“Remain in FA” Hana OneQ Yang In-young “Kim Jong-un’s persuasion…”I will give great happiness to my fans”

After holding a negotiation table with Hana One Q recently, he immediately decided to stay. He signed a three-year contract with a total of 300 million won (390,000 U.S. dollars) for a total of 280 million won (222,000 dollars per year and 20 million won per year). It was the first contract for WKBL FA in the off-season.

Yang In-young, who signed a four-year annual salary of 121 million won with Hana One Q after being released as a FA from Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin after the 2019-20 season, signed on good terms with more than double his annual salary. 메이저 토토사이트

Considering Yang’s performance in the last season, the results are convincing. In 29 regular season games during the 2023-24 season, Yang recorded 12.8 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.7 assists in 33 minutes and 07 seconds on average. He performed so well that he recorded career high in most indicators except for scoring points. Thanks to Yang In-young’s performance, Hana OneQ experienced its first “spring basketball” in its foundation.

“Hana One Q is a team that recognized my value when I was a six-man at Samsung Life Insurance in the past,” Yang told “News 1” after signing the contract. “I didn’t think about moving to another team in gratitude,” adding, “With my team getting better and better, I decided to renew my contract because I wanted to go to a higher place. I am grateful to the team for recognizing me this time as well.”

Hana One Q ranked fifth, sixth and sixth among the six teams over the past three seasons. However, this season was different. Kim Jong Un, who returned to his parents’ home after winning numerous championship titles at Woori Bank in Asan, has become a unified team.

Yang said Kim Jong Un also played a significant role in deciding to renew the contract. “Since Kim Jong Un came back to Hana One Q last year, she has told me to stay in the team even if I become a FA,” Yang said. “I was truly overwhelmed by the presence of Kim Jong Un, who is receiving great help both inside and outside the stadium.”

“After the contract was announced, everyone liked it. Not only Jeongeun but also her friend (Shin) Ji-hyun and director Kim Do-wan, who have been in a priesthood since Samsung Life Insurance, said, “Thank you,” adding, “I want to get along with the current members once again.”

Hana OneQ was eliminated by regular league winner Cheongju KB for three consecutive losses in the PO with a swollen dream. It was evaluated that he fought well in a situation where he was inferior in objective power, but the players felt a lot of regret.

“I thought I wouldn’t be nervous in the PO, but I was nervous without realizing it. It’s a shame that I lost the first round without doing anything,” Yang said. “I had to play my role more in the second and third rounds. The more I deal with her, the more I feel she is an amazing player.”

Yang In-young, who finished PO with all her strength, is taking a rest after undergoing surgery to remove bone fragments from her ankle last week. In particular, there was a sad situation in which her precious cat passed away recently.

“I want to recharge for a while until the team is reconvened in mid-May. From then on, I have to work hard again,” Yang said. “I need to bulk up to show my power inside, and I will also increase my three-point shooting ability.”

Yang In-young, who said her responsibility has increased as her salary has risen a lot, said, “I was happy to see more spectators than usual last season. I’ve always been sorry to have to bow in front of the fans, but I’ll try to give more joy to the fans in the future.”

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