Considering Son Heung-min’s skills this season, it is not easy to expect to see how much Werner can fill the vacancy.

Ahead of this season, Tottenham’s front-line striker Harry Kane left for Bayern Munich. Doubts over whether he can make up for Kane’s departure, who had been a big part of Tottenham’s fortunes by scoring 30 goals in the league alone last season, followed Tottenham until the opening of the season. In fact, Tottenham remained unbeaten right after the opening of the league, but was evaluated as disappointing in terms of their forward attack until the third round.

In the match against Burnley in the fourth round of the league, Coach Enze Postecoglou made the decision. Postecoglou chose Son as the front-line striker in lieu of his lackluster Hishalisson. Then, Son paid back the coach’s faith. Son made a flying start against Burnley by scoring hat tricks including a finishing goal in the season, wiping out the sluggishness of last season. Son, who was sitting in the center, made a way for his offense by banking on strong pressure and plays moving back and forth between the sides. When the team was trailing 0-1 in the match against Burnley, Son received a pass from left-side striker Manor Solomon in the 16th minute of the first half, and scored the equalizer with a chip shot that crossed the height of the goalkeeper in a one-on-one situation. He then scored two goals in the second half to complete the hat trick, completely wiping out the regret that he had not scored in the previous third round.

Son Heung-min scored twice to balance the score immediately whenever his team lost a point, helping his team secure one point in the away match against Arsenal. The score continued. Son, who played as a one-top against Liverpool again, confirmed Hicharlisson’s penetration and passed the ball in the 36th minute of the first half, and Hicharlisson crossed, which was easily returned by Son who was rushing in front of the gate, shaking the Liverpool net. Son, who lived up to Postecoglou’s belief, scored six goals in three of the four matches in September when he played as a front-line striker. Since then, Son has played as a one-top against Luton Town, and although he did not have an offensive point, he has helped his team attack with constant forward pressure.

Son, who had no goal in early October, showed his instinct to score again in the match against Fulham since the A-match period in October. In the 36th minute of the first half, Van der Pence stole the ball from the front of the opponent’s penalty box and Hissarlissong delivered it to Son, who was in front of the box. Son immediately turned between defense and shook Fulham’s net with a sharp right-footed curler. Son and Hissarlissong collaborated to score once again following the last match against Liverpool. In the ensuing match against Palace, Son scored the winning goal to lead his team to an unbeaten 10 matches.

Since then, Madison has been sluggish for a while due to injury, but he quickly returned to his original skills with one goal and one assist against Manchester City and one goal and two assists against Newcastle, and in December, he was nominated for player of the month with four goals and four assists. 실시간 바카라사이트

On the 4th, the EPL Secretariat released the players of the month for December 2023-2024 on its official website. The list includes Dominic Solanke, who scored six goals, Marcos Senesse (Bournemouth), who accumulated two goals and one assist, Cole Palmer (Chelsea), who scored four goals and two assists, Matheus Cunha (Wolverhampton), who scored three goals and three assists, Michael Olise (Crystal Palace), who scored four goals and one assist, Mohammed Kudus (West Ham), who scored four goals, and Alexander Arnold (Riverpool), who scored two assists. Son Heung-min was nominated for the player of the month with an overwhelming four goals and four assists compared to the players in question.

Son Heung-min is a little behind Liverpool’s Arnold (4 wins, 2 draws), who is unbeaten in the team’s performance, but Tottenham also has a compliance of 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses, and Son Heung-min is expected to be more likely to win the award because he is overwhelmed in his personal performance.

Among active players in the EPL, only one player of the month has won more awards than Son Heung-min, Mohamed Salah. Prior to this season, Salah won the award in February 2018, March, and October 2021, starting with his first win in November 2017. Salah, who was tied with Son Heung-min with four wins, was selected as the winner in October after September, when Son won the award, winning five and rising to become the most active player. In addition to active players, five-time winners include Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie.

Tottenham fans are worried about whether Werner will be able to fill Son Heung-min’s vacancy, one of Tottenham’s all-time strikers.

Tottenham also has some regrets about the resources that they were able to recruit on behalf of Werner. British TBR Football stated, “Seru Girasi could consider going to Tottenham in the January transfer window. Tottenham was linked to the Stuttgart striker. The British Sun reported that Manchester United were interested in Girasi, but Girasi added that he would prefer to move to Tottenham.” He then said, “Football reporter Paul Brown said he thought Girashi would be a very attractive proposition for Girashi because he can get a lot of playing time for Tottenham and he is a well-earned club, so he was confident that Girashi was on Tottenham’s recruitment list.”

Girashi, a 27-year-old striker this year, is playing in the Bundesliga this season, scoring the most goals after Harry Kane. He has scored 17 goals in 14 league matches, especially with his excellent scoring ability in front of the gate and his influence in front of him. If he joins Tottenham, he can even expect to fill Kane’s vacancy right away. As the player himself was known to want to go to Tottenham, a lot of attention was paid to the possibility of a transfer.

However, Girashi’s transfer to Tottenham was virtually impossible due to Tottenham’s loan of Werner. TBR Football stated, “Tottenham is unlikely to recruit Girashi in the January transfer window. They are already recruiting Werner,” drawing a line that Girashi’s move to Tottenham will be virtually impossible this winter. If he misses Girashi by catching Werner, who has shown disappointing results in his previous club Leipzig, Tottenham fans will inevitably feel disappointed.

Whether Werner, who does not have high expectations from fans for himself, will be able to turn his fans’ disappointment into joy at Tottenham is also expected to be a major factor in the second half of the year.

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