“Jo-yeon, it doesn’t matter if it’s a minor role…”Win the Asian Cup with All Yourself”…MVP Kim Young-kwon’s “Baekui-jong-gun”

Despite this, 2023 will not be remembered as just joy. He is a living legend who joined the Century Club (players who have played in more than 100 A matches) after building a career as a national team player for more than 10 years. However, he spent more time sitting on the bench under coach Jurgen Klinsmann of Germany, who took the helm of the national team early last year. Until the 2022 World Cup in Qatar under Paulo Bento (currently UAE coach), he played as a central defender with Kim Min-jae (Bayern Munich).

For the Clinsman team, his junior Jung Seung-hyeon (Ulsan) was paired with Kim Min-jae for a long time. Ironically, Kim has more time to play in Ulsan. There have been many controversies over the issue of sangseong within the national team. Whatever the reason, Kim is in his twilight years. There is not much time left for the national team either. Confused about being out of his eternity, Kim is making a big picture of himself as a veteran.

“I still vividly remember making my A-match debut in a friendly match against Nigeria in 2010 (August 11) before I left the Asian Cup,” Kim told Sports Seoul in a New Year’s interview. “There were many twists and turns, but I am grateful that I had a good time with the national team.” “Under the current circumstances, my conclusion is that whether I play in the Asian Cup finals or not, I should not be a bad senior. I desperately want to win the Asian Cup, which I also failed to achieve. I will work as a supporter of my juniors.”

Although he does not express himself outwardly, he has a strong desire to win and a strong sense of goal. His ultimate dream is to surpass the record set by Hong Myung-bo, a “soul teacher” and “role model” who has been linked as a priest from the youth representative to his current team Ulsan. Hong, who played as Asia’s best liberator during his active career, has played in four World Cups, and is a leading player in the team’s advance to the semifinals of the 2022 Korea-Japan World Cup and a Bronze Ball winner.

Did he say that if one has a dream, one will approach reality?” Kim Young-kwon followed in his teacher’s footsteps strangely. Like Hong (136 games), he played more than 100 A matches as a defender, and suffered setbacks and jubilation at the World Cup. After suffering from elimination in the group league at the 2014 Brazil World Cup, he roared with the finisher at the 2018 Russia World Cup. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup, he scored an equalizer against Portugal, laying the foundation for his advance to the round of 16 teams. He will step on his fourth World Cup stage and hope to break the record of most A matches played by a defender.

However, he switched to “let go” mode after going through the second pain of growth. What made him possible was his teacher. “It is true that I recently agonized over when to finish (my national team activities). I had a lot of thoughts. At that time, I asked Hong. He said, “Take it easy. Everyone will clap your hands if you stop now.” “I just thought about not playing as well as before, but what the coach said reminded me of what I have been doing and what I have been achieving. Then, I saw a new goal,” he confessed.

Regardless of his supporting roles and minor roles, Kim has come to play a central role in helping the national team become a “one team.” “Honestly, it is true that I was grumpy at first (when I was not able to play for the national team),” Kim said smiling. “Now I want to finish the game well with my juniors.” “The basic thing is to be in good physical condition to always play in front of my teammates. And I will relax and help them first. I will only look at the team’s goal. I will try my best to make myself feel like I want to form a team like Young-kwon later on,” Kim said. 안전한 파워볼사이트

When asked to liken a player’s watch to “90 minutes of soccer, score,” Kim said, “80 minutes, 5-3.” When asked about higher-than-expected scores, Kim said, “My team was criticized and happy because of me. That’s how many things happened. Still, we need to end with victory.”

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