Shin Kwang-hoon, a 19-year K League player who is still a mainstay of Pohang…“The moment I decided to limit myself, it was over”

Shin Kwang-hoon (37) of the Pohang Steelers is in his 19th year in the K League. He made his professional debut in Pohang in May 2006 and has played in 445 K League games. He has played for Jeonbuk Hyundai, Ansan Mugunghwa, FC Seoul, and Gangwon FC, and was selected for the national team in 2012.

Although he has entered his twilight years as a player, he is still the mainstay of the team. He has appeared in nine matches of the Hana Bank K League 1 2024, bringing stability to the team’s defense. His fighting spirit and daring dribbling, as well as his versatility beyond his years, 온라인카지노 make him a great addition to the squad.

Thanks to him, Pohang has been flying high this season. In Pohang’s “Taeha Drama,” which has maintained its lead under coach Park Tae-ha (7 wins, 4 draws, 2 losses, 25 points), Shin Kwang-hoon is the most senior player and plays the role of a “luxury supporting actor” who leads the juniors and sets the tone.

While he has established himself as an iconic player for Pohang and the K-League, there have been bumps along the way. When he joined Seoul in 2017, he was sidelined for a year and 10 months with osteitis pubis and almost lost his ability to play. Fortunately, he was able to rehabilitate and returned to his hometown team Pohang in 2021 after a stint with Gangwon in 2019, making his 400th K League appearance the following year.

The secret to his ‘long run’ is positive thinking. “You need to be good, but your mindset is more important. If you set yourself a limit of ‘no more’ because you’re getting older, your career will be over at that moment,” Shin said. ”Even if you don’t spit out negative thoughts, you hear them in your mind. So I try to make my thoughts as good as possible from the beginning.”

Shin is a “shogi enthusiast. He is so good at it that not only his coworkers but also his coaches are usually not his opponents. He even projects his life onto the organ. He has set his future goal as ‘sacrifice’ and says, “In shogi, there is a ‘master’ who protects the ‘palace’ (宮). I think my role right now is to be the ‘guardian’. As a senior, my goal is to play for the team and the younger players,” he concluded.