“If I do well again, the fans will like it, right?”

Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop registered right-hander Lee Young-ha in the first division entry ahead of Game 8 of the season against KT in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 3rd. Lee Young-ha, who was indicted without detention on charges of school violence last summer, was acquitted on the 31st of last month on the grounds of insufficient evidence after a nine-month legal battle.

Lee Young-ha, dressed in training clothes, not a suit, met with reporters and said, “I think I need to adjust to the time difference first. “I was playing in the Futures League, and I woke up in the morning after a long time,” he said with a smile. It’s good to have fans, too,” he said with a bright smile.

The colleague who welcomed Lee Young-ha the most was Park Chi-guk. Lee Young-ha said, “There were people who welcomed me and people who teased me.” I don’t think (Park) Chi-guk had anyone to play the game with. He said, “When I came, all the pitcher hyung welcomed me and the fielder hyung welcomed me.” I also played a lot of pranks,” he said.

The day after the acquittal, Lee Young-ha took the mound against Hanwha in the Futures League and recorded one strikeout and no runs in one inning. His maximum fastball speed is 149 kilometers. What is his current physical condition. He laughed and said, “I thought my speed would be about 155km because I rested for about eight months, but it didn’t come out as much as I thought.” He also trained his image steadily. There are spectators in the first division and the atmosphere is different, so I don’t think there will be a problem if you adapt well to that. “The part I practiced with the coaches and fixed came out well,” he said.

Lee Young-ha, who once made his name as a 17-win ace in the starting lineup, is in the bullpen. Coach Lee said, “We will first appoint him as a middle player due to a lack of preparation period.” In response, Lee Young-ha said, “I gave up my greed this year. It’s greed to start, and I want to throw a lot with the bullpen. I want to win again. The coach asked me about my position earlier in the morning, but I’m not sure yet. “My goal is to do well and win right away,” he explained.

He also did not forget to greet Doosan fans who were looking forward to his return. Lee Young-ha said, “I believe fans will like it if I throw it well again. Anyway, I’ve felt and learned a lot since I’ve been caught up in the meantime. It was a good time. “If I do well with this job, I think my fans will like it more,” he said. 카지노사이트

Regarding Lee Young-ha’s use, Lee said, “The first game will be played in a comfortable situation. He says he is ready, but he still lacks the sense of practice. As Jung Chul-won left, there was no alternative. “If we maintain the good condition shown in the second division, we will fully fill Jung Chul-won’s gap,” he explained.

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