“I don’t have any work.” Even the North player failed to laugh…Pleasant Suhyun, I dream of being a rose

It’s been a week since she won a medal, but Kim Soo-hyun held up the barbell without skipping a day. This is due to the National Sports Festival (Mokpo) to be held on the 16th. Kim Soo-hyun said, “The National Sports Festival is the last of the major competitions following the World Championship (silver medal in impressions) and the Asian Games in September,” adding, “I will win three national sports medals (impression, portrait, and total) to make a wonderful finale.” “I’ve worked so hard to create a good flow and physical condition like now, but I can’t do it roughly because it’s a waste,” he said with a smile. 온라인카지노

Kim Soo-hyun drew great attention not only for his top skills at the Hangzhou Asian Games but also for his “pleasant personality” that drew smiles from North Korean players who are rarely seen. At the medalists’ press conference, North Korea’s Song Kook-hyang (Gold) and Jung Chun-hee (Silver) expressed expressionless, saying, “I am worried that the injury of the Chinese player (Liao Guifang) is serious. “It’s my birthday today and I’d like to congratulate you,” he said, worrying about China’s Liao Guifang, who withdrew from the game due to injury. However, Kim Soo-hyun said, “I played in my third Asian Games and finally won a medal. I didn’t even know that the Chinese player was hurt because I was in a good mood…He belatedly said, “Happy birthday to a Chinese player.” Song Kook-hyang and Jung Chun-hee, who maintained a stern look at Kim Soo-hyun’s “wrong answer,” were also momentarily “disarmed.”

The two North Korean players won the championship they had been holding back. He didn’t want to be caught smiling, so he bowed his head and shook his shoulders. At this moment, she was not a “female warrior,” but the pure face of an unadulterated “women’s college student.” There was also no chilly atmosphere between the South and North Korean athletes that continued throughout the Asian Games. Kim Soo-hyun continued, “I like Lim Jung-sim.” It’s an honor to compete with two players who are better than Jung Shim,” he said. “I want to set my goal bigger and do as well as these friends to go up to the next level,” and the North Korean players looked surprised. Lim Jung-sim is a North Korean weightlifting hero. She won the 2012 London Olympics (69kg women’s), the 2016 Rio Olympics (75kg women’s), and the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games (75kg women’s).

When asked, “Did you prepare an interesting answer on purpose during the Asian Games press conference?” Kim Soo-hyun said, “I never thought of preparing a comment because I won my dream medal. I didn’t know that the Chinese player, who couldn’t take care of the game because he was concentrating on the game, gave up due to injury. I said I was worried, but I didn’t know it would burst into laughter,” he said with a smile. He did not say at the press conference, but said, “I’m taking a picture separately from the podium, and Song Kook-hyang and Jung Chun-hee said, ‘Let’s take a picture together.’ When I said, “You can do that,” the North Korean players reached out first, saying, “It’s okay,” and I was happy.”

Kim Soo-hyun also talked about behind-the-scenes stories with North Korean athletes and coaches. “(As the possibility of winning) North Korean coach Kim Chun-hee said, “The opportunity has come.” Thanks to you, I focused more. “I like Lim Jung-sim, (a North Korean weightlifting hero), and the North Korean coach calls me ‘Geum-. In the weightlifting event, it is possible to guess that the two Koreas are living without any dignity.

Kim Soo-hyun said, “North Korean players at this Asian Games are a little wary of South Korean players. However, I call them “sister-sister” since 2014 when I debuted with North Korean players, who are their seniors. If you encounter Lim Jung-sim or Kim Kook-hyang, who did not appear in this competition, at an international competition, I first say, “It’s been a long time.” Then, the sisters also encourage me, “Yes, Su-hyun, you look good.” When I asked the North Korean athletes this time, they said that Jeongsim unni gave birth.” They say, “Thank you” to coach Kim Chun-hee and others, “Congratulations. You must be happy (the players won the prize).” A North Korean male athlete once joked, “Suhyun, marry me.” I heard that the brother is doing well in North Korea now.”

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