“Ichiro Love Revealed by a 148 Billion Won Man” Japanese media pays attention to an interview with SF Lee Jung-hoo

Japanese media paid attention to an interview with Lee Jung-hoo (26), the grandson of the wind who joined the San Francisco Giants. Lee Jung-hoo mentioned Ichiro Suzuki (51), the symbol of Japanese baseball. 메이저 토토사이트

Japanese media “The Answer” highlighted Lee Jung-hoo’s interview in an article titled “Ichiro Love, Influence on the Transition of Left-handed Batteries,” which was revealed by a 16.2 billion yen (about 148 billion won) man in Korea on the 9th.

“WBC Korean national team outfielder Lee Jung-hoo, who has been confirmed to join San Francisco, expressed respect for Ichiro, who played in the Major League,” the media said. “Lee Jung-hoo has Lee Jong-beom, who played for the Chunichi Dragons, as his father, and he is from Nagoya and has a deep relationship with Japan.” “A video of (Lee Jung-hoo) mentioning Ichiro was introduced on the San Francisco club’s official SNS under the title of ‘Lee Jung-hoo’s overflowing Ichiro love’,” he said.

In the video, which deals with the behind-the-scenes story of joining the San Francisco Giants, Lee Jung-hoo said in an interview that he was influenced by Ichiro in the process of starting baseball. “I started baseball with my left hand because my father said he wouldn’t let me play baseball if I didn’t hit left-handed,” Lee Jung-hoo said. “Ichiro was the first video of a player I saw after playing left-handed.”

“Ichiro was my favorite player since I was young, and that’s why I also liked this number (No. 51) and played with it since I was young,” Lee told reporters at his official joining the team. In fact, Lee has been using the number 51 all the time except for the first season (No. 41) since his professional debut.

Ichiro is a baseball legend who needs no explanation. Having conquered the Japanese professional baseball league (NPB) and entered the U.S. market in 2001, Ichiro hit 0.350 with eight homers, 69 RBIs and 56 stolen bases in the first year of his Major League debut, and became a sensation by sweeping the Rookie of the Year of the American League, MVP, All Star, Gold Glove and Silver Slugger.

In 2004, Ichiro, who played as the best hitting machine, breaking the new record for most hits in a major league season (262), recorded 3,089 hits in 2,653 games, a batting average of 0.311 with 117 homers, 780 RBIs and 509 steals in 19 seasons. Ichiro, who recorded 4,367 hits in the U.S. and Japan, is also the world’s best record holder in the category of “professional baseball player hits” recognized by Guinness World Records.

It is widely known that Lee Jung-hoo has been a “role model” for Ichiro since he was a child. Lee Jung-hoo, who is similar to Ichiro in correct contact with right-handed, left-handed, and right-handed outfielders, played 884 games in seven seasons in the KBO League, recording a batting average of 0.340 65 home runs, 515 RBIs, and 69 steals, and ranks first in the overall batting average category (based on more than 3,000 at-bats).

Lee Jung-hoo, dubbed “Korea’s Ichiro,” is also set to make his big league debut after seven years, just as Ichiro conquered the Japanese stage in seven seasons starting in 1994 (debut in 1992), when he was the NPB’s first full-time season. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jung-hoo, who is advancing to the big league with the best treatment from Asia (6 years, $113 million), will be able to spread his wings on the major league stage like Ichiro, who he used to be an idol when he was a child.

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