The Pennsylvania Game Management Board announced New Round Of Mini Casino

Game regulators have so far selected successful bidders for five such projects and can approve up to five more under state law.

Sept. 4 Auction Announces Start of Second Mini-Casino License Auction. PGCB completed the first round in the spring of 2018. 파칭코사이트인포

Signed by the government under Pennsylvania’s Gambling Expansion Act. Tom Wolf can issue up to 10 Category 4 casino licenses to interested operators in 2017. Currently, those who hold Category 1, 2, or 3 casino licenses in the state can apply for Category 4 licenses.

Category 4 minicasino can contain up to 30 table games at open, as well as 300 to 750 slot machines, and can add 10 table games after full operation in the first year.

Bidders participating in mini-casino auctions require a minimum bid of $7.5 million for Category 4 casino licenses. They also have to pay an additional $2.5 million for the right to run table games in the facility.

Statewide development of mini casinos is part of a larger gambling expansion effort that includes the legalization of sports betting and online gaming in Pennsylvania territory.

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