KIA, which had an all-out bullpen game as previously announced, but there was no reversal

KIA played a game that did not give up until the end, playing an all-out bullpen game as head coach Kim Jong-kook predicted. Starting pitcher Kim Gun-guk made expectations for good pitching by recording eight consecutive batters at the start, but he had to swallow his regret as he collapsed at a moment after walking Huh Kyung-min after two outs in the bottom of the third inning. He took his first loss of the season by allowing only three hits, one out, two strikeouts, and three runs in two ⅔ innings.

In the meantime, the batters had to fight back, but after losing one point to Kwak Bin, they did not have a significant opportunity. Doosan operated a must-win group from the 7th inning, and Hong Gun-hee (1 inning), Kim Myung-shin (1 inning), and Kim Kang-ryul (1 inning) also held scoreless. In addition, Doosan was more meaningful because it was a victory that saved even closer Jung Chul-won, who had recently been out of shape. Kim Kang-ryul earned his first save of this season. It is the first save in 527 days since the game against the LG Twins in Jamsil on May 4, 2022.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop said after the game, “Starting pitcher Kwak Bin pitched well. Catcher Yang Eui-ji skillfully mixed the ball and blocked six innings with one run. Bullpen pitchers also did their part. “Thanks to Hong Gun-hee, Kim Myung-shin, and Kim Kang-ryul taking charge of each inning, we were able to win,” he said. 안전놀이터

“I want to praise the concentration of the fielders. After two outs in the third inning, Huh Kyung-min relentlessly fought for the ball count and got a walk, and valuable consecutive hits from Jung Soo-bin, Cho Ha-haeng and Rojas came out. It was a really important game, but I was able to win thanks to the support of the fans. Thank you,” he added.

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