The Clare Best Partnering Wakayama Is Pushing for a Casino

Several Japanese media outlets reported that a venture related to Clare Best Group, a Canadian-based private equity management company, will be announced Wednesday as a business partner in Wakayama Prefecture’s efforts to attract casino resorts.

Japanese public broadcaster NHK was among the media that carried the report. The news media referred to people with knowledge of the matter as sources of information, but did not identify them. 온라인경마

Wakayama authorities confirmed to GGRASIA in mid-May that Claire Best Niem Ventures was the only competitor in the prefecture’s proposal request process after SunCity Holdings Japan Inc’s withdrawal notice.

The prefecture has announced that it will find a business partner in casino planning by spring this year. Since large-scale casino complexes are known in Japan, local governments in Japan must find private sector partners and apply to central authorities for the right to host integrated resorts (IR). Up to three such venues will be allowed in Japan at the same time as the market opens.

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