“Friendly” Son Seokyong is meeting Kimpo… “I’ll do my best for Suwon.”

Son Seok-yong has strengthened his will ahead of the “friendly team” match against Gimpo FC. Suwon Samsung defeated the Jeonnam Dragons 5-1 in the sixth round of the “Hana Bank K League 2 2023” held at Suwon World Cup Stadium at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. Suwon also recorded its second consecutive win in the league with the victory.

It was a showdown between the two teams, which sought to take the top spot in the league. The result was a complete victory for Suwon. The match, which was played in a tight balance of 1-1 until the first half, tilted towards Suwon with as many as four goals scored in the second half alone. After the match, Coach Yeom Ki-hoon said, “The team had a tough game against Jeonnam, which is in a good mood. With each and every round, players are also developing one-on-one fights. Strikers overcame the challenge well. I am happy to win the game in front of fans.” 안전한 파워볼사이트

Son Seok-yong, who scored his first goal in front of Suwon fans, displayed outstanding performance. Son, who started the match on the day, drove the ball from the left side into the box at the 18th minute of the second half, and scored an upset goal with a right footed shot. Afterwards, Son was replaced by Jun Jin-woo and left the ground, sending a 90-degree bow to the fans who came to the stadium.

After the match, Son said, “It is meaningful personally because it is my debut goal at Suwon, and I am more happy that I was able to contribute to my team’s great victory than scoring a goal. It was not an easy game, but I am happy that I was able to win by a large margin,” expressing his feelings on his debut goal and victory.

[Son Seokyong’s question-and-answer expert]

HJ: How do you feel about the game?

It is meaningful personally as it is my debut goal at Suwon, and I am more happy that I was able to contribute to my team’s great victory than to score a goal. It was not an easy game, but I am happy to win by a large margin.

  • He was replaced right after the score. Was it a shame?

It wasn’t like that at all. (I) believed that when I was physically exhausted, replacement players could be deployed to create a situation. I believed in the coach’s choice.

  • I heard your shooting wasn’t good until yesterday’s training. Why was it especially good today?

Until yesterday, the outside kicking course didn’t work out well. So I trained a lot to turn inward. It was important to find confidence because the next day was the game. The coach also stimulated me a lot while teasing me. That’s why I think I was able to score.

Q: The position that director Yeom Ki-hoon orders?

Originally, they asked for boldness on the side, but today they ordered a lot of linked plays from the inside. Thank you for trusting and leaving it to me.

-They’ve been doing well since the K3 league?

In fact, I was very worried. I’ve been preparing hard since the winter. I think the results show that I did it without regret.

Q: We’re going to face Kimpo in the next game?

“Even though I am a friendly team, I am now a player of Suwon. I will do my best for the team.”

  • What’s your goal for this season?

Of course, it is a direct promotion. If I go to the K League 1, I will also grow further. I think I will have grown more after the end of this season.

  • Greeted in 90 degrees as he went out as a replacement. What did he mean?

I expressed my gratitude to the fans who came to see me. I think this is the reason why I can take a step forward even when I am struggling.

  • Personal goals?

I jokingly told the coach that he has 20 offensive points. So far, no change has occurred. I think we have to set our goal high. If I achieve my goal, I will ask the coach to do something for me. Of course, I still have two. I still have a long way to go.

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