“The best player” KIM, a muddy monster defender, rave reviews → Why he closed his mouth despite the request for an interview

“Monster defender” Kim Min-jae (28) received requests for interviews from reporters all over the world. However, he hurriedly exited the mixed zone by making gesture of “sorry.” Kim Min-jae is one of the top five “superstars” in the Qatar Asian Cup. Numerous foreign reporters visit not only the Korean national soccer team but also the training ground for Taegeuk Warriors to see Kim Min-jae. “Can I interview Kim Min-jae?” is a constant question at the site. 토토사이트 순위

The reason is clear. Kim is a “World Class” defender. He played for Jeonbuk Hyundai, Beijing Guoan (China), and Fenerbahce (Turkiye), before joining Napoli (Italy) in the summer of 2022. Kim boasted the world’s best defense capability at Napoli, a prestigious Italian club where the late Maradona played. Although he played at the center back on the left, he showed off the world’s best performance. He became the first Asian player to win the Serie A Most Valuable Player award. He conquered the Italian stage in just one season. Amid Kim’s performance, Napoli lifted its first trophy in 33 years.

He was bombarded with love calls from all over the world. He left Naples and joined the German giants Bayern Munich. Kim didn’t need “adjustment time” for him. He quickly secured the starting job for Munich. He played in more than 20 matches this season, including 15 matches in the German Bundesliga and five matches in the European Champions League. Even so, there was controversy over the scandal. Kim continued to run, saying, “I think running is better than not running.” Kim won the Korea Football Association’s Player of the Year award in 2023. He was the first player of his career.

Now, Kim Min-jae is running for the top of the Asian Cup. The Korean A team is aiming for its first title in 64 years since 1960. Kim Min-jae is the core of the “Clinsmanho” defense. “Kim Min-jae is the best,” Japan’s Itakura Ko (Mönchengladbach), the “winning rival,” said in a recent interview with Korean reporters.

Kim displayed overwhelming presence by starting in the first Group E match of the Qatar Asian Cup against Bahrain on Saturday (Korea time). He did not only boast of his “iron wall mode” in defense. He also displayed sharpness in offense. Depending on the situation, he overcame his frustration with a stormy run. In particular, he helped Lee Kang-in score the winner in the 11th minute of the second half when the game was 1-1 draw. Korea won the first game 3-1. Kim was replaced by Kim Young-kwon in the 27th minute of the second half, and applause poured in. Kim was out of breath on the bench with his uniform covered with dirt.

Kim Min-jae was shown enthusiastic attention after the match. Kim left without being interviewed. “Kim Min-jae is concentrating (on this tournament),” said an official from the Korea Football Association. Prior to this tournament, Kim Min-jae said, “The goal of the Asian Cup is to win the title. Our strikers are so strong that I am scoring goals every game. I think our defenders need to pay more attention. If you keep that in mind, you will get good results.” Kim Min-jae will start preparing for the second match against Jordan on Friday.

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