“Best Asian player in Premier League history”…Son Heung-min Becomes the Best 11 in the First Half of the Premier League

“We have selected the 11 best players in the first half of the 2023/24 Premier League season,” the British media outlet Gol. What should be noted most of all is that Son was chosen. Son has long established himself as a legendary player in the Premier League. He is the best Asian player in the history of the Premier League, and has scored 10 goals in all but one of the nine seasons he played in England.

However, as Son himself admitted, the 2022/23 season was the worst for the team and for Son individually. Son’s performance dropped as Tottenham dropped to eighth place, and he seemed to need a fresh start. With the addition of Postecoglou and the transfer of Harry Kane, his former attacking partner, to Munich, Son was back in top form after moving to the ninth position.

Son Heung-min is currently trying to win his second Golden Boot with 11 goals, and the possibility of winning the Premier League for the first time is also predicted as Tottenham come up to the front and await the return of key players. According to the media, Son Heung-min is unmatched in terms of finishing skills and tends to show his true value more in big games, so despite his ripe age of 31, Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s main player, can still be the best.

Another player to watch is goalkeeper Vicario. One of Tottenham’s most intriguing signings was the signing of Empoli goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario for £17.2 million (W28.3 billion). Vicario was hired as the No. 1 goalkeeper at a time when Hugo Lloris, a longtime goalkeeper and captain, remains a surplus resource. 파친코

However, Vicario instantly eliminated doubts about his skill and experience, and improved his performance by one notch above Lloris, demonstrating Tottenham’s ability to play much higher up to maximize the effectiveness of Postecoglou’s system. Vicario is a calm and proper sweeper keeper.

He also boasts of excellent reflexes and defended Tottenham’s points with numerous saves. Vicario’s presence has stabilized Tottenham’s defense further and is credited with helping them still seek victory. The last player to watch is Liverpool’s Van Dijk. This season, Van Dijk has returned to his prime. He has been more aggressive in contention with his opponents and is literally building a wall, eliminating the mistakes that overshadowed him last season.

Statistics show his true value. No Premier League defender with more than 800 minutes can beat Van Dijk’s 80.5% contest success rate. He also ranks second to his 59-time Brentford center-back Pinnock for 51 successful aerial contests. Van Dijk has also shown this season that he is never dribbled away like he did in the 2018/19 season. He has not allowed a single dribble while playing more than 800 minutes this season. Van Dijk can see how much his form has come up this season, as he dribbled 11 times last season.

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