“I was going to resign,” Kim Hyun-Seok confesses shock→KU’s faith wins against Suwon… Players who heard the news said, “Don’t go!”

After 12 games in charge this season, Kim Hyun-seok decided to hang up his boots at Chungnam Asan FC. However, the club refused and Kim was rewarded with a win over Suwon Samsung Electronics.

Ahead of this season, Chungnam Asan has undergone a major change. Park Dong-hyuk, who had been in charge since 2017, left for Gyeongnam. He was replaced by Kim Hyun-seok, who served as the club’s general secretary until last season. Kim had previously coached at Gangneung Jungang High School and Ulsan University, but had no professional coaching experience.

Under Kim, Chungnam Asan played a much different style of soccer than before. Chungnam Asan played an aggressive attacking style of soccer with a high defensive line. The team’s goal-scoring prowess has definitely changed. Last season, Chungnam Asan scored 39 goals in 36 games. They were 10th in the league in goals scored. 카지노사이트킴 This season, they’ve scored 17 goals in 13 games, good for fifth in the league.

While the offense has become more potent, the defense has been the problem. Their high defensive line left them vulnerable in the back. The defense also faltered physically as they defended a wide area. Chungnam Asan conceded goals in 12 consecutive games after the start of the season, and the number of games they lost or tied after scoring the first goal increased. Chungnam Asan, which was ranked first in the league, has fallen to ninth place.

Poor results have led coach Kim Hyun-seok to make a decision. Chungnam Asan lost 1-2 against Gimpo FC in the last match of the first round robin on March 15, and the team finished ninth, and Kim Hyun-seok handed in his resignation to the club. Generally speaking, when a coach is appointed to a new team, he needs time to find his feet. However, Kim Hyun-seok had a different opinion.

“When you take charge of a team, you have to take responsibility and lead the players. I think soccer is a game where teams are strong and weak, and when you start a league, you have to produce results. If I can’t put tactics on the players, I have to take responsibility, and if I don’t get results, I can take responsibility early, whether it’s for a long or short period of time. I started with the determination to quit if I didn’t get results, so I thought I had to take responsibility as a coach after the first round robin.”

Despite Kim Hyun-seok’s resignation, CEO Lee Joon-il did not approve his resignation, wanting him to finish the season. Kim took heart and prepared for the 14th round match against Suwon on the 21st. “I kept analyzing Suwon to dig into their weaknesses,” said Kim Hyun-seok about the preparation process. Before this match, I prepared by sleeping for two hours every day. I had a cold and couldn’t sleep even though I took medication,” he said.

Chungnam Asan came out with their own brand of soccer against Suwon. They took the lead early on, with Kang Min-kyu finding the back of the net. They also capitalized on their numerical advantage when Kazuki was sent off. The dramatic goal came at the end of the game. In the fourth minute of second-half stoppage time, Hwang Ki-wook found the back of the net with a left-footed shot from the front of the penalty box. Chungnam Asan kept their first clean sheet in 13 matches and secured a valuable victory.

After the game, the players learned that head coach Kim Hyun-seok had announced his intention to resign after the match against Gimpo. The players reacted as if they couldn’t let him go. “Don’t go! Don’t go!” Hwang Ki-wook shouted in the locker room. “The good atmosphere in Chungnam Asan right now is thanks to the coach. When I heard the news, I was shocked,” he said, expressing his affection for Kim Hyun-seok.

Now, Kim Hyun-seok plans to put everything into Chungnam Asan. “I won’t think about resigning anymore. I will try again with my mind set on helping Chungnam Asan achieve good results until the end of the season. I will forget about the past and focus on the upcoming matches. I will do better than last season,” he said. Chungnam Asan moved up to fifth place with the win over Suwon.