Yoon Ji-hoon’s changed role in the U16 national team

The ace in the team! What about the national team?

South Korea’s U16 men’s basketball team, which will participate in the 2023 FIBA U16 Asian Men’s Basketball Championship, held a practice match against Dongguk University on the 9th. The national team launched an attack centered on captain Eddie Daniel and Yang Woo-hyuk, and refined its organizational power in defense.

Yoon Ji-hoon of Samseon Middle School also joined forces with his older brothers and confidently took his play against his college brothers.

Yoon Ji-hoon said, “I’ve been training hard to match hands and feet. It was hard,” he said.

Head coach Kim Hyun-soo, who leads the national team, emphasized the role of defense and guards. Yoon Ji-hoon, who plays as a guard, is also well aware of this. Yoon Ji-hoon said, “My role is to run hard next to my brothers and shoot at the chance,” adding, “The more I train, the better my teamwork with my team members is getting over time.”

Yoon Ji-hoon, the main ball handler of the team, is the five-time winner of this year’s three-term middle school. He assembles and runs the game himself and owns a lot of balls. However, the national team needed time to adjust as much as they played basketball differently from the team.

Yoon Ji-hoon said, “It was definitely awkward because the roles in the team and the national team were different. “There were times when I didn’t know what to do, but I kept taking movement 사설토토 when attacking, and I kept getting used to my opponent’s defense,” he replied.

Last week, the national team received a national team uniform with its name and back number on it.

Yoon Ji-hoon said, “When I received the uniform, it was amazing and I felt good. I thought I really became a member of the national team,” he said, adding, “I really want to go to the semifinals. “I’ll do my best so that I can play next year because I’ve shown good performance in the national team,” he said.

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