Hanwha Moon Hyun Bin’s mental management method is “Reading.”

Hanwha Eagles infielder Moon Hyun-bin (19) is the player who played the most games among rookie players this season.

Moon Hyun-bin, who was named 11th in the second round of the rookie draft last year, made a snow stamp in off-season training and exhibition games throughout the winter and was named from the opening entry.

Moon Hyun-bin, who has been defending the first division since then, played 110 games until the 9th and scored 34 RBIs and 36 points with a batting average of 0.255 (87 hits in 341 at-bats).

Many people cite Moon Hyun-bin’s mature mentality over his successful debut season.

Former head coach Carlos Subero also praised, “My fellow players are busy making excuses or blaming others when they make mistakes, but Moon Hyun-bin humbly accepts and tries to learn from his mistakes,” adding, “Unlike today’s generation, he is very mature.”

Moon Hyun-bin also showed his true value in a doubleheader that requires a high level of concentration.

Moon Hyun-bin started as the first batter and second baseman in the Kiwoom Heroes and doubleheader on the 9th and recorded two hits in five at-bats side by side in the first and second games.

In the first inning of the first game, he hit a superior triple to become the main character of the first run, and in the second inning with a 1-0 lead, he was responsible for running away with a timely double.

Hanwha won the first game 11-2 and the second game 3-1 in a row.

Moon Hyun-bin, who finished the game, said, “I was exhausted even in nine innings, but it was hard to concentrate on 18 innings,” adding, “I once again felt that professionals had a lot of physical strength.”

Looking back on this season, he stressed, “In high school, I thought skills were important because I played one or two games a week and rested for about a month, but I feel that mental and physical strength are more important in professionals.”

It also means that he supplemented 카지노사이트 his lack of physical strength with such strong mental strength.

When asked if his original personality was adult, Moon Hyun-bin put “reading” in his mouth.

“Originally, I was excited and couldn’t control my emotions when (baseball) didn’t work out, but I think I’ve calmed down a lot while reading,” he said. “I’m going to read books rather than using my smartphone.”

The goal of the rest of the season was to “stay in the first division until 144 games are played.”

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