U-20 Korean men’s ice hockey wins all world championships Promotion to Division 3

The Korean men’s ice hockey team under the age of 20 (U-20) won the championship in Division 2 Group A (4th division) of the 2024 International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) World Championship.The national team, led by coach Shin Seok-seok, won 4-3 over the host country, England, in the final match of the tournament held in Dumfries, England, on the 18th (Korean time), winning all 5 games and taking the top spot with 15 points.As a result, the national team confirmed promotion to Division 1 Group B (3rd division) of the Men’s Under-20 World Championship starting next year.

Kim Si-hwan (Yonsei University) scored the first goal at 13 minutes and 1 second of the first period, and our national team gave up the tying goal three minutes later. In the second period, they were unable to stop England’s offensive and gave up two points in a row, falling to 1-3.The national team, which was on the defensive, launched a counterattack with Kim Si-hwan scoring at the beginning of the third period. Gong Yoo-chan (Yonsei University) scored the tying goal, and with 50 seconds left in the game, Kim Si-hwan scored an MT-Net goal (when the opponent ruled out a goal) to win the game. confirmed.On this day, Kim Si-hwan made a great performance, scoring 3 goals by himself.Coach Shin Seok-seok said, “I would like to thank the players and staff who did their best. He expressed his gratitude, saying, “The reason we were able to win was because all the players worked together as one team.”The national team will face Japan, Ukraine, Italy, Estonia and Poland in the third division next year.The national team will return home via Incheon International 스포츠토토존 Airport at 4:25 pm on the 19th.

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