“Volleyball Empress” who was defeated by the desire to win…”It’s not necessarily a bad thing to express your feelings during a game”

In the world of sports, it is natural for a professional athlete to express his or her emotions through actions during a game. They cheer when the game goes well, and when the play does not go as they wish, they vent their anger in their own way. Some players calm their anger inside and shout self-blaming. However, if the level exceeds “the level,” they will be warned by the referee and can be subject to criticism by the fans. 온라인경마

Kim Yeon-koung (35), the “superstar” of Heungkuk Life Insurance in the women’s professional volleyball team, is also more faithful to expressing emotions than anyone else. It was the same in the match against Jeonggwan-jang in the third round of the 2023-2024 V-League at Samsan World Gymnasium in Incheon on the 24th. Heungkuk Life Insurance, which led the league with nine consecutive wins in the early days of the season, fell to second place with three losses in the past four games. The leader, Kim Yeon-koung, desperately needed a victory to break the losing streak in the match against Jeonggwan-jang, and led the team’s 3-1 set score by driving out 22 points (48.78% attack success rate), the most in the team.

Kim, who contributed the most to her victory, did not hide her feelings at the end of the match. With Heungkuk Life leading 2-1 at 8-8 in the fourth set, Kim made 10-8 with consecutive points, and was blocked in the next attack. Unable to contain her anger when she failed to attack, she screamed and hit the ball hard on the court, sending it off the court. She was out of anger to counter herself. However, the referee stopped her and Kim calmly prepared for the next play.

After the roar, Kim Yeon-koung’s play became sharper and her teammates’ concentration also revived, which led to her team’s escape from consecutive losses. It was the first sold-out game (6,150) this season, and a Christmas gift for home fans who watched the most games in history. Heungkuk Life Insurance (39 points), which added three points, trailed Hyundai Engineering & Construction (41 points) by two points.

Kim gave an honest answer after the match about her emotional expression. “I don’t like expressing my emotions in Korea, but I think I can express my anger as long as I don’t get a credit card. I play more passionately while staying true to my emotions,” she stressed. “It’s okay if I regain my composure quickly. I think that’s how I can help other players focus more.”

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