The construction of Lago Resort & Casino, a $425 million site to be located in New York’s Finger Lake

Protesters aim to prevent state gaming committees from authorizing proposed casino projects. Lago Resorts & Casinos is one of four proposals for a full-fledged casino resort in northern New York. The state gambling regulator is currently reviewing the project and is expected to grant the necessary casino licenses by the end of 2015.

Tuesday, government officials, Oneida Nation representatives, workers at Finger Lake Games & Racetracks, and other stakeholders once again called for the Finger Lake proposal to be cut off because it would have a negative impact on the local economy and local jobs. Moreover, if released, Lago Leost & Casino will put the viability of Finger Lake Gaming & Racetrack at serious risk.

Steve Martin, head of marketing at the existing Finger Lake gambling house, said the new resort would “transfer” jobs from facilities already established in the area In addition, the state will not get any net profit and the new casino will never contribute to the revitalization of northern New York, Mr Martin added.

Oneida India’s National Human Resources Vice President, Dana Sobokul, commented that the Lago Resort & Casino project would probably “create serious disruption” for many workers and undermine tribal efforts to “create a stable, safe and vibrant workforce” for the Finger Lake region.

On Tuesday’s rally, Lago Resorts & Casino spokesman Stephen Greenberg called it a “fake” rally. Mr Greenberg added that he had the support of a local gambling house that wanted to maintain an established monopoly in the area. 파칭코사이트인포

The spokesman said developers will continue to focus on their goal of establishing the best casino resort in northern New York, creating 1,800 temporary construction jobs and 1,800 permanent jobs. In addition, they expect the site to increase tourism and create many economic opportunities for Finger Lake residents.

Mr Greenberg also noted that once operational, Lago Resort & Casino will contribute funds to county and local governments that receive nothing from Oneida Nation and Finger Lakes Gaming & Race tracks.

Foundation blocks were set up at the Lago Resort & Casino site in Seneca County while protesters held a rally on the state Capitol. The plan of the project as well as the related resort have been in place for a long time. More plans for the proposed casino resort will be revealed when the state gambling regulator announces its decision to grant the necessary licenses.

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