Bath’s ‘One Man Show’… Kt beats Hyundai Mobis to advance to the semifinals PO

The professional basketball team Suwon kt beat Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and reached the semifinal playoff. KT beat Hyundai Mobis 93-80 in the fourth round of the 2023-2024 professional basketball semifinal playoff (three wins out of five) held at Dongcheon Gymnasium in Ulsan on the 11th.

As a result, kt (33-21) ranked third in the regular league, which swept both consecutive games in the enemy camp, beat Hyundai Mobis (26-28) ranked sixth in the regular league with a total of 3 wins and 1 loss and advanced to the semifinal playoff for the first time in two years since the 2021-2022 season.

Hyundai Mobis who couldn’t overcome KT… There was no rebellion

Hyundai Mobis, which was on the brink of losing two games, dominated kt from the first quarter to take the lead. In particular, Lee Woo-suk and Kim Kook-chan dominated the outskirts, leading 26-22.

Hyundai Mobis seemed to continue the atmosphere as Kebe Aluma made a steal in the second quarter and Lee Woo-seok hit a three-point shot. However, KT turned the tables instantly as Paris Bath scored five consecutive points and Heo Hoon’s three-point shot revived.

From the third quarter, the mood was high at KT. When Hyundai Mobis had a gap in defense to block Bath and Hur Hoon, Ha Yoon-ki penetrated into the gap, widening the gap to double digits.

Hyundai Mobis also did not back down. It gave up the paint zone but tried to find a breakthrough on the outside, and started chasing after Lee Woo-seok’s 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter. Hyundai Mobis narrowed the gap to single digits again and entered the fourth quarter.

However, KT did not allow the team to come from behind. With a three-point shot and a free throw, Hur Hoon blocked Hyundai Mobis’ pursuit. Soon after, Bath intercepted Hyundai Mobis’ ball and directly dunked it to seal the victory.

In the end, kt won by 7 points, and the players of both teams were still fighting each other after the game and couldn’t calm down. Bath’s performance, which is ahead of others in skills, experience, and experience KT’s “foreign solver” Bath led the team to victory by scoring the most points and rebounds with 33 points and 17 rebounds.

In particular, Bath overwhelmed Aluma, a foreign player of Hyundai Mobis who defended himself. In the second quarter, he scored a whopping 12 points alone, laying the groundwork for his come-from-behind victory.

As Aluma struggled, Hyundai Mobis deployed Gage Prim in the fourth quarter to stop Bath. However, Prim committed an attacker foul while engaging in an unnecessary war of nerves with Bath, which calmly led to the score.

Eventually, Aluma and Prim displayed both their lack of skills and experience in front of seasoned Bath, and Bath performed at her best. Heo Hoon, who had a one-two punch with Bath, scored 22 points and six assists, while Ha Yoon-ki, the national team center, also scored 16. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

On the other hand, Hyundai Mobis struggled with Lee Woo-seok’s exciting three-point shot, scoring 28 points, but the two foreign players failed to play their part and collapsed on their own as they committed a number of turnovers at the last minute of the game.

As a result, KT will face Changwon LG, the second-ranked team in the regular league, in the semifinal playoff from the 16th. KT’s coach Song Young-jin, who beat Hyundai Mobis under Cho Dong-hyun, will have a resourceful showdown with LG’s Cho Sang-hyun, Cho’s twin brother, in the semifinal.

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