Coaches Avon Danja and Tilikainen join the volleyball performance improvement committee.

 Women’s professional volleyball coach Marcelo Abondanza of Heungkuk Life Insurance and men’s professional volleyball coach Tommy Tillikainen of Korean Air will join the Korean Volleyball Association’s Performance Improvement Committee and work together to improve the international competitiveness of Korean volleyball.The Korea Volleyball Association announced on the 18th, “We have completed the formation of the Performance Improvement Committee, which will lead the selection of leaders and players for the 2024 national team and strengthen the international competitiveness of the national team.”

The women’s committee consisted of Chairman Kim Cheol-yong, Ko Hee-jin, head coach of Jeong Kwan-jang, Kim Jeong-ah, CEO of W Data Volleyball Stats, Shin Seung-jun, KBSN announcer, Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Avon Danja, Korea Volleyball Federation Competition Committee Chairman Park Joo-jeom, and Daejeon Yongsan High School coach Jo Wan-ki.The men’s committee consisted of Chairman Noh Jin-soo, Moonil High School coach Kim Jeong-geun, Competition Committee Chairman Park Joo-jeom, Lef Korea CEO Cho Seon-woong, Inha University coach Choi Cheon-sik, Hyundai Capital coach Choi Tae-woong, and Korean Air coach Tillikainen. The Korea Volleyball Association said, “Considering that most of the adult national team players are professional players, coaches from professional teams have consistently joined the Korea Volleyball Association’s Performance Improvement Committee.” “Based on prior agreement, we included professional coaches and federation officials,” he explained.Heungkuk Life Insurance coach Abondanza from Italy and coach Tillikainen from Finland also plan to present various opinions on the selection and 온라인카지노 management of the national team.

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