies to 65 Bet at Home employees, and I’d like to explain all the background that led to this.

One of the main reasons the online bookstore is laying off numerous employees is that it is withdrawing from Austria. Behind this is the fact that the Austrian Supreme Court ruled against the sports betting provider. With this ruling, the Supreme Court paid compensation if the players lost money. There is good reason for this ruling:

In Austria, we operate Bet at Home without a valid license. Exclusive status still exists in the country, and according to this, foreign game operators cannot provide their scope. The fact that they did so was because of Europe’s freedom to provide services. At least most people have referred to this. According to the Supreme Court’s ruling, Bet at Home must compensate a large amount of money. There are also fears that other players will join the ruling and ask for a refund.

Because of this, sports betting operators have made large provisions as a precaution, which reduces business assets that can be used for continuous operations, and many employees are now being laid off to compensate for these “losses.” 바카라사이트

It’s not just betting that we’re in this kind of litigation right now. Lawsuits against other gambling operators have also been filed, which can be expected to increase in the near future. As soon as a country’s courts issue these rulings, many players have the opportunity to file lawsuits, in the worst case scenario, online casinos could be shut down. Not all providers have an opportunity to compensate for losses with income from other countries.

Currently, online casinos are not yet licensed in many countries. In addition, many regulators have yet to start working. Because of this, I haven’t received permission yet and I can’t post offers in online casinos. If they do, they will continue to face accusations of doing things illegally. If this is true from a legal point of view, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t provide enough player security.

Many operators who have not yet received permission have already submitted their applications and are waiting to get their licenses every day, but some of them have been forced to take a break because they have introduced casinos without licenses in the past. As a result, game operators also experience sales losses, which are very difficult to compensate for.

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