WKBL Signs Educational Cooperation Agreement with Korea Sports Career Education Association

WKBL and the Korea Sports Career Education Association held an educational cooperation business agreement (MOU) signing ceremony on the 11th at the 3rd floor of the Dongjak Gwanak Education Support Center in Seoul.

The WKBL 안전카지노사이트 said on the 11th, “The two organizations signed an agreement that outlines the training of human resources needed for sports career education, support for human resources, fostering student dreamers, and development and operation of training programs for retired athletes and coaches.”

“Through this agreement, we will spare no effort to cooperate and support the correct sports career education based on the unique capabilities of both organizations,” said Jeong Jin-kyung, Head of Game Operations at the WKBL, who attended the signing ceremony.

“We are grateful for WKBL’s participation in promoting career education through sports and cultivating the character of young people,” said Oh Jung-hoon, President of the Korea Sports Career Education Association. “We will strive to develop quality career education content and training programs.”