Sanchez made a strong impression with a quality start with five hits

At the beginning of the game, KT hitters had a hard time with Sanchez’s double-kick movement. Appealing to the movement of lifting the left leg twice during the pitching process, the referee accepted it and warned that if another double kick comes out, he will judge it with a ball.

In the bottom of the sixth inning, Kim Sang-soo hit a hit in front of the right fielder against Sanchez and got on base. Sanchez, who knows he has fast feet, throws two check balls to first base in a row.

Commentator Park Jae-hong, who was in charge of the commentary, also said, “I saw it for the first time.” He entered the set position after making a check fake move by bending and bleeding his left knee at first base with two outs. First baseman Kim Sang-soo flinched. Sanchez then twisted to first base and immediately checked. 토토사이트

Since then, KT manager Lee Kang-chul has appealed to the referees, saying there is a problem with Sanchez’s check movement. Sanchez looked at coach Lee Kang-chul and the referee with a puzzled look on his face and continued the game with the conclusion that there was no problem with the check movement.

When the game was played, Kia Sanchez threw two consecutive checks toward first base as if determined, and boos and cheers shook the stadium in the stands of both teams.

Sanchez struck out Hwang Jae-kyun and roared toward the dugout. Sanchez threw five balls to Hwang Jae-kyun in the top of the sixth inning with two outs and a runner on first base, and Kim Sang-soo had six check balls.

Sanchez, who recorded a victory in his first appearance, threw 88 balls and had 19 out counts. The four-seam fastball had a maximum speed of 147km, and KT hitters were embarrassed with various pitches such as sliders, two-seam, chage-ups, and curves.

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